Manho’s blog for October.

Hello readers, hope we’re all doing well, so what’s happened in the month of October, well really not a lot.

Oh hang on, we had to bloody isolate for fourteen days due to the child rudely getting the woohoo flu. So this happened on a Tuesday, the child woke up complaining of a headache. Piggy shrugged it off as you do, as he is 13 and probably didn’t want to go to school that day. So anyway, Piggy rang the school and explained that the child had this headache and the wonderful reception lady requested that he be taken for a COVID test.

It’s a bloody headache, no temperature, no continuous coughing, or any signs of the woohoo, so Piggy booked him in for a test that morning.

That day, whilst out booking tickets, I received a phone call from my boss, who in his words whilst I was driving said….you need to go home, that was it. Nothing else bar that. So my mind raced and a few seconds later he then chooses to tell me that my child had to go for a test, so he didn’t want me in the office. So I went back, dropped the work car off outside our office, then went home.

Wednesday morning Piggy called me from her pit, as now we had to isolate until we got the results back and hold in behold the child was positive!!!!!

How the bugger was he positive, he went to school then came straight home, didn’t hang about with any one bar his very few select friends in school.

Bugger, I thought, that’s me and Piggy off for two weeks and what a boring two weeks it was. I’ve never watched so much crap TV in my life, honestly, I couldn’t wait to get back to work. Not that I didn’t enjoy spending time with Piggy or the child, who incidentally, you would not of been aware he had COVID to look at him but two weeks house bound.

Also this month Piggy has permitted me a new motor scooter, which I’m in the process of sorting. However, the old Boris Johnson has just announced that we are all to go into a lockdown from the 5th of November.   

Bugger, but this was inevitable I think, so anyway until next month I will let you all know how the motor scooter goes along and how we are doing back into lockdown again……

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