September’s blog from Miss Adira / Piggy.

September’s So life is still in lockdown and there’s nothing much going on..same old same old…get up, go work …rinse and repeat.

If I’m honest getting rather fed up with it all and it just wants to feck off and do one.

Not been up to anything different or exciting.  My son went back to school after being of since March.  Going back into a new year without really finishing the other one. Well I say he went back, he was in for 3 days then we got a text saying there had been a confirmed case in his year and he was to go home and self isolate for 2 weeks. Now this really peed him off, try telling a 13 year old he’s not allowed out of the house, can’t go to the shops, can’t go for a walk. Then there was the kicker, he had to do his work at home on his computer,  this was not fun. The work was often sent unclear, sometimes not able to write on the documents that he should,  he’d ask a question and get no response.  Very frustrating time, he’s not learning, rarely gets any feedback or marks for his work, it’s all a bit of a joke if you ask me but what can you do.

So anyhow he’s been back at school now for two days I’m just wondering for how long though…

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