Manho the Daddy’s blog for a shite September.

ManhHello readers this is going to be a rather short blog this month as September has been, well let’s say shite, so the wonderful town I live in has been put into a semi lockdown, can’t go meet friends or family but can go to the pub and meet them, work shite, same in same out.

On a positive note, Master had sold his Cobra kitcar and truck and now has invested in a van, in which he and Little Minxs, is converting into a small and cosy camper van. Little Minxs has been using some power tools and as yet not misplaced or cut off any appendages which really is a bonus. I know she is doing a blog about the progression of the conversion of the van, which will be very interesting.

For myself, not much really has happened, been out a couple of times on the old motorcycle, and have decided to invest in some heated grips as I’m getting old and winter is coming. Had to get the bloody car fixed which has cost a pretty penny however needs must and invested in a new cooker, wired it, tested the hob, working, tested the top oven, working, tested the bottom oven, broken. So I’m not happy with that,  I shall be having a nice phone call to insist they come and replace the cooker and bloody wire it up because it was a pain in the bloody arse.

So with that, I will let you know next month on how the old heated grips installation goes and the issue with the cooker goes, until then…….

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