August blog from Manho the Daddy Dom

August blog for Manho the Daddy Dom….

Well hello there again my avid readers, Manho the Daddy here just signing in to you, for the August edition of my blog. So what has happened in the month of August, well firstly your Manho here went out for a tenting weekend with his good friend A, we and I say we, more like A, found a camping/caravan site between Blackpool and Garstang. Now A had been to this site previously many moons ago. 

So I think it was at the beginning of August, we went for a little Sunday jolly ride up to Fleetwood area, for a spot of fish n chips and whilst we were dining he had said there was a site on the way back home we could stop off and make some enquires, so after lunch we headed towards that location and stopped off at what can only been described as a caravan site, with about eight pitches for caravans and a ruddy big field. So we both pulls up in the main driveway and walked towards the house where we made the enquires, an old lady greeted us with two yapping mutts, so A asked if she would except tents with three motorcycles and after what seemed an eternity she said yes, see the gate down the drive, go through that and you can use the field. Brilliant we both said, how much ? we asked, and again after what seemed an eternity she came back with £7! That was it ? No, £7 per night, per tent but just £7, bargin, I thought as we walked away  and said to A, that was cheap, anyhow we headed back home and discussed it further later that week.

The third weekend in August, A had called the lady to see if we were still ok to come up and camp and she had confirmed that all was good. I had managed to book the Friday off, as the original plan was for us to go up Friday, after work, which meant us getting there about 18.30pm or later and setting tents up. But me having an ok boss, he let me have the Friday off as Holidays.

So the Friday came and we met up near the local Asda, I was there first and my god it was pissing down so much part of me thought I don’t want to do this in this weather, I’m getting to old for shit like this. A little while later, A turned up, with his wife A and he pulled up beside me and said the weather should be clearly later on, with just wind, ok I said as we headed out.

As we were driving up to the campsite, the clouds opened and as we reached the motorway, it was rather nice and sunny, okay it was bloody windy but sunny none the less. We arrived at the site for just after 2pm I think and A wife paid the lady for the camping, where she  charged us £5 instead, so A wife just gave her £30 and left it at that.

Me and A set up his tent first, which was straight forward and then onto mine, again straight forward, as they were both quick pitch tents, then we attempted to erect the tarpaulin, to no avail, as it was proper blowing a gale, we left that, so I went to get my bike, to bring it into the field next to my tent. I removed the side stand plate which stops the bike sinking into soft ground and guess what, I lost my balance and me and my bike started to go sideways with a little shout of help, A’s both ran across and helped me right myself.

Once everything was all set up and we were ready to start the old beer session, and what a Friday night it was, or at least what I can remember of it. We got drunk rather quickly and just talked absolute rubbish then I can just about recall clambering into my tent, semi into the sleeping bag then asleep, I can remember waking up at god only knows what time and I found myself naked, so assumed I got undressed at some point, I needed the toilet so in typical Manho style I was stood in a field, butt naked peeing, well I say butt naked, I had my socks on.

The next morning, me and A woke up, had a coffee to get rid of the slight hangover we both had then decided to have a walk into the village, which was about a half mile away. There were a couple of pubs and a convenience store in which we could top up the beer, we decided to get that later, so the Saturday pretty much panned out as planned, just sat in the field chatting and top up the next beer intake, all in all a really good weekend.

Me and Miss Adira (Piggy) went to see Master and Little Minxs, the Sunday just gone and stayed for dinner, which was a salad. Both Master and Little Minxs have been eating properly over the last few weeks and doing really well, plus they have been walking every day or night, rather damn proud of them both.

Now me and Piggy have been doing a walking challenge and both completed the challenges in really good time, so Piggy’s one was the Inca trail, which was 26 miles and if memory serves me correct, she did that in three weeks, mine was the channel tunnel crossing challenge, a 21 mile walk and I have completed mine, in I think just over two weeks, so I set myself another challenge which is the Hadrian wall challenge, a nice 90 mile stroll which I have set for 12 weeks but need to crack on with this, so will let you all know where I’m up to in next months blog.

Any way me readers until next month….bye bye

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