Completely unrelated but funny blog.

My brain has left me for good.

You know when you do things at home without thinking, then an hour later you wonder what the hell were you doing !!!!!

Now for those that don’t know me well I will just briefly tell you about my babies. As I talk about them often.

We have 2 beautiful Cavachons, Dave and Muffin. Yes we have a Dave, as G always wanted a dog called Dave. They’re brother and sister from the same litter.

Now 8 yrs old, they’ve very strong personalities. Dangerous Dave will just do the craziest things ever, often hurting himself when it’s a Bank Holiday, meaning the vet bill will be double.

Muffin is my Princess, the little girl I’ve always wanted. I’ve bought the pink bobbles, hair slides, pink dresses, coats, leads, harnesses. Everything I can find pink or purple she has it.

They’re both very spoilt, meal times can be a nightmare, they won’t eat dog food usually, they may eat cat food but only in gravy. Or I cook, (yes I can boil the dogs food without burning it, sometimes,) I cook lambs heart or chicken legs.

But our Muffi will not feed herself, so naturally as I’m a good Mummy, making sure her baby is fed, I feed her everything by hand.

Dave will never be hand fed, he manages on his own coz he’s a greedy boy.

Anyway, today Dave was pestering me, usually meaning he wants food. They don’t have set meal times,  just whenever they want something.

Without thinking I go, get out a tray of Butcher’s dog food. Now sometimes he will eat this, sometimes he won’t. 

So I goes into the kitchen, gets this tray of food and a cake fork !!!!!!! Now before you say it, no I was not thinking about me eating it, or imagining I was eating a scrummie cake, to go with the cake fork. 

I have no idea why, I’ve never done it before.

Dave sits on the floor, looking hungry, I open the foil lid, begin feeding Dave out of the tray with me cake fork. Still completely unaware what I was doing, Dave scoffed the first tray quickly, still wanting more, so I get another tray. He didn’t eat much of that, so I closed the lid and left it on me table, with the fork on top.

An hour later, Muffin takes her place, sat on my legs, snuggled next to me, sniffing the air. So I got the tray and fork and began feeding her. Surprised she is actually eating it, until she musta stabbed her tongue with the fork. So I had to hold the fork sideways as she licked all the meat of it.

It was only then, that it dawned on me, why have I just fed Dave, Muffi I understand, but Dave ????

And why the hell have I used a fork !!!! A flaming cake fork !!!!!!

I swear the menopause has taken control of my entire body.

I’m more surprised G didnt say something, either that or he’s not surprised by anything I do these days. 

But at least they’ve eaten something so far. And I know if we ever took them somewhere posh to eat, they can eat beautifully with a cake fork. (Shaking my head, oh Lord help me.)

Damn this menopause !!

3 thoughts on “Completely unrelated but funny blog.

  1. At least your furbabies know that you love them, haha! My cat is a spoiled princess so if I even tried that with her, it’s all she’d demand- haha. Gotta keep her humble by making her eat like the common cats. 😛


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