Manho the Daddy’s blog for March.

Manho the Daddy blog….

So what a colossal shit month March has been, with our great country all but locked down and many a poor souls loosing their lives to this rather fucking shit epidemic, that our wonder Chinese dog eating sons of bitches decided to pass onto the world, well let’s just say, that place needs levelling.

So with the UK now in lock down and only key workers are allowed to work my Little Minxs couldn’t understand why I was a key worker, so I explained I worked with the local government and was front line and that the council still wanted us in, checking up locally none essential business were not open and if so, we are to report through to the police so they could be closed down and also keep an eye on groups of people as well, Little Minxs was not at all pleased about this. However I don’t have much choice in the matter as I am unable to work from home. I have to be in and do my job. 

Now however we have been told from the council that we can have a minimum amount of staff in, so that means four staff members and me as their manager, which is not to bad as I will now share this with another manager and we both seem to get quite a few days off and fully paid for which is a bonus. But to be honest, at this moment in time and not long since I spoke with both Master and Little Minxs, this fucking virus is scaring the shit out of me and the amount of lives it has taken in such a short period of time and not just the elderly but young ones, children as well….

On a little lighter note after having many a discussion with Little Minxs and Piggy about me have another motorcycle and Little Minxs being rather dead against me getting another and to be fair, with the issues I have with my hands an what not, it was decided I could get a sports car instead. Now this is not by any means a midlife crisis, just wanting a toy to play with and if I didn’t have that many issues with my hands, I would most definitely be getting a motorcycle. However after trying to paint the livingroom walls with Piggy a week ago, I did struggle to hold the paint brush for any length of time and that was the ultimate deciding factor in not getting a bike……….bugger.

I sought the wisdom of Master, as he is into his cars and knows quite a lot about sports cars, in what not to buy and he suggested in getting a Mazda MX5. So time to save and as I can’t spend me money at this time, it seems quite the opportunity to save and once the country has gone back to normal then Master and me can go looking for a car.

Now Master and his wicked sense of humour, set us all a task in doing a naked zombie naturist  video and send him the video with this theme. So Sunday lunch time, I was contemplating in what to do in my video and next thing I knows zombie Piggy comes in, all naked, trying to eat me and I must admit her make up was really top notch, very good. So once she had finished and cleaned herself, she helped me do my make up and make me a zombie Manho, so once my make up was done, I decided to go on and be a Chinese Manho dog eating zombie and eat my dog Blue.

Once we were all done we uploaded our videos for Master to watch and be amused by. Me and Piggy watched Little Minxs video and I was very impressed. It had music and her zombie make up was brilliant. Now both me and Little Minxs misread the brief, as it should have been a naked naturist zombie, I was not naked and Little Minxs was partially naked so Piggy won that and to be fair, both the girls were really good, mine was rubbish.

So on a final word I would like to thank all the NHS for their incredible hard work in this very scary and testing times……

Till next time my readers please be safe….

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