Miss Adira’s blog for February.

The Prod..

So I know a question has been asked by one of Aurora’s friends about my Prod and how it feels.

Let’s start from the beginning, not sure where I’d seen a picture of a prod being used but let’s say it piqued my interest. Wondering what the sensation would be like, how different would it be to getting spanked, would it be worse, the same or something completely different. As I previously mentioned I brought it up in conversation with Sir, he looked at some and then it wasn’t discussed again.

Until Christmas time when Sir had got me one for Christmas, he had a few zaps with it on Boxing Day but no real play plus I was dressed.

It then got brought out when Sir came to visit now this was a proper play and I was naked. I was told to assume the position; it took me a while to get into position to the point where Sir had to begin counting.

Now what has been asked is how does it feel, so to start with, the anticipation of waiting for the prod to be used is an experience in itself. Wondering where it’s going to strike, feeling it running across your skin, feeling the good tingling sensation knowing this won’t last but it does feel good. Then wham it strikes, straight away it takes your breath from you and you feel the jolt as the impact from it moves you, then you get the aftershock then the tingling running through your body, waiting for it to stop but before you do the all too familiar words “Back in position,” begging for time to let the last zap pass knowing that all you’ll get is “Back in position,” you turn around again. The anticipation again builds but now add to this the tingling from the zap that you just received. Your breathing gets heavier, you try to peak to see where Sir is and try to anticipate where he will strike, you start to calm yourself and just then, boom it hits you again, this time for a little longer, this time the tingling is stronger and lasts longer. You get back into position waiting again, but now you feel it running over places that you have never been zapped. Your feet, between your legs, down the side of your boobs, all places that you know will get it but you’re not quite ready, and Sir knows this, I can hear him giggling. I Feel my breathing getting deeper and harder, can feel myself getting excited, feel myself getting wet knowing now that I am completely at his mercy no matter what I say or do, Sir is in control. He now torments more, running it over me more but also a bit harder so I can feel it kinda scraping against me skin, then the bolt hits again. Now I’m squirming, different places have different sensations, I know my feet and pussy are going to get it and I know sooner rather than later.

I’ve also been told then when the prod makes contact with the skin there is a spark, I think I need to record one just to see this for myself.

Next time, our play may include blindfold and being tied down, now how much fun does that sound.

One thought on “Miss Adira’s blog for February.

  1. The question of the spark Miss Adira mentioned, I will video it when she has it done next, so she can actually see it. It is like a sharp bluey/white spark you may see from a plug socket. It is pretty amazing to view it. But it only lasts 1 or 2 seconds really, depending if Master has kept hold of the zapper for longer or not. But her reaction to each zap, well that’s been enough for me to say no way. And Miss Adira can take a lot of pain. But watching how long it takes for her to prepare herself for each zap, to see her in tears after a few zaps, I know it must be pretty awful.
    As for me trying it out, I’ve told everyone right from the very first mention of prodders, that this is a Red limit for me, absolutely never come near me with that thing, ever. It would be a game changer for me, and not a change I’d really want but prodders can stay with Miss Adira. Let her and Master enjoy the prodding fun.
    Me and Daddy can have something else lol xxxxx

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