My weekend with Sir and the prod, plus naughty Aurora.

So, let’s tell you about my weekend With Sir and the Prod and Naughty Aurora 

Finally, we got to see Sir and Aurora, Sir was well enough to leave the house as he has been unwell for coming up to 8 weeks. That unwell that he hadn’t ventured out into the garage for a few weekends which is not like him at all.

So, Aurora and R were going out to the pictures and myself and Sir were staying in watching movies as he still didn’t want to venture out. We were about to start watching a movie and Sir began looking around (I knew what he was looking for, the new prod that he bought me for Christmas) he then said where is it, my prod. I said it was upstairs, I didn’t need asking to go and get it as I knew he wanted it. Once I’d got, he it said stand there, pointing Infront of him, so I can reach you without getting up. I must admit I was nervous, as when we tried it out on boxing day, I had my jeans on, now I was naked and was worried about what the pain difference may be when he zapped me. I kept standing Infront of him but whenever he moved, I moved I just couldn’t bring myself to stand still. I got warned that if he had to get up I’d be in trouble but I still couldn’t bring myself to do it, so up he got, now I knew I was pushing my luck, so I asked if I could kneel on the settee, Sir said I could. I got into position, Sir began running the prod up my back, ass and legs (now Sir had sent me a video of a girl tied up who was getting a prod used on her, and her Dom’s were running them over her body and then hitting her with the prod, now I have to say this did send a tingle to my lady parts as the thought of not knowing when it would hit quite turned me on) so he continued running it across my body, then ZAP he hit me with it. Now if you’ve never tried it and I’m guessing not many people have, cause let’s be honest there’s only a few people who would think “oh I bet that’s a fun toy to have” it is quite an intense pain when you first get hit, then it kind of tingles and lingers then fades, dependant on where you are hit. I get hit a few times on my ass and thighs (the meaty bits as Sir would say) then he ran it over the sole of my feet and I have to say then I flinched, at this point. Sir laughed saying “now you said build up to using it on your pussy, that’ss what you asked, you said nothing about the soles of your feet.” Now I was pleading not my feet and as you can guess he kept it running over my feet but there was no zap. After being hit a few times I said my safety word “orange” which meant can we take a break, so of course Sir did, its in our rules that if a safety word is used then play pauses or stops. 

He then told me to get on fours while I recovered slightly, after what felt like a few minutes he said you look recovered. He then stood up and began walking around the back of me, sensing him and feeling the prod running over my, then bam he struck me with the prod and it made me roll onto my side, Sir was laughing as I was now literally a squirming ickle piggy in the middle of the floor. He then struck me on my leg just above my knee, now that one did hurt so much that it brought tears to my eyes, that I then couldn’t stop. I told Sir that, that one hurt, he found that one funny as I was rolling about on the floor holding my leg. He then sat on the settee, I thought play was over then, how wrong was I. He grabbed my legs and pulled me towards him, my legs over his thighs saying now what did we say about building up to your pussy, I think we’ve built up enough. I said no please, begging that he didn’t zap my pussy, he then began running the prod over my pussy, tummy and tits. Now as the tears where still flowing not because of the pain or being scared but the fear  and anticipation of my pussy being zapped, I tried to calm my breathing and my squirming because the last thing I wanted to do was kick Sir because then I would be in trouble, Sir was just giggling at the state I’d gotten into and my struggling. He did zap my tits a few times, but my pussy never got zapped this time, But I know it’s coming I’m not sure whether I said my other safe word “red “ but the session ended, so if I didn’t Sir must of thought I was at my limit. This was quite an interesting session with the prod, one I know will be repeated as I know that Sir likes this new toy, as do I, now I know Aurora and manho think I’m crazy for even suggesting getting one.

Naughty Aurora 

Now Aurora returned from the cinema, we had dinner and watched a bit of TV, But before we watched a movie Aurora went to the toilet, I stood up and said when she comes back tell her to come upstairs and bring the toy that I asked for. Aurora come upstairs, I got another paddle from out my toy draw and sat in the middle of my bed, I asked if she has read the comment I left on her blog, she said she hadn’t, Oh she had no clue what was coming. I got my bullet vibe out put it on her clit and told her to lie across my knee, now this is not how I usually spank her, but I wanted to get a point across. She got down, I then put the hand paddle on my hand and struck her ass cheek, now usually I alternate ass cheeks. Not this time I just kept striking the same ass cheek, whilst spanking her I was saying that I will not tolerate her bad behaviour and that when she has tasks to do she does them, she doesn’t stop doing them just because she is having a paddy over a decision I have made, and because I didn’t ask for evidence that It had been done, it doesn’t make it acceptable that she hasn’t done it and that I was very disappointed in her. Now I know that I was hurting her, and I could hear it in her voice with every smack I gave her. I after a few hits, I asked her what she thought was an appropriate number that she should have for this punishment, I could tell that she was a little shocked at my question as I know she would be thinking I need to think of an appropriate number because if Miss doesn’t think I have she will give me more. 50 is what she said, which I thought was an appropriate amount, but before I started she said can that be across both cheeks and not just one ( I don’t think she liked the idea of 50 more on the one ass cheek I had spanked ) I said okay, so I started now I know that these 50 would hurt, as I bet I’d not far of already given her that amount.  Of course, I started on the cheek that had already been spanked so that it would get the most strikes. After her 50 I said “I’m guessing you don’t want a maintenance spanking now “she said “no” but I had another toy that I hadn’t used so I gave her a few slaps with that. Looking at her ass it was quite nice, red and purple with a bit of blood. I then let her get up and gave her a kiss. Punishment over with, infraction forgotten about, although I suspect it wont happen again for some time. 

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