Punished bottom.

Miss Adira gave me a proper punishment spanking over her knee Saturday night, for my bedtime misdemeanour, only using the wooden hand paddle, then for a little maintenance spanking, she used the studded leather paddle. Brought tears to my eyes and drew blood on my bottom. I’ve certainly learnt from this one.

Then Sunday morning, when I was getting dressed, Miss Adira asked Daddy if he had given me my punishment for eating some chocolates and biscuits in the night without asking permission. I’m allowed the big caramel ricecakes (snack-a-jacks) without asking. But as it was a new rule I hadn’t got any in yet. Mr Loopy, high impact cane and jokari came out. For a sarcastic comment I gave Daddy he let me choose between the cane or jokari. I asked if he could use his hand instead. Luckily Daddy agreed. Well I say luckily, it was a very very hard hand spanking, so hard, he hurt his own hand.

I think I’ve learn from these two punishments that my Dom’s are taking this very seriously and going very strict on me now, it is what I need and what I’ve wanted. But I must admit, these new rules are hard to follow, especially asking to use the toilet, not using any slang and writing and speaking correctly then finally one I’m just getting the hang off is the no eating sweets, cakes, chocolate or drinking alcohol without permission. The one that gets me in trouble is going to my in-laws for dinner, i forget to ask. Then when I’m there, I’m like yes I will have a glass of wine and a pudding

I did however take note last week when I went to the ballet, Daddy told me NO sweets, chocolates, alcohol or pudding. Even when my mother-in-law started waving a bag of Twirl Bites under my nose, I still refused and never ordered ice-cream for the interval. So for once I was a very good girl then. Notice I say fir once.

5 thoughts on “Punished bottom.

  1. Sometimes a punishment spanking is the most effective recourse. Puts a submissive in a proper mindset. And is superb display of power. The sub knows who is in charge by the state of their bum.

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