Manho’s/Daddy’s slightly late December blog….

Well hello my avid readers, firstly would like to wish you all a Happy new year and secondly apologies for the lateness of this blog busy December.

Well what a December we have had, busy to say the least both at work and home, so to start with Piggy, the inconsiderate wench, decides to go and have her birthday in the mid of December, so this has cost me lots of my hard earned pennies as she wanted a new tattoo on her shoulder and me being a devoted good Manho/husband decided to take her away for the night as well, a little treat and surprise for her, as I have, out of our 15 years of being together, have never done anything, yes I know shocking but will start to make up for it. I decided to take her for a nice afternoon tea, up in the lake District, as she has been wanting to do a proper afternoon tea for some time now. So I gave her prior advance notice that I wanted her to look beautiful, (she does anyway) but putting her out of her comfort zone a little and to wear a dress, so on the day of us having the night away and afternoon tea, she makes herself look stunning in a nice dress and makeup, and I surprised her with wearing a nice pair of black skinny jeans as both Piggy and Little Minxs seem to like me in skinny jeans for some reasons, and a nice blue shirt and waistcoat. Again Little Minxs has, I must admit, a little fetish for me wearing a shirt and waist coat every time I come and see her, we shall see.

Piggy gave me a big smile and compliment in seeing me in all my finery which was nice, we headed up to the Lakes and she still had no idea on what was happening. We arrived in Windemere, parked and started to walk down to the café/bar in where we were to have afternoon tea. We arrived there in plenty of time and the place was amazing and the staff very helpful, we sat by the window and was explained what we should be having and oh my it was delightful, a big smile on Piggy’s face made my year I must admit.

After the good time of our afternoon tea we made our way to the hotel I had pre booked and relaxed for the evening, all told a wonderful day.

The next day was Piggy’s birthday, so we made our way to Masters and Little Minxs house as Piggy had her tattoo booked for 11am that  morning, we made it there for about 9.30, had a brew n what not then left to the tattoo studio, needless to say Piggy does not do things by halves and was there until at least gone 4pm, if not later. However the tattoo she had done was really good and she was most happy with it.

Later on in December we had a meet stayover at our house and had planned to have a meal out to celebrate Piggy’s birthday, so Piggy had pre booked a nice bar/restaurant in the middle of nowhere and bloody hell what a journey it was to get there. How this bar made any money was quite surprising but they must do. We arrived there and had, all in all, some good food, however as this bar was on top of a hill and it was rather cold outside, it started to bloody snow, what a bugger but good thing was, it didn’t stick so all was good.

Christmas then arrived and we saw Master and Little Minxs on Boxing day to exchange gifts, and by all accounts we agreed last Christmas that we weren’t going to go daft on gifts this year !  Yeah that I think went out of the window, however my thing is, you cannot put a price on the peoples you love and care about, and for me I received some really special gifts from all of the people I love. Piggy had bought a Nintendo switch for the big kid in me and my bambino got me a game for it, Master bought me an array of pressies and I think the best ones are the chego’s, ( basically Lego made in China, so a third of the cost that Lego normally charges, and just the same, ) which consisted of a Mustang and a motorcycle and I am looking forward in building these. Now Little Minxs had got me a very nice custom ring, and two new very special bracelets amongst other little things so all in all a very good Christmas and then boo……. back into work which is always rubbish, and then it is new year….

New year and some changes are needed, so my first change which may not come as a surprise to anyone is losing weight, I could see and feel myself letting go and thought no I need to stop eating crap and start eating better. Now Piggy was already in the mindset in doing this, so I weighed myself on the 2nd and bloody hell I was shocked and very disappointed in myself, I weighed in at 14st 13lb. Never have I been that heavy and a change was most definitely needed. So I set myself a target weight of 12st 5lb and see how I get on, I will keep you all posted on my progression.

So until next month me readers….

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