Christmas Time

Hey everyone, I hope that you and yours have a fab time this festive season.

So first things first I bet you wondering how the festive glitter boob decorations went, well I did mine pictures are below or above (wherever it is they appear) I did have a helping hand in the application as it was very messy and I am to this day still finding glitter in places that I shouldn’t .

Our Christmas was a very happy time, we spent Christmas day with my parents and our son. I was spoilt by the hubby got lots of things that I wanted, jewellery, pop vinyl’s figures that I collect, and various other bits. It was a very enjoyable day.

Boxing day was planned to visit Sir and Aurora, this is now the day that we spend with each other to exchange gifts. We arrived at their house but they weren’t back form visiting their folks, their son E came home before they did so we gave him his gift to which he seemed pleased with but did say that he would have to hide it from his dad.

Sir and Aurora then came home, so they settled and we then exchanged gifts, I did something a little different for Aurora I wasn’t sure if she would like it or not but I thought it would be different, I made her like a gift basket. I passed it to her I could see her face light up as she spotted the hair dye ( I’ve not allowed her to dye her hair for a while as I have never seen her natural hair colour) she then looked at the various other gift I had gotten her, from make- up to sweets. Once she had opened her present she opened her card, as I was watching her I could see her face changing, I had written something in her card and as she was reading it I could see that was emotional at what I was saying, but I meant every word. I was opening her gifts at the same time, many lovely gifts that I had asked for, I got some lovely make up, eye shadow to be more precise, now before meeting them both I very rarely wore make-up but they both like to see me looking all Priddy and girly. Now Aurora really likes me to wear eye makeup. Not one of my strong points but I’m working on it. I then got more pop vinyl’s and some crystal art pictures that we both have been doing and enjoy. All things that I know I will use and things that I know Aurora will look forward to seeing me use. I also got a lovely picture of Aurora and Sir together which was really nice

I then moved onto Sirs pressies, I first picked up something heavy, but was told I had to leave that till last, okay but now I was curious. So, I moved onto something else, as I opened it I could see it was a jumper, then as I opened it more it was a hoody with a picture of my cum piggy tattoo on the front, Sir was laughing. Puzzled he said hold it up and show them what it says, they laughed. I then turned it around, it read Yes, I swallow I’m a good girl. This made us all laugh, Sir said it was a big size so I could wear it in bed and to lounge about in it, various other pressies included a piggy bag charm , a mould your own pussy and more vinyl’s (lots) a picture that Sir had drawn of him on his bike ages ago that I’ve been wanting for ages. Then I could open the heavy one I was told to leave, batteries, now I was confused. The final present as I opened it I did wonder what it was , finally it was revealed.  A cattle prod !!!! I bet my face lit up, I had mentioned to Sir a few visits prior that I would like one, and now I had one. Off course Sir had to try it out there and then. Let’s just say oh how it packs a punch. I do think this is going to be a weapon of choice for Sir as he really seemed to enjoy chasing me around with it and we are going to have some fun with this new toy

Sir was opening his presents as I was opening mine, he got lots of things for his garage, but something went amiss with His wish list as he got two things the same, but things that he couldn’t  have two off, so that has to be sent back and I need to find him something else, well I say that he needs to add more things to his wish list so that I can choose from that, no doubt it will be more things for the garage or the cars. He does have an outstanding gift, but he has to wait for that one.

It was a truly blessed Christmas with lots of gifts, laughs and Love

Now onto another year, wonder what that may hold………

The cattle prod.

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    1. Miss Adira did a very good job. It was supposed to be a competition for the 3 of us, but I got a chest infection and felt too poorly to do anything and Daddy was too tired and didnt gave much time free.
      So Miss Adira has won a trip to the cinema with Master and I believe he had said it would be the winner who chooses what they go to see. Km sure Miss Adira will enjoy picking.
      But she did a great job, i dont think it was an easy challenge, certainly not one you could do on your

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