New tattoos.

Finally it was the day, getting the tattoo to represent my new founded, unexpected Dominatrix/sub dynamic between Miss Adira and myself. It’s been over 6 months now, everything feels so normal, so natural, almost immediately it was the next natural step and we were both really happy together. Though I know full well, she would be a very strict Domme, but it was what I wanted. The stricter the better for me.

We had both chosen the design for our tattoo, and when our tattoo artist, Andy, showed us what he had drawn, we were very happy and excited to get it done. We wanted an A drawn on a butt cheek to represent our names, A for Miss Adira and a for Aurora, it was going to be in blood red. And I wanted my hair with purple streaks like the bondage girl I have tattooed on my boob. Miss Adira said not on hers, but I could have it on mine. So the only main difference was Miss Adira liked it as a silhouette and I liked it black and grey. But I wanted Miss Adira to choose what we should have, she said it would be nice to have the same design but done a different way, it shows our different personalities. So decision made, we told Andy.

It was to go on Miss Adira’s left hip and my left thigh. Andy said that to get the detail in, mine needed to be 6 inches, 15 cm, and Miss Adira’s would be 5 inches, 12.5 cm. We felt that was okay, we didn’t want it too big.

Daddy had taken the day off work too, incase Miss Adira’s tattoo was too sore for her to drive home, I think it was also to ensure I didn’t swear at all whilst getting mine done. But he went shopping whilst we were busy, bought himself an electric guitar, amplifier and whatever else was needed to learn to play the instrument. He’s booked in for lessons where he lives. So he was very happy and got himself a very good deal with it.

Daddy asked who was going first, so I said that it was Miss Adira’s choice, so she chose to go first.

Andy got everything set up, we were in the back section of the tattoo shop, it’s a bit more private there. Not that me or Miss Adira was bothered. Miss Adira pulled her jeans down a little, as Andy transferred the sketch to her hip, happy with the placing she lay down and Andy got started.

Of course Miss Adira never murmured once through the hour an half, thpugh she forgot her headphones so couldn’t listen to any music, but we all chatted to Andy. I was sat on one of their chairs and Daddy sat on the steps to get to this section.

Andy then got chatting about our dynamic, how it works, what tasks we do, what the A symbolises on the tattoo. Then he asked a funny question, “Do you never say No to anything ? Can you ever refuse to do something ?”

The three of us laughed, “Not if you value your life no.” I told him.

What was really nice, because everyone in the shop knew of our dynamic, it meant we could be who we actually were, I could call Daddy, Daddy not R, I could call J, Miss Adira, without feeling awkward. Daddy called me Little’n and Aurora from Miss Adira.

It was just so nice not to have to go back to our other names. And just chat about our dynamic with someone who was actually interested and didn’t feel awkward about asking us anything.

Whilst Miss Adira was getting her tattoo, Daddy went to the local music shop and bought an electric guitar, amplifier and other stuff you need, to learn to play. I think he’s going through his midlife crisis, as he’s talking about things he has always wanted to try, as a task, Master has said he wanted him to practice daily and hopefully he will soon be able to play certain songs and sing to it. Anyway Daddy got a very good deal with the guitar so he was very very happy. He walked to Marks and Spencers to get our lunches, then came back.

It wasn’t long before it was my turn, I’d had my lunch, my meds plus diazepam to help with the pain of my tattoo. Andy got the transfer in place, then I ungainly climbed on the table, lay down, ( which I shouldn’t have done, as Andy could’ve done it with me sat up. ) And he got started. And yes, it tiggled, it was ouchie, but I didn’t swear.

Miss Adira went to have a look around the shops but wasn’t very long. Daddy messed with his phone. I kept telling him to please talk about anything, so I could listen or join in then it would take my mind off the pain. When Miss Adira returned, we began chatting more. Though Daddy was skitting me for not coping with it, but it did hurt. Just coz he and Miss Adira fall asleep when they get one. But it doesn’t stop me from getting more and more, a bit like having body piercings, you do get addicted to it.

But soon it was my turn to be over, after I ungainly climbed off the table, my big smile was enough for Mids Adira to know how much I loved it. I can’t express just how much these tattoos mean to me, they each symbolise something very important to me, so getting this one, just made them even more perfect. I love it, and it certainly represents my personality.

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