Miss Adira’s blog on pur tattoos.

Tattoo day arrived

So I know that you all know that Aurora and myself where getting another tattoo for our dynamic. Now we already have our piggy on a “serf” board, we have had these for a while these were to join us both as Sirs Sub/Slave and it was something that joined us together as sisters. Now for me it was a little more as well it showed that Aurora had accepted me into her, and Sirs relationship and I was now part of this.

Now we both like tattoos so when we discussed getting on to symbolise our dynamic as Mistress and sub, I really liked the idea of a silhouette, we tossed a few ideas around and I sent Aurora some images of what I liked and what I thought would look good. She liked the ideas I sent and we sent them to our tattooist to draw us some sketches, now neither of us are slim girls so we wanted the ladies in the sketch to represent us, so we told A that they needed to have big asses and big boobs (well mine any way as Aurora says they are huge) so with this information A drew the sketches.

After a few adjustments and reminding Sir that he did say that we could have them, as he didn’t recall us asking for permission. We agreed on what we wanted. Now A had done a line drawing which was very good and also the silhouette that I had requested, I could tell that Aurora liked the line drawing but my mind was set on the silhouette, so I decided to allow Aurora to have the lined drawing, although I think she did quite like the idea that we would have the same. The only stipulation was the letter A/a on the ass had to be bright red. She then requested if she could have some purple colour in the hair of the submissive, I said that this was fine as I wanted her to like what she was getting.

The day arrived and we went to the tattoo studio, I decided that I would go first, as I was lay there I asked if where I was having it was a painful place( which was my hip) to which A said, aren’t you the one who liked the skin staples, which of course I did. He then chuckled and said” and your worried about a tattoo” I’m not sure why I asked the question as I sat well with all my others and haven’t really been bothered by them. Into position I got and away he went, not really bothering me we all sat chatting exchanging stories about our dynamic and what we have been up to, the hour and half soon passed.

It was now Aurora’s turn now she doesn’t cope well when having tattoos well the last couple she hasn’t, so she got on the table and A began doing hers. Every now and then we would ask how she was doing, and I think through gritted teeth we got an “okay” once done she clambered of the bed and went to look in the mirror, I could see instantly that she really liked it and was very pleased with it.

We both now have the same tattoo but in a different form I for one couldn’t be more pleased with how they both turned out and what they both mean to us both. We are now truly joined together

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