Missed tasks.

Daddy asked me to post these photos, I’ve let him down again, by forgetting my afternoon selfie. So he told me to write all over my body, I’m a naughty girl, I’m a bad girl and I must remember to do my tasks, in felt tip pens or permanent markers.
Over the past 2 months, I think I have been driving him crazy with my forgetting tasks. He’s convinced I’m doing it on purpose, but I’ve told him over and over that I’m not.
Excuses like I’ve forgotten, or I had a busy day and got sidetracked are no excuse for missed tasks. They are reasons but it’s still an excuse.
I’ve set up a daily sheets chart which I tick off daily, Miss Adira kindly copied it so its there to do monthly, but I’ve stopped doing it. This is something I must do as it’s the only way to remind myself to do it.
I had no idea I’d missed yesterday’s task. And the stupid thing is every day I take about 10 selfies, so then I choose which to send all my Doms/Domme. And I’ve done my homework by 7am, so I should be able to send them easily by 10am.
I do feel very guilty about missing them, letting him down, upsetting him, mainly disappointing him. Especially when he says, “I just don’t know what to do with you coz whatever the punishment, you are still not learning. I wish I could get Remember my Tasks tattooed along the side of your hand so you see it every day.” But we both know Master wouldn’t allow that.
Anyway, it’s a new month, so I need to start afresh and try to make him proud of me again.
This is something I also need to do for Miss Adira, as I’ve missed her tasks a few times, or needed a subtle reminder to check my tasks, which usually means I’ve missed one.
So October is going to be a much better month and tasks will not be forgotten.

One thought on “Missed tasks.

  1. If he was really angry would he get them tattooed on permanently?…
    That’s a thought they’re not permanent marker are they??


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