Monthky blog from Manho the Daddy

Monthly blog of Manho the Daddy…..

Well hello my readers, how are we this month??, it is now the end of September, the 29th

to be exact and I thought I best get the blog done as Piggy and Little Minxs and both advised

me to do, so I am sat down in the living room, coffee at my side and its 07.43 so let’s begin.

Well this month has been rather interesting, Little Minxs has continued to miss sending her

tasks on time, and I must add on a number of times she was late, I have set her a dead line

on submitting her morning homework, shall we say which consists of 50 lines of my

choosing, a page of maths, as she is rather rubbish at maths and a page of english, now

these have to be submitted by no later than 10am every morning, now Little Minxs has

been late I would say at least three occasions over the last month with submitting these

daily tasks, due to I forgot or something as cropped up, now I’m thinking right ok, first time

I understand and set her a little punishment for forgetting due to whatever reason she had

given, a second time I’m thinking your taking the piss now, now bearing in mind I had set a

reasonable punishment I think it may have been a origami animal of some sort as I know she

loves doing her origami, so the second time which happened to be within the same bloody

week as well, saying she forgot as she was distracted doing something for I believe her Miss

Adira (Piggy), so words were had and I thought I would play mind games with her and

explained to her that no punishment was due and for her daily homework she had no need

to do it for the week just send me the morning and evening video and daily pics.

Now the look on Little Minxs face was a picture, a look of confusion and perplexity when

I told her this, and all she could say is right, ok you are my Daddy.

So the longer I thought about this after finishing the phone call, the more I am thinking have

I done the right thing not giving her a punishment and letting her off with her home work

task in the morning, and the longer I thought about it, the longer I questioned myself, so

in the end I called Little Minxs back in haste and told her to forget what I had said with

regards not doing homework and I will set yet another punishment for the lateness

on the submission on her homework.

Now she had already if remembering correctly, had missed a couple of tasks, so the

punishment set was a half dozen origami animals, as I knows she loves doing them and a

big picture using different coloured rice for the colour and the detailing of the pic, now

what I got back was, how am I suppose to colour the rice, now the response I gave back,

in quite quick and timely fashion was you’ll figure it out.

Now when I got home from work that evening, I explained to Piggy what I had done,

as some advice had come from her as she is pure evil and a woman, she explained she

would of kept to the original one, an where I told her not to do her homework for the

week and set her random bits during the day and during the week which would of wound

her up and kept her on her toes, and if I’m honest I wished I would of kept to that as I could

have been evil and come up with some good punishment tasks, but will know for next time

, will keep this in the bag.

So later in the day or could have been a day or so later I spoke with Little Minxs and

she apologised to me, saying she never missed her tasks or being late on her tasks

intentionally and she would never do that, although the thought had come across

my mind, as she was wanting a good punishment spanking, to which she is well over

due and will be receiving very soon.

Now both Piggy and Little Minxs are due for a tattoo on this coming Wednesday and

they have both agreed upon a design which will bond them both, now Piggy has gone for

a solid black design with the A’s standing out and coloured in a nice bright red and Little

Minxs is have exactly the same design but hers will be in grey wash with some highlights

of colour in the hair, no doubt Little Minxs will post pics on both tattoos once done, the

funny thing about the tattoo’s the girls are having done, is when Master was told they

had been booked in, he asked, who had authorised this? and both girls said, he had

agreed with it months ago, and he then said, who is paying for them? to which Little

Minxs said she was paying for Piggy’s and Piggy was paying for hers.

Now both girls have their own sub and Domme relationship, which has blossomed over

the last several months and have their own names they have given themselves, so Little

Minxs is known by Piggy as Aurora and Piggy is known by Little Minxs as Miss Adria, just to

save any confusion over the last paragraph I had written.

Now also in this month our Master, in his infinite wisdom gave us a group challenge to do,

a rather funny and interesting group challenge I might add, although there were some

moans and groans from certain subs…..we know who Little Minxs….

The challenge set by his Lordship was, we all had to make a sock puppet each, get together

and record a scene as if we were meeting in a swingers club, so the challenge was on,

so not only having to go work and do a hard days graft, had to then conjurer up a bloody

sock puppet and needless to say I is not an artistic person at all, ever.

After a few weeks of being told of the challenge I decide to make me sock puppet and keep

it simple by going to clip art and downloading hair, eyes and a tongue for my puppet, now

both Piggy and Little Minxs went the extra mile and was rather most creative in their

puppets, we ended up at Masters and Little Minxs house last Saturday, the 21st and I had

stayed over at Little Minxs house whilst Master and Piggy went back to ours and stayed

at ours so whilst me and the girls were together on Saturday we decided to make the video f

or Master which in itself was a challenge, so we all three of us up in the bedroom the

two girls on the bed and me stood up and the camera set and then action, role camera,

as it were, we had no clue I mean not a scooby, we all pretty much winged it but I must

admit enjoyed it a lot.

Later on in the week we got feedback from Master, and apparently I came first with the sock

puppet challenge, now me personally I thought both Piggy and Little Minxs should of won

this challenge as both their puppets were far better than mine, way lot better,

but none the less had a good laugh.

Also this last week I had a free speak with Master over a task I had been set which was

walking my dog Blue, a little Schitzua, now the issue I had was, I get up at 5.30ish in the

morning to go to work and don’t tend to get home till near on 7 in the evening,

then making dinner, so by time I’ve done all that I’m tired, so I explained this to

Master and he asked what would I be swapping this task for, now I have been p

ondering over the last few months about being a 42 year man and never learnt a

musical instrument and would rather like to learn something, so was contemplating

learning the piano and buying a cheap keyboard but decided I would rather like to learn

the guitar, so after looking at the YouTube’s and seeing the difficulty in learning the guitar,

I decided to go down to the local music shop and make enquires. Now like any shop they

were trying to sell me the most expensive guitar they had on the shelf and in all intent in

purposes, it would be great if I had a clue on how to play, so I did some research and I am

led to believe learning the electric guitar is easier, so priced up a kit and can do it for just

under £150 all in, bargain I think, it will be a good starter set to learn with and will plan to

have a couple of lessons a month. So I will keep you all posted on my progression with this,

and Master has said I have to learn a rift or there will be consequences and this would

compensate for not walking the Blue, bugger…

So until next time my readers I will catch you next month………

One thought on “Monthky blog from Manho the Daddy

  1. Hi Manho
    Wow if you are doing the long day shifts how do you commit to the tasks given by Master?
    My shifts are early starts but short in length and I think I’d be in trouble constantly for non compliance!
    So well done all you guys for cracking on with your penances! You do sound like you have a lot of fun with each other…thanks for sharing your unique little lives with us readers
    Best wishes John xx


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