11 thoughts on “September’s erotic selfies for Miss Adira. I actually like this collection.

  1. Oh dear me please don’t say you have to build match stick houses again lol!
    They do find some fiendish tasks for you to complete! Bless!
    Have a great day
    Best wishes John xx 🙂

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    1. No first off had to do 5 minute mouth soaping for cursing, plus double homework for late tasks, both from Daddy. Then i had lines to do every other day last week. But each letter had to be a certain colour. For being a brat from Miss Adira.
      Unfortunately i then got to do mouth soaping every day for the week, using full shot glass of liquid soap, from Daddy fir cursing last night.
      Not a good couple of weeks.
      I must try harder.
      Love Pam xxx


      1. Sorry bit late responding
        Liquid soap eww!
        It’s bad enough accidently swallowing some but rinsing out yuk!…your innards are probably sparkly clean!!

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