Doing my daily pose.

Miss Adira chose ‘humble’ for my pose for the month.

Every day I turned to face a different direction whilst videoing it.

When it came to have my bottom facing the camera she said

watching it at work made her very horny and she liked it a lot.

So please stay in that position for the rest of the month.

Now I know this is probably daft but I don’t like doing things

like my poses, or corner time in front of Master if Daddy or

Miss Adira has set them. I always feel embarrassed.

So today Master had a day off and I slept in until 7 am, very

late for me. By the time I’d eaten my breakfast Master was up,

and I hadn’t begun any homework or done my pose.

I decided to go upstairs to do it. I got my phone ready on its tripod,

decided where the best place was for me to go, then connected

bluetooth from my selfie remote control and my phone. I’m not

very good at techy stuff, and must have clicked casting too.

Because after a while, I’d done my pose, I was just thinking

about the selfie photos I had to, so started to go in different

poses, knowing what my Domme/Doms like to see.

When I looked at my photos, making sure I was happy,

I saw messages on our group chat. There was a screenshot of

my arse out on the tv, another doing my selfies, arse, happyspot,

boobs, then I saw a message from Master.

Ooopps looks like Serf has found out.

Hello Serf. We’ve been watching you.

I got a video message from Master then. It was a video of him

with his pants down, wanking himself off whilst watching me

do my pose.

I replied, well if youve been watching me, come spank my ass and

fudge me long and hard.

Just then I received another message from Master.

Too late, I’ve spaffed on the floor (charming I thought)

Leave your phone on and come here. It said.

What the hell, I thought but did it anyway. Slightly confused.

Only to be confronted by the TV, there was the view of our bed,

with the dogs now playing on it.

I said. Whats this, have you been watching me ?

Master said, I had no choice because someone connected your

phone to the TV, YouTube went off and this came on.

So I enjoyed watching you.

Have I switched casting on by mistake ? I asked.

Yes I think so but I do hope you’ve not done this whilst E is home.

He said. But I enjoyed it immensely.

I then went upstairs hoping the offer to spank me and fudge me

would me Master would come up, but he didn’t much to my


But lesson learn,



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