Origami tasks.

Origami and other things seem to be the new punishment tasks

set by my Domme/Doms.

Since Master gave Miss Adira a task of making origami frogs,

months ago, it’s been in the back of her mind. Then when she

became my Mistress, she decided rather than give me spanking

punishments, she wanted something more tasking, something

more likely to frustrate me, test me, test my patience and she

would enjoy watching my frustration. She enjoys giving me extra

lines then telling me to make something out of the used paper.

A few months ago, I had to make the paper into a jigsaw, then

stick it all back together again. I can say, not only did it take a few

days to do the lines, it took days to then turn them into jigsaws,

because no way was I doing simple pieces. Oh no, I was going

to do proper jigsaw shapes. Something Miss Adira was very

proud off, I think she expected me to do basic pieces.

Now with everything that’s happened with Mum over the last 2

months, my Domme/Doms have let me take a break from doing

any of the tasks. But during the final 2 weeks, they saw I was

(and still am, on a bad day) close to having a breakdown.

The stress of looking after Mum and Dad, my back having a

shocking flare-up and coping (or not coping ) with 1 hours sleep

every night, they decided to put their foot down, worried about me,

my sanity and my back, once Mum was moved to a care home

( respite care ) and we were happy they told me I had to start

doing my tasks again. They wanted me to focus on other things /

my normal everyday things. Get me life back on track. So our

dynamic returned to normal. Some days I did find it hard, still do,

to focus on my stuff, not on my folks, and unfortunately did miss

tasks. My Master was letting missed tasks slide, no punishments

set thankfully. For the first couple of weeks, Daddy and Miss Adira

just informed me of missed tasks, then as it continued they then

put their foot down. I was NOT to miss my tasks.

Along with this came punishments for anything missed. But, I’m l

ike Miss Adira, I love the spankings, though I’m not so keen on

severe punishments. Miss Adira started first when I missed

3 tasks. Pick 3 numbers 1-10. Of course you don’t know what

you’ve picked until you’ve chosen all 3 numbers. I picked;

1. A 3 minute cold shower once a week on Mondays.

3. 3 hours TV only every day. Allowed to watch whatever Master

or E is watching, or at Mums.

5. 30 minute foot rub for herself, Master and Daddy.


I hate adult feet, I mean anything to do with feet I’m cringing.

So the thought of a foot rub, ewwwww yuck.

So I asked if I was allowed to swap one.

Miss Adira thought about this for a while, then agreed, telling

me there’s at least 1, I won”t like. I thought about this for a

minute then picked number 2.

Watch only cartoons for a week, choosing only 3 channels.

Then Daddy and I got caught playing without permission.

Master was furious and banned us from playing for a month.

Its finished from today thank goodness. But coz I’m a good girl,

I realised I’d broken one of Miss Adiras rules too. When we got

caught out, she had told me to always ask to play, even if you

don’t think you will, whenever you see us, just ask for permission.

So this meant I hadn’t done as I was told again. So I had to own


So Miss Adira set me some lines, on different coloured pieces

of paper. I presumed she meant on both sides, so started to do

both, when I mentioned it to Miss Adira, she said, ” You never

asked if you were to write on both sides. You should know never

to presume, always ask”. So I carried on doing them on one side

only. Because then she wanted me to do some origami flowers

with the paper I’d used for the lines.

I went all out and instead of 6 little flowers, I made 6 big, sunflower

type of flowers, put a stem on them, bought a plastic beaker that

I used as a plant pot, decorated the pot, and put the flowers in,

I must admit I was quite proud of them. So when I gave it to Miss

Adira, she was surprised and loved it.

When the week of 3 hours of TV was over, I really didn’t fancy

watching cartoons all day, so I asked if this could be swapped.

Miss Adira thought about it and agreed,


I had to make 3 origami piggies, Miss Adira sent me a YouTube

video of which he wanted, plus give her 2 orgasms when we next

play. When Daddy heard about the piggies he decided he wanted

one too. So I had to make 4. But for Daddy’s piggy, I had to write

a poem on the back of it. I’m not great at poems.

Then I missed a task with Daddy, so he sent me a YouTube clip,

how to make an origami Jet plane. Omg, how hard is that,

I tried and tried, and just couldn’t get it. The video was going too

quick, so I told Daddy and he sent me an easy version.

Could I do it ? No. I tried until the paper was ripped and until my

eyes wouldn’t focus and I was becoming very very frustrated.

And I was running out of time. So all I could do was give him the

best of the ones I did. And yes it was rubbish but I am determined

to do it again. But I know origami is going to be added to

punishments and possibly just given to me for summit to do.

Miss Adira has already said she wants a farm of origami animals.

9 thoughts on “Origami tasks.

      1. Thank you David. I’ve never thought like that. I do write exactly how i feel, j suppose i think its not worth writing unless its from the heart. But thats just my opinion. But also your comments and others like it make me more comfortable to continue xx


      2. You go, Girl! But way, I’ve been watching the 🏏 World Cup Cricket. Combined with videos of Blackpool, British rail, English gardens, I’m turning into quite the Anglophile

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’m looking forward to Wimbledon, it’s the only sport I like watching. If its a
        Big tournament I enjoy the gymnastics too. Have a great day x x


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