Miss Adiras erotic story. Chapter 6.

Chapter 5. Sunday 13th April.

For the next 2 days Dakota looked after her girl, she helped bathe her, dry her, rub cream on her swollen bottom and helped her back into bed. They had every meal together in bed, watching Disney films and others they both liked. Stephie was a little girl, 100% but Dakota did not want to be her Mummy, she was happy being her Mistress, she could act the stern, hard, serious Domme / teacher but also the soft, gentle Mistress who just wanted to care for her little. Give her cuddles, kisses and just enjoy that special time together. Just like now, though she had her fill of Dance Moms, a TV show Stephie loved. “ Tomorrow I want you up and about, normal tasks etc will begin again. I also want you to do extra punishments for your behaviour during my play. I will leave your notebook out and the lines I want you to write. I want 20 pages, both sides, done by Friday. You may do them in pretty colours. As its Monday tomorrow, I am back at work, so you can get back into the swing of life with your favourite non-spanking punishments. I will leave some Maths and spellings for you to learn, before your  bedtime I will give you a little test. If I feel you are not trying, you will be going to bed with a very sore bottom. I also want you to do half an hour contemplation time after I leave for work, so you can think I about me and how you are going to for please me every day. I also think a morning maintenance spanking should start again before I go to work. So maybe 30-50 with Little Devil then your contemplation time. A nice sore bottom will remind you to be a good girl for me, won’t it!” She grinned, an evil devilish smile. Stephie just replied, “ Yes M’am.”

Dakota played up their dinner, cheese and onion pie, sauteed potatoes and vegetables, she insisted Stephie ate her veg. When they first met, Stephie’s meal were horrendous, loads of wasted calories and no fresh fruit or veg. Dakota very quickly taught her that this was not acceptable, she had to look after her body, inside and out. Today’s dinner was high in calories but Stephie had asked for it, so for once she allowed it. Dakota did al, the cooking in their house, she quickly learnt that Stephie could burn anything and everything, so it just worked out safer for her to do it. But she expected things to be ready to cook when she came home, veg prepared and Stephie made sure they had the ingredients for whatever they were having out and on the side ready for her Mistress. After dinner Stephie would run her a bath, wash her hair, wash her body then leave her to relax in the hot water, whilst Stephie then cleaned the kitchen. She was normally finished at the same time Dakota was out of the bath.

Sitting in bed, Stephie was wolfing her dinner down, “ Slowdown Stephie, you will get indigestion.” Stephie slowed for 2 mouthfuls then went quick again.  Quickly Dakota took her plate away, “ I take it you don’t want to listen to me.” She put the plate on the tray, taking her cutlery to, as she continued with her own dinner. , Stephie pouted and folded her arms moodily, before catching one glance from Dakota then she immediately placed her hands on her knees and stopped pouting, though that was hard to do. “ Good girl, now would you like your dinner back ?” She asked. “ Yes please Dakota. I’ll eat it slowly. “ Stephie said in her child like voice. “ Here you are, but I won’t tell you again.” Dakota told her. “ No, M’am, you won’t have to.” Stephie said eating her dinner again, leaving nothing on her plate.” Thank you, that was yummie,” she said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. “Well I couldn’t tell you didn’t like it,” Dakota laughed.”You won’t have room for any pudding,” “Puddin……..” Stephie yelled, bouncing up and down on the bed before she felt tremendous pain all over her bottom, “Ouchie….” Dakota laughed, “Apple crumble and custard.” Stephie clapped her hands together, “Loads of…….” “Yes loads of crumble just for my princess,” Dakota said, putting everything on the tray and left the room. “Carry on with Dance Moms whilst I heat up the custard,” she called as she went downstairs.

Quickly Stephie climbed out of bed, she had spotted something and she needed to hide it quickly. Dakota must have been through her drawers to get her some pyjamas. But her rummaging had dislodged a bag that was hidden at the back of the drawer. Painfully, Stephie tiptoed to the drawer, getting it out she squashed the bag as small as it would go then shoved it right at the back of the wardrobe, behind all the rows of wrapping paper, it wouldn’t be found there, she thought, then she tiptoed back to bed. Her breathing had just slowed down as Dakota walked in with their pudding. Putting the tray on the bed, she climbed into bed next to Stephie, handed her pudding to her, telling her to be very careful as it was very hot, as Stephie tucked in. Dakota watched her and chuckled, Stephie had such funny habits when it came to food. She watched as Stephie took spoons of apple and custard, leaving the crumble until last. She always does this with any crumble, pie even something like a pineapple upside down cake. The fruit would be eaten first, she grinned, shaking her head, Dakota sat and enjoyed her pudding.

At the end of that Dance Moms episode, Dakota got up, “Right Princess, I’m going to run you a bath, then you can snuggle into bed and watch a Disney movie until 8.30pm. Then it’s sleep time.” “8.30…but why. That’s not my bedtime Dakota.” Stephie whined. Dakota just looked at her,”Bedtime at 8pm. No TV, you may read instead,”Then she walked out of the room as Stephie opened her mouth like a goldfish, wanting to say more but changed her mind. So she sat and sulked instead.

Dakota piled the dishes in the sink then went to run the bath. She knew very well that Stephie will be sulking in bed and she was not going to tolerate that. “Baths ready baby,” Dakota called to Stephie, who ignored her as Dakota called again. She did not like to say things more than once, Stephie was being insolent now.

Dakota strode into the bedroom, furious with her, Stephie was hiding under the quilt. In one motion Dakota swung the quilt away, then slapped Stephie’s ass hard, half a dozen times, she squealed and tried to crawl away. “Stephie, this is the third time. Bath. NOW.”

Dakota stared at her, her arms folded over her ample chest, silently Stephie climbed out of bad, pouting then went and got into the bath. Dakota followed her as she sunk into the hot soapy water, the welts, bruises and cuts stung like crazy but sensibly she chose not to complain. “ After your little performance, you will go to bed after your bath and colour me a nice picture as an apology until 8pm. Then it’s lights out. Understand ?” Dakota asked sternly. “Yes M’am,” Stephie said quietly. “ Of course you will be going to bed with a sore bottom again. Don’t think for a minute you will get away with that show of insolence.” “I was only messing….” Stephie tried to tell her. “Do I look like I’m messing?” Dakota asked. Stephie shook her head.

“Right let’s get you washed first.” Dakota loved this time together, bathing her little girl, caring, nurturing her. “Wash your hair in the morning sweetheart, I don’t like you going to bed with damp hair. Now, stand up please.” Stephie did as she was told, thinking she was getting out, until she noticed Dakota holding the awful wooden bath brush. “Please Dakota, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.” Her pleading fell on deaf ears. “Bend over and hold the taps.”

With her lip quivering, Stephie bent over, grabbing the taps.”Do not let go of those taps Stephie.” Dakota moved her left arm over Stephie’s body, pushing her back / tummy downwards, so her bottom stuck out more. “Hold position,” she ordered then she began. Dakota didn’t believe in baby taps, play spankings should hurt a lot, punishment should hurt a damn sight more. After 10 swats on each cheek, she could see 2 perfect  crimson circles and a white smaller circle in the middle. Blisters appearing already, tears were falling as Dakota told her to bend lower. She whalloped her sit spots quickly, Stephie howled in pain and began to jiggle up and down. “Still.” Sakota ordered, hitting the back of her legs so 2 red circles broke through her pale skin. She pushed her body down lower and decided then to hold her there as she was still able to spank her soundly in this position. Her sit spots were raw by the time she had finished or maybe not. “Dunk your bottom in the water then get back into position,” she ordered as Stephie slowly lowered her bottom into the hot soapy water, the water stung her skin crazily, she imagined nettle spanking must feel similar. Shakily she got up again and bent right over once more. “I’m s….s….sorrryyy Dakota, please no more.” Stephie begged but she knew it would be useless to beg.Sulking, pouting, sassiness, ignoring her Mistress was strictly forbidden. But with all the punishments she has had over the last few days, Stephie was really finding it hard to cope. “I will not tolerate bratty behaviour Stephie. We’ve had a lovely day, resting in bed and now you’ve ruined it by arguing and refusing to get into your bath.” Every word came with a very hard swat to her sit spots mainly, but deliberately she went central, over her crack and happy spot. The circles were now a deep purple, the white circles still in the middle, her bottom was covered in welts, bruises, little cuts, blisters from the bath brush, some burst and were bleeding, but she didn’t care. It was not serious, the cuts and bruises would heal in time and Stephie would feel this for a week or so and so she should.

The bath brush continue its brutal attack, “Do you understand Stephie ?” Dakota asked sternly, ” “Yes Dakota, I’m sorry…….really I am.” Stephie wailed, grateful to hear Dakota put the brush away. “Come here little one,” Dakota told her gently, as Stephie flew her arms around Dakota’s neck, hugging her tightly, tears still falling . She was still stood in the bath as she hugged her mistress, knowing she was now forgiven. “Right stand up, let me check your bottom.” Dakota ordered. Stephie stood up, one hand supporting herself on the wall. Dakota grabbed the sponge and carefully cleaned Stephies bottom and legs. There were quite a few bad cuts now, they would need plasters.  She then helped Stephie climb out of the bath, dried her off and brushed her hair. Handing Stephie her toothbrush, already filled with toothpaste, Stephie brushed her teeth whilst Dakota stuck some Little Miss Naughty plasters on the worst areas of her bottom. Six plasters were needed in the end.

Teeth brushed, Dakota got Stephie into her pyjamas. My Little Pony pictures were all over them. She  looked too damn cute now, freshly bathed, ready for bed, soon she would be hugging her cuddlies, the rabbits ear will be folded a certain way so she could suck her finger, whilst stroking the fur of the rabbits ear. Dakota kissed Stephie deeply before taking her hand, leading her to the bedroom. She knew Stephie was struggling to walk after her last spanking and it was now even worse getting into bed.Stephie climbed in on her side, so she never sat on her bottom. “Where’s your pencil case and colouring book sweetheart ?” Dakota asked softly. “Downstairs M’am on the settee.” Stephie said. Dakota stood up and went to get it, as suspected on her return, Stephie had organised her cuddlies, the rabbits ear folded, finger in her mouth, stroking the ears fur. Dakota passed Stephie her colouring book and pencil case. “Now you only have 20 minutes to colour, lights out at…….?”She asked. “8pm M’am.” Stephie ended the sentence with her finger in her mouth still. “Good girl, I will come and check on you soon. Now don’t forget, you will have a lot of homework to do tomorrow whilst I am at work. I will leave everything out for you. But hopefully I will speak to you in the morning. Now do some colouring, nigh night baby.” Dakota said quietly, leaving the room, she left the door open a little, knowing she would be back up to check on her just after 8pm, checking to see if the light was off.

Dakota headed downstairs to sort all the homework she was going to do tomorrow.     

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