Daddy’s blog for May.

The diary of Manho the Daddy….

Part three….

So recap whilst I drink a nice cold bottle of cider,

in July 2017 me and the pigster entered into an open marriage as she being the greedy

piggy she is wanted more cock and dabble with her bi side.

So over the year we both had some fun but I think if I remembers correctly Piggy started

to chat with Master, (Sir G), on the swingers web site in June 2018,

or could be the beginning of July 2018, anyway I digress, So anyway Piggy started chatting

and from what I could read as I had access to said site things were going rather well,

both my Little Minxs and Master was on holidays down in Essex at a nice relaxing naturist

farm and Master was still chatting to Piggy, now Piggy was looking for a Dom and certainly

liked what she saw with Master.

So after a week or so and when they both came home we set up a group chat on the old

WhatsApp and then I started to speak with my Little Minxs, I must admit I was rather

quite nervous as this was to different, not the same as going to a swingers club or party,

so me and Little Minxs got chatting and Piggy and Master was chatting on their own and

we had the group chat as well.

After a few days chatting Little Minxs wanted another Dom in her life and thought I would

be a good Dom, now if I’m honest I never gave this side of a dynamic or relations a

second thought, however I was rather quite open to the idea, so I asked Little Minxs

if there would be a possibility of having a face time chat so I could speak to her rather

than texting on Whatsapp, so I think it may have been a Wednesday afternoon I face timed

Little Minxs, and God was I bloody nervous but for no reason because as soon as she

answered and we started speaking, after a couple of minutes it felt like we knew each

other for years, so we chatted for a hour or so and said our good byes for now and

I then thought yes I could be your Dom, it would be learning as you go but Master would

be a really good teacher as he has years of experience at this.

Now a few days later things took an unexpected twist to things when Little Minxs asked

me If I would be her Daddy Dom as she had always wanted a Daddy Dom and thought

my personality best suited that type of dynamic, as after doing the face timing she said

you are kind and gentle but strict when needed to be, so I said I would and after

further conversations regarding this and reading a lot on this style of relationship,

I was a lot more confident in being a Daddy Dom for my Little Minxs, thus how the her

name came as she asked her Daddy to name her and that’s what I first thought of her as.

So after a few weeks of chatting we agreed a first meet at Blackpool as Master was at a

car show with the Westfield one of his rather cool cars and so me and Piggy drove up

Sunday morning parked up and both let Master and Little Minxs know we had arrived

and was a few minutes away.

So, me and Piggy walked along the sea front and Piggy asked if I was nervous,

and the thing is I was excited like a little schoolboy but not nervous.

Master was going to meet his two new subs in person, although originally he only

wanted the one sub but was willing to take on the Piggy, 😉, as well, and I was going to

meet my Little Minxs, I had planned on taking her to Build A Bear Workshop to buy her

first teddy from Daddy.

So, as we approached the rather large line of vehicles along the promenade we managed

to find and meet both Master and Little Minxs, Little Minxs was sat down out of the sun

and stood up and God she took my breath away, she was dressed in a beautiful dress and

make up on, but how petite she was, I mean four foot nothingness but beautiful and

certainly lived up to the name I gave her, Little Minxs and very much to this date living up

to her name.

We all started to chat about God only knows what then decided to go for lunch at

Harry Ramsdens, we had lunch and then I took Little Minxs to Build A Bear so we could get

her first treat off Daddy, she pick a beautiful teddy and a nice outfit,

nd she named her Little Minxs as well.

After that we went for coffee and chatted loads and then we had our first kiss together

and that was special to me and then realised at that moment that this was it, I’m now

Little Minxs Daddy and must do everything to look after an protect her.

We slowly made our way back to the sea front where Master and Piggy was chatting, a

nd they seem very happy.

Now I do certainly remember Piggy either saying something or rolling her eyes at Master

and got a rather nice slap across her face, I was when seeing this at aww and in shock,

as I would never of done this to her, as if I did she would kill me to death, although many

times have thought of it though, but she turned to Master and apologised,

and believe me this is not the first time Piggy has said or done something

that would get her into trouble with Master.

So we had a wonderful first meet and all was happy……

Next chapter I will talk about the past year as we are nearly one year in our relationship

and very happy, until then…………..

Daddy was in trouble for not doing the blog on time so Master told him to draw a sketch. It didn’t need to be related to the blog, but would be nice. I think Daddy had forgotten how big my ass is when he drew this though. Lol.

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