Missed 3 tasks.

Forgot tasks.

On Thursday I forget to do 3 tasks for Miss Adira.

My pose.

My booby or happy spot photo.

A photo or video to make her smile.

I was extremely tired, then sulked when Miss Adira set me an

early bedtime. I had done lots of photos because that was the

day I took my erotic pose photos for her. But coz i was in a mood

i didnt send them.

The next morning I got a message basically telling me im

missing 3 tasks.

No consequence was mentioned then.

A bit later i got pick 3 numbers between 1 and 6.

Oh god, Miss Adira and Daddy do love to do this number thing.

What do i pick, what do i pick.

Okay here goes, im looking at the numbers thinking should

i change my mind.

No. Here goes, 1, 3, 5.

1.3 hours of tv a day for a week.

3. 3 minute cold shower, every 3 days for 3 weeks.

5. A 30 minute foot rub for herself, Master and Daddy.

I looked at them and cringed at the cold shower and foot rub.

I hate feet, i mean i really hate feet.

I begged Miss Adira to let me swop one.

Okay she said, you have 5 minutes to choose.

Oh what number, what number.

Will any give me pain, i asked.

Maybe she replied.

Oh that didnt help. Should i ? What number ?

Then i just pressed 2.

Now 2 was a follow on from number 1.

3 hours of tv ecery day for a week, watching only cartoons.

Choose 3 cartoons.

What……was she serious. What was i supposed to do in the day.

What about Emmerdale my fav soap and love island starts on


Can i watch Disney films ? i asked.

If u want to watch the same film every day. She replied.

When she showed me the other choices, i shudda picked 4.

Do lines.

But very glad i didnt pick 6, 30 with the loopy didnt sound fun.

Ive still gotta choose the cartoons. I may ask if i can watch

slightly older aged programmes, like Drake and Josh or

Tracy Beaker. I loved them when our son was younger.

So i will have to see what she says today.

Here’s the list of consequences fir each number.

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