Miss Adiras monthly post.

My ass and the staples

So as far as good ideas go I believe this may have needed a little bit of thought,

oh and according to Sir a bit more research on my behalf.

Although I stand by my “ ooo this looks fun” now

I know Aurora has mentioned that I said I wanted to try staple play with her,

as you will also be aware she’s not very keen on the idea.

However it was something I wanted to try so……

Sir and Aurora where on there visit Aurora got her maintenance spanking,

we then went downstairs, Sir pointed out he had watched the whole thing and was now

sporting a massive erection that off course he wanted sorting, and in his words in the

manner of mouth to cock, so off course I obliged…once his erection had been dealt with,

the conversation then turned to my staplers, to which I said shall I go get the stapler and

we can give it ago, I was instructed to go get it, giddily I ran upstairs for it.

I came back and handed it to Sir and assumed the position of being bent over

the arm of the settee, now Sir said he would only do a few I do believe he said 5,

now I really should of known better…

he started first few made me clench my botty but they were quite nice going in,

I was the informed it was going to be a G… I do believe I said eh I thought you said 5,

but I do know how he does like to change his mind and make alterations so away

Sir went every so often chuckling. Then he stood back admiring his handy work,

now I’d mentioned about wondering how it would feel having a spanking after being

stapled, I still haven’t learnt to think before speaking. After he’d stood back a few hand

slaps on my ass followed I do have to admit a sharp ouch and then a different feeling,

a nice stinging. Then I heard I think it needs an exclamation mark,

what I screeched….but before I could protest I was pushed back down and the stapling

started again, again Sir stood back admiring it, then I heard Aurora say it should have a

cross At the bottom, ooo a double one , then felt it go in before I could protest

now here is where I don’t think things through,

I didn’t get the tool to take the staples out, I just thought they would just pierce the skin

and not turn under, yeah I know I was wrong. So I went to get what I thought may do it,

so Sir tried to get them out well I say try. Watching the video back the first attempt

I’m sure he was just pulling on the staple to see how far he could pull that and my skin

away from my ass,, so the task of trying to remove them began,

it was a struggle and at one point it was said I may end up in A and E trying to get the out,

imagine trying explain that, Hi I’ve had a G stapled in my ass but can’t seem to remove it,

could you please help. Sir however kept his cool and

his patience ( which I’m surprised as he gets bored very easily) and managed to get them out.

Now what have I learnt, research things before you try them out,

buy all the tools to assist with the usage, oh and always expect more from Sir than

he may say…..but all in all it was fun we all had a giggle be I still have the marks in my ass

which is always good…but in truth I’ll probably not learn and just run head first into it and

hope it’s fun along the way. Although needle play is on my list, that I may have to ah who

am I trying to kid

Next time we are going to try and staple Sir G, still with the exclamation mark or mark as

I’ve found he likes exclamation marks. Although before I suggested it,

I’ve just realised I didn’t suggest where we could staple Sir G a mistake I may regret as we

all know Sir does at times have his evil genius moments.

No doubt I’ll have a tale to tell when he does it.

Oh and Aurora doesn’t like being stapled, she only had 2 put in and didn’t like it,

so may be used as an incentive for her

5 thoughts on “Miss Adiras monthly post.

  1. I think my view on the staples was slightly different to Miss Adiras. There waa a short sharp pain, i guess bit like getting my eyebrow pierced or my tummy button. Then it burned for a while. Getting a smack over them did take my breath away.
    But the removing of them hurt the worst. Both Miss Adira and I didnt think the staples would curl under, we both thought they would be like medical staples that we always thought were just straight.
    Miss Adira is completely right, im not keen on this play, im onky agreeing because i can see how excited she is when weve talked about it.
    She said, you love Mr Spikey, you love the spikey brushes weve bought, surely this is the same.
    But i said no it was different, a bit like the pinwheel.
    But ive not said never again, it may just take a while before im as excited as my Mistress is.
    In the mean time Master found he thoroughly enjoyed stapling her, when it came to removing them, he did enjoy pulling the staple as high as it would go, just for the fun of it. Before trying to remove it.
    But having the correct tool to remove them will be a good idea.
    Til next time……….


  2. Well I’ve fiddled with needles and push pins but caution you can do some damage if you stray into a nerve ending ooh!
    My thing is a whole bunch of push pins (thumbtacks) pushed through a bit of thick card and place under sit spots and wriggle!! The odd sharp jab then they all jab together as you continue to wriggle 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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