Ooops got caught. Forgot to ask if we could play until we were sent this picture from Master.

Our intentions were to have snuggles on the bed. I didnt want to play, my back too sore to have a spanking, and really i just felt emotionally drained and just wanted snuggles.

Then i said snuggles naked, i wanted the skin on skin snuggle, but that was it.

Neither of us had asked Master for permission to play, because we had no intention of playing. But my hand wandered over his new bigger ball piercings, they felt really nice to touch, so i enjoyed gently stroking them.

This of course got his willy all excited, pre-cum soon dribbled over my fingers. I couldn’t stop there, I knew Daddy really wanted to cum, I really wanted to cum, to squirt but that certainly was a no no. So my hand did its duty and i treated him to a hand job.

When i cleaned him up we realised we had not asked permission. Half an hour later, or less than that, we were sent this photo along with a not very happy message from Master. Its not the first time its happened, its disrespectful and no one had owned up.

This bit i felt was a bit unfair, he knows i wudda told him when he came home.

But it was disrespectful.

So now we are on a one month ban from any playing, with anyone. Punishment and maintenance spankings are exceptable as long there is no other play involved.

Very sorry and very sad.

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