Manho the Daddy’s monthly blog.

Manho the Daddy’s monthly blog.
Manho the Daddy

So, peeps as I said, this is part two of the saga of yours truly and how all this came about so a brief summary on the start,my beautiful wife wanted more cock and different sexual experiences shall we say which now leads me onto this next episode……

So, after the bomb shell presented by Piggy all sorts were running through my mind, what had I done wrong, wasn’t I enough and such things, and needless to say it hit my confidence and self esteem so much it wasn’t even funny. So, the days and weeks after Piggy started to join some swinger sites and there was as expected a lot of interest from men, and I can very well see why, as my wife (Piggy) is just absolutely drop dead gorgeous and damn sexy, so after a couple of months we ended up speaking with some gentleman who’s name I cannot even remember, about a meet with another couple and himself and if I remember correctly another gentleman. So I got involved in the conversation with said gentleman and then we were introduced to the other couple, we had a telephone conversation with the other couple who were coming up from London somewhere, well as it turned out the couple pulled out the weekend before we were all suppose to meet and the gentleman who had arranged the gathering asked if we still wanted to go ahead, well we had already pre-booked the hotel and said fuck it, in for a penny in for a pound and agreed to meet him, thus our first meet.

So the place of meet was at a hotel in Huddersfield, we had booked what seemed a nice quant bed and breakfast… was not, it was a shite hole…any way we got to our room sorted stuff out then went to a pub for a little something to eat, got back to our room got changed and then headed down to the hotel where we were supposed to meet said gentleman.

I got me and Piggy a drink from the bar and after what seemed like an eternity the gentleman turned up, we said our hello’s he went and got a drink from the bar and we all started chatting about how we came onto the scene and what not, now just before the gentleman arrived piggy asked if I was nervous and in all honesty I wasn’t at all which was rather strange I think but back to the tale……

So after about 20 minutes or so he asked if we wanted to go up to the room he had booked so we said yes. We went to the lift and pretty much as we got into the lift, he started playing with piggy. So I just stood there, like a lemon and watched another man play with my wife but at that point I felt no jealousy and again strange, so we got to his room, we had brought some drinks with us so I made us a drink and then the fun commenced. So Piggy be Piggy wanted a few things doing to her, like double penetration and to watch me suck another mans tallyWacker. Now I am not gay in the slightest although Master begs the question and has other opinions, so she asked if I would and I said yes, I did suck this gentleman’s sausage, no real comment on that if I’m honest it turned Piggy on, so that was good so we had fun, however it wasn’t what we were expecting, at all, now whether we set our sights high or not I’m not too sure, yes we had fun but we were left with a disappointing ending, he came once and the job was done, the end.

So we chatted a little more had a quick drink then decided to leave, he offered us the hotel room which was nice of him I suppose but we explained that we had one already paid for, so we got dressed and left. Piggy was a little hungry so I found her a Mc D’s and we chatted about the night, she enjoyed herself but again I think she was expecting more.

So after our first disappointing meet we continued or should I say Piggy continued the search for a couple for fun and friendship and what not and she was speaking to quite a few gentlemen and did have a meet with a 50+ year old for some fun, she got all dolled up and looked stunning and then the shit and realisation hit me, it was one thing to do this as a couple but another for me to allow my wife of at the time 10 years to go off for some naughty fun on her own.

So her first meet with this gentleman on her own went good and she was home before I got home and had some rather damn good nookies.

However needless to say, just after that point of Piggy’s first solo meet, my head and mind were all over the place. At one point very depressed and felt like I was in a corner trapped, but later on that year I/we had a meet with another couple, which I think, it was a notch on their bedpost and that wasn’t what we were looking for. Then we met another couple which I for my first time of my 40 years of living, had the meet with the man and woman on my own with piggy’s blessing, unfortunately the gentleman did not do anything for iPggy so we called it a do with them, but I had my first solo experience on my own which was interesting and exciting as well.

So going into 2018 I was now being more open and quite enjoying meeting like minded people, and after the previous years let’s say hiccup, all was good with me and Piggy and in fact a damn sight stronger and closer with our marriage and ourselves.

We had a few meets that first part of the year, a couple of house parties and then I think it was about either the back end of June or the beginning of July 2018 when Piggy started to chat with Master, That is how the story will begin, on how everything changed for me, Piggy, Master and my Little Minxs, Masters Serf….

So until next time my intrepid followers…………

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