Sorry I’ve not been blogging much.

Well after my 2 month sick leave, due to my back, I had 2 lovely weeks of slowly getting back into doing things, knowing I still had to be very careful with my back.

During my second week I began to get a cold. Unfortunately one of those things that pass from person to person, especially when they are all play partners. PiggyJ started first, then Daddy, followed by Master, then shortly after me. It’s one of those colds that prolongs leaving your body, but PiggyJ and Daddy were soon fine whilst Master’s and mine would not leave. Last week I began to lose my voice, ( wehey I hear Master and Daddy shouting, ) by Monday night I had no voice and a very nasty chesty cough. Master said I needed to go to the doctors, which I did on Tuesday only to be told I’ve a bad chest infection.

Never had one before so first time for everything I guess.

Day 2 of antibiotics and I’m feeling a bit better as long as I don’t laugh or cough. Though I feel pretty wiped out doing the smallest job and hearing my chest squeak and wheeze is quite amusing, like having a pet mouse squeak at me.  Blimey I must feel I’ll if I find that amusing. Anyway hopefully I will get back to doing regular blogs soon. Hope you are all doing okay.

Anyway I have a couple of blogs I’ve just not posted so even though they will be a few weeks overdue, I will still post them.

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