Saturday round to Daddy’s Part 2.

Saturday round to Daddy’s and PiggyJ’s house for the evening. Part 2 Master’s surprise.

PiggyJ and I took some time to choose these toys, the wooden paddle/shot glasses board and carpet beater I picked, I’ve wanted the carpet beater for a few years now.

PiggyJ found a new shop called Mchurt, it had lots of leather toys in there. So she chose a few, I chose a few, then we picked out our favourites and bought them.

House of Eros Carpet Beater from Uberkinky.

From Mchurt;

Mums big punishment paddle.

The punch

Long Alcatraz Strap.

Then I found a 4 shot glass wooden board, with places for the glasses to sit, PiggyJ collects shot glasses so I saw this and thought it had a duel purpose. Shot glasses, plus a hefty looking wooden paddle. On the handle I got inscribed Masters subs, then got all our names inscribed on the glasses. PiggyJ was made up with this present so she has it on show in her bedroom.

Here are the photos and the description of each one.

10 thoughts on “Saturday round to Daddy’s Part 2.

  1. Looooooooove the shots and the paddle!!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Some good spanking plus some tequila or vodka shots!!! Love that idea!! And hummmm, I like to put some of my own cum on my final shot… Hummm… Delicious!!!

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      1. Hum, interesting… I love cumming inside my girls mouth, or all over her face… My Dominatrix she loves when I cum inside her ass, and I do too… Tasting cum is one of those things I do with two or three shots of tequila already in… Or, upon request…

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