Xmas presents from Daddy, Master and PiggyJ.

I wanted to show you my very special presents i got this year. Firstly Master had bought me 4 charms, spelling Serf, PiggyJ bought me that gorgeous choker, with my charms on it, I think it looks gorgeous. Its more special because its come from both of them.

Daddy wanted to get his own version of showing that I belong to him. Master gave him permission to buy me an ankle bracelet. He ended up buying 2 as one he felt was too small for charms. But he bought charms for the wider one, with L M on it. For the name Daddy gave me, Little Minxs. I absolutely love it, when i feel the charms dangle on my ankle, i cant help but smile to myself.

Daddy also bought me a Pandora bracelet, and lots of charms that each have their own special meaning, like the other 2 bracelets i have.

The lovely heart shape charm was from PiggyJ, it says sister inside. This means such a lot to me, we have come together as sisters, bonded like 2 jigsaw pieces, i couldnt imagine my life without either of them.

Thank you Master, Daddy and PiggyJ. Love you to the moon an back XXXXX

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