Bamboo cane.

Bamboo canes.

The other day I was cutting back one of our bamboo’s, I was chatting with Daddy on facetime at the same time. There were some very thick branches, so I showed Daddy, saying you could probably make these into a good cane.

So as instructed by Daddy, I put aside 4 or 5 thick bamboo shoots.

But other than stripping the branches of all its leaves and little nodules on it, does anyone have suggestions on what else I can do with it ?

I can cut them in half to give us more, the top end would be a very whippy stem.

But should I dry it out before using it or just use it as a switch until it breaks ?

How can I dry it out ?

I think Daddy may want to try them out on Wednesday when he is coming to spend the day with me, but if I can make them into a proper cane, I’d rather leave them for now.

Any ideas ?

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