Sinful Sunday.

I’m not very good at taking sexy photos, I think I see all my imperfections, parts of my body I really don’t like. So I do my best to avoid putting that part in the photo. The part I mean in my tummy, wherever I position myself, it looks like a huge barrel.

So as from yesterday, I decided to start on a healthy living plan, starting the fitness pal app to help monitor my meals. Daddy and PiggyJ are already on their own healthy living plan and Master and I were going to start after Christmas. But I’ve decided it’s time I need to try to loose some weight. I think maybe it was after a comment I got from my mother-in-law who said I looked 9 months pregnant. And let’s face it I do.

Master and Daddy have never said I should try to loose weight, this has come from me to improve my barrel of a tummy.

But both Master and Daddy have always always said I have lovely boobs, they actually think my boobs are big, I dont think they are, but they disagree. And they love photos of my boobs, showing off one of my best assets they say, I will say I think my ass is my biggest best asset, boobs second. One day I was attempting to take some sexy photos when I thought about doing reflective pictures, and I actually think these look quite good. I think the second one is my favourite, where my bra connects with the mirror, joining it up. This is my view on what I think a sexy picture should be, hope you agree.

Sinful Sunday


25 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday.

    1. Thank you, loosing weight is v hard for me, im disabled, walk v v slowly, so tend not to say i exercise, tho i walk the dogs once a day, i may try twice if i can, just dont want to do too much to flare my back up again. Causing my chronic pain to be worse.
      Ideally i will need to go down to 1000 calories to loose anything but for now im on 1200 just until im coping with the diet.
      When im in lots of pain, i tend to just eat junk, anything easy to make or buy, usually buy.
      Doing it with Master, Daddy amd PiggyJ will help keep me focused though xxxx

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      1. Its too easy to eat junk. Especially on a bad day. You dont want healthy on those days,you just want rubbish, subways, butties from shops instead of making them. If im out shopping i will buy lunch, so i can have it once home. I will have to look for healthier lunches then xxx

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    1. Daddy is on a no carb diet, thats my biggest problem, i love my bread, but also suffering with IBS and having half my intestines removed, i cant eat a lot of food. So i tend to stick with what i know i can eat xxxx


    1. Yeah i lost 3 stone doing cambridge diet, the one where you eat only shakes, did a lot of damage to my internal organs, but its the only time ive lost weight. But having 450 calories a day is not healthy. And like you i gained all the weight back on. Now its a struggle coz i cant exercise with it xxxx


  1. Good luck with the eating plan. It is tough road to travel but a rewarding one if you can stick to it. I tried it many times but eventually got there in my mid 30’s when we got a dog. Sadly eat less, move more, is the essential but very dull part of it….especially if like me you LOVE your food


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    1. Thank you Molly. It’s not easy loosing weight but I’ve got to try. Taking the dogs out is exercise but I go so slowly I don’t really class it as anything. I will try smaller portions and count the calories. Xxxxx


  2. I love these images and I agree that No. 2 with it’s kaleidoscope vibe is my favourite.
    Eating healthy may make you feel better, try to get a bit more fibre in your diet, it’s good for your digestion and may help you feel full. Dog walking is my main exercise too. Good luck, keep us posted!

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  3. I obviously exercise a lot, but I get into trouble when I’m injured which I currently am, not serious, just hamstring issues. The key for me is to prep M-F meals on the weekend, otherwise it’s too easy to get tired after work and go for something easy and unhealthy. Good luck!

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