Cursing in blogs.

Cursing in blogs.

I’ve come to the conclusion to make it easier for me not to curse, is that I will not curse whilst writing my blogs, even though Daddy said it’s okay when doing writing.

It feels wrong to curse in them, plus it encourages me to curse openly too much and too easily. I will in my novels because that is different, but when I’m blogging about our lifestyle, I’m not going to swear in them, as I don’t swear for real during the day, or I try not to swear during the day, I should day.

I will try to use words that you will understand, if I don’t please let me know then I will try other words until both you, my readers, and myself can still enjoy my blogs.

5 thoughts on “Cursing in blogs.

  1. I’m gonna make a list of the words I use most often, then choose a name to stick to instead. So someone suggested fudge cake for the f bomb, so I’m gonna maybe think of other sweetie names for other names. Bubble gum for b****y hell. If you think of sweet names for other Worsley me know please Daddy.
    Oh and thank you, I’m quite proud of myself for coming to this decision on my own too 😍😗😗😗


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