Daddy is becoming very strict.

It’s no lie since meeting Daddy a few months ago, I’ve wanted him to be strict, well knowing that I need that strictness but Daddy pondered for a while about how far the severity of punishments they should be, for a “little”. After a long chat with PiggyJ on Monday when we went to Windermere, he finally decided that if it’s strict I want, it’s strict I will get. If I want punishments as an adult that’s what I will get.

So my last punishment, for swearing, has shown me he means business.

But when we were playing, the F bomb very nearly came out, you know when you’re close and you are flying high, that’s when I would F bomb, but I held my tongue.

Later I sent a message, asking if I could F bomb during playing. Daddy said he would have to think about it.

After a long time, he finally replied and said No.

I asked one final question before accepting it, Is it not really sexy if I were to say, F me harder, or just Oh F, or any such sentences like that ?

He said, for me yes it’s very very sexy, but if the rules state no swearing then it means for all the time. So no, no swearing during sex either.

I said fine okay, but this is gonna be a bit hard, extremely hard..

He told me, that as I was aware when I’ve sworn, because I always own up when I do, then I’m aware enough to choose another word instead of a swear word.

I mean really……’re in the roll of an orgasm and you have to think before you speak before a swear word comes out. I think I will be better if I say nothing. Maybe I will have to wear my bite gag every time I play.

I thought I may be aloud, but no.

I’ve a feeling I may get into a lot of trouble over this swearing rule.

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