Tattoo day with PiggyJ.

Tattoo day with PiggyJ.

I’m now calling J, PiggyJ as Master calls her Piggy, she calls herself when she messages on my blogs as PiggyJ too. When we are together though she is J to me.

Anyway going to the tattoo shop together, PiggyJ is getting a tattoo, designed by Master, a sort of branding mark, bit of fun, like my thigh tattoo. It’s hopefully going above her pussy, if that’s not possible then above her bum crack.

But the most exciting tattoo is for us, we wanted something that connects us like sisters, something almost like a wedding band, that only we have, a symbol that we both belong to Master, his girls, his subs, my sister.

Above the picture will be Serf and Piggy on my leg, then on PiggyJ’s it will read Piggy and Serf.

We are both looking forward to it.

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