Exciting plans for the weekend.

We’ve really exciting plans this weekend whilst E is away having a fantastic time in Portugal with his girlfriend and her family,

Tomorrow is even more special for me, we are going to Blackpool, another car show, all the cars will be parked along the long promenade in front of the tower. The forecast says it will be nice so it should be a good day. But what will make it even better is we get to meet Daddy and J face to face. This will be our first official meet, I’m nervous and so excited to meet Daddy at last. We are going out for lunch and Daddy is taking me to the Build A Bear shop and letting me choose my own teddy, and clothes, I know or hope she can be pink or lilac, with a blingy dress. Then we are going to buy a doo doo, snuggily blanket and sippy cup, I think we are buying 2 of each so we can keep a set in our house and his. Though we need to find a hiding place for them, actually probably put them in our toy drawers.

I want to find some harder maths books for me to do as well.

Then on Thursday Daddy is coming over, he is taking me to the cinema for being a good girl writing that poem for him. He said I can get as many sweeties from the pick and mix as I want and popcorn. But I will be careful not to get too much like I normally do. Not sure what we are watching yet, depends on what’s on, Mission Impossible or The Meg but I don’t think that will be out on Thursday. It will be nice to spend time together, though Daddy said he will be spanking my butt for my potty mouth,

( giggling now, see it works, hehhe : ) hehehe )

Master said “You must feel really comfortable to arrange to meet Daddy on Thursday before we had even met for real,” I said, “It feels like we’ve known them for years, and what you see is what you get, like us. Yes I suppose it could be classed as risky, what if we didn’t gel together ? But my gut tells me it will be fine.” Master is happy for me to go out with Daddy, he can see this dynamic is working for me so he likes seeing me excited about it but both Daddy and I will have to ask permission from Master to go out as he is the Dom for all of us, and he is in charge.

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