Having a potty mouth.

I’ve done ok for a few days without cursing, and if I did, I told Daddy immediately. Didn’t actually realise how many times in a day I would say something. Certain words just flow out of my mouth in and amongst every sentence I say. I always say I use mild swear words, bloody, oh God, shit, I don’t regularly use the F word or anything more serious. But now I am aware of just how many times a mild swear word is said.

So it won’t be a shocker to read I’ve been in bother about this all week. Daddy said he’s waiting until Sunday when we meet properly for the first time, then the stern Daddy will appear if I break his rules.

On Wednesday we chatted on facetime for an hour during his lunch break, if a word popped out I covered my mouth, then apologised to Daddy, he let me off. But he’s aware that in my list of what I wanted from Daddy, I wrote that I needed a very firm hand, I didn’t want any actions left unpunished. I admitted I would push his boundaries a lot and the brat in me will push and push and enjoy doing it.

The fact Daddy gave me the name Little Minxs fits me perfectly.

Yesterday I will admit I was feeling mischievous, and a few F words came out whilst chatting with Master, Daddy and J, in our group chat. Daddy gave me quite a few warnings, but this only encouraged me more, I did want to see how far I could go before he said ENOUGH. But that never came, so me being me began pushing more.

I was going to the theatre last night with my mother-in-law and gang, and I drove to the town where they all live, and the speed of the traffic drops from 30 miles per hour or 20 miles per hour to 10-15 miles a hour. Over half of the population are elderly, 70’s + and a good quota are 80 +. I do seriously think there should be a set age where the older generation have to take their tests again, then every 5 years because in our town, they are just dangerous on the road.

And if there’s one thing that brings out my road rage is a little old lady driving 10 mph in a 30 zone, who won’t overtake parked cars if other cars are coming the other way, even though there’s plenty of room. I probably sound like a very impatient driver but I’m not, most younger drivers below 50 years old feel the same way so I’m not on my own. I couldn’t risk overtaking her so I had to drive behind her for ages. Well I will be honest, my language became rather choice, the F word was shouted at least 8 times, plus a load of minor swear words. It drove me nuts.

As I parked up outside my mother-in-laws house I messaged Daddy and confessed my potty mouth sins. To say he wasn’t impressed was putting it mildly. The warnings continued, and they were hhhmmmmmm how can I put this, they were gentle just like Daddy is. I could imagine him saying those words to me, in his kind soft voice.

So what does Little Minxs do, sat in the back seat of the car, heading to the theatre I continue. Throwing the F word in every possible way, I know, I’m dead naughty but this was kinda fun. Finally I reached that limit when Master was talking about his car, and how the new turbo would make his car even faster. I commented It’s fast as fuck now. That got the reaction I was waiting for. Here came a bit of telling off, a bit of bratty cheek, mild cursing from me, then he stopped replying, so I was suspicious he had spoken with Master.

I was right, as Master told him I was acting out for attention so the best thing was to ignore it. Which is what he did. Except one message to say I want to facetime tomorrow whilst on my lunch at 12 noon. Message me when you get home tonight.

That was it.

This morning I have to be honest I was a bit worried about the facetime, I wasn’t sure what he would say. Not that he would shout at me because he already told me he doesn’t shout, just like Master, but just what he would say. Had I disappointed him ? He wasn’t proud of my behaviour, the words that cut deep into my heart and made me feel really guilty. Lunch time became too chaotic to speak so he said he would facetime at 4 pm when he finished work instead. So he called and straight away wanted an apology for my potty mouth. I rubbed my face and between grinning, giggling, trying to avoid looking at him, I apologised for my potty mouth. Daddy accepted the apology, Master would not have done, not until it was done seriously, but Daddy is still learning, he will get the hang of it, as even a kind gentle Daddy will have a very stern side to put his little minxs in order.

We chatted for about 20 minutes and there was no other mention of my wrong doings and eventually the conversation started to naturally come to an end. In the end I asked if that was the end of the matter. Yes he said, I think so. Master would not let this behaviour go, neither would most of the D’s couples I talk to on wordpress. So I said, Be stern, I’ve told you, if you don’t I will just continue doing it, and I’m only telling you so it works for us both. I need a strict side as well as a gentle side.

So you think you deserve to be punished ? Daddy asked. Don’t you ? I asked him. Yes, If I’d have been there I’d have given you the worst paddling of your life. Right, I said, well we are meeting on Thursday, if that’s what you want to do.  Ahh but Master also told me you would do anything for a spanking, Daddy said, And also I’d rather Master was around for the first time to show me where is safe to hit and getting used to the paddle. I said, anything under the tailbone is fine, though didn’t mention back of legs, then anything from just under shoulder blades upwards. Master said start with the hand first, over the knee or bent over a chair, even using a wooden spoon which is lighter than the paddles yet still stingy. Okay little minxs, I want you to do 3 pages of your maths book and write Daddy an apology letter, naked sat at your desk, on your stool for tonight.

So the punishment was set, written in the punishment chat group. We both still have a lot of learn about this dynamic, Whilst writing this blog, I was thinking about Daddy always saying potty mouth. So I gave the suggestion off me sitting on a potty for 30 minutes or an hour. The humiliation of being made to do this. He liked the idea but then said it could be a bit hard for me. I told him that was the point. Kneeling in a cat litter tray filled with rice, will be very uncomfortable but give you contemplation time. Because it’s not all about the spanking.

Tonight I will sit naked, write the letter and do my maths papers and then try really hard not to repeat it. Though we both know we will be addressing this issue on more than one occasion in the future. I will learn eventually.

Just the same as Master will have his work cut out with J, she is very stubborn and pig headed also, they will both have to use their imagination.

I’ve told Daddy to continue reading, maybe chat with some bloggers who have the Daddy / little dynamic. Read some more Daddy / little erotic stories, but also as I have ideas, I will pass them on too. Eventually Daddy will have a good selection of ideas he can use and with time he will come up with ideas himself. The learning is as much fun as when the dynamic starts to become normal.


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