What’s been happening with the other couple ?

I thought I’d do a catch up on what’s going on with us now as it all seemed a bit confusing at the start.

Let’s start with Master, he will be my Master first and foremost, then R, manho and J, who has a new name, cumpiggy will be his submissives. At the moment he is just trying to figure out what they will and won’t do. And there’s not much they won’t do. Master loves to do things that will amuse him, he does it with me all the time. Stand outside, naked in the rain, stand outside, naked holding a sign that says to be good. He’s told them to do it, so they have. One occasion when cumpiggy was cheeky, Master ordered manho to spank her, she got her boobs paddled, he got cropped on his naked ass. All videoed so Master can view it. He has started to form some rules with them individually and I think he is going to enjoy being a Master to both of them. Cumpiggy admits she needs pushing a lot, sexually and mentally, and manho admitted he enjoys being a submissive but also learning to be a Dom for me. I just hope they get on when they meet up, as we are all hoping this will be a long-term, forever dynamic.

Now for me and R.

At first he was my Sir, going to be my other Dominant, and we spent a few days learning about each other. R has a real soft, caring side to him, and I began to have other ideas for our dynamic.

There’s a big chunk of me that loved the idea of becoming a little, when I’ve mentioned it to Master he said he doesn’t understand this dynamic and he couldn’t do it. I knew this, Master has too much evil devilism in him to be a Daddy, he enjoys humiliating, degrading, having a slave he can do whatever he wants to. He doesn’t have much empathy, yes he has a deep loving, caring side to him, but he enjoys being evil too much. So I asked Master if it was possible for me to be a little to R and a slave to him ? He said if R wanted that then it’s fine. I also asked on here, just to make sure it was possible as I knew there are quite a few DD/lg bloggers that read my blog and everyone said yes, as long as all parties were happy with it.

So I broached the idea to R, asking him to read up about it first before answering. He did and he agreed, so R is now my Daddy.

So we’ve done a lot of reading, Master has too because he wanted to try to learn about it, so he can offer any help or advice and I think J has been reading up on it too. We chat all day on whatsapp and we’ve chatted on facetime too. Though that was a bit nerve-wracking at first, you know, you chatted to this man who was a stranger for days then suddenly you’re facetiming each other, yet the conversation just flowed easily. He wanted to know all about me, my disability, what I could and couldn’t do. When I mentioned my ugly scar, he said “Enough”, but the way he said that one word, made me stop. He told me my scar was not ugly, and he did not want to hear comments like that ever again. I know I pouted, I’ve never just stopped so quickly but the subtle change in him made me stop. He went from having a caring, soft, lovable voice and face to a stern, firm yet still gentle face and voice. He was very much like Master, never raising his voice, it wasn’t necessary, it’s just the way those words are said, that stopped me immediately. And you all know it takes a lot for me to stop.

Whilst talking to Daddy he asked what sort of things would I like, teddy bears, dummies, sippy cups etc, I said I’d love a teddy and a dummy. We spent a while talking about what sort of teddy bear I’d like, then one day, Daddy said he would like to take me to the Build A Bear shop and let me buy a bear from there. At first I said I would really, really love that but no, they are too expensive, a teddy from Home Bargains in good enough. But he said no, he wanted to give me something that would be extra special for his little girl. I felt so excited, honoured and special that he would do this. He said he would buy me a dummy too.
We are meeting them on Sunday as we going to a car show, they said they would come over and we would go out for lunch, Daddy said he would like to take me to Build A Bear after lunch and buy me a dummy and sippy cup.

We continued to chat, he asked if I had a little table to do my lines, I said I have but not got a wooden stool. But I saw one months ago in a charity shop nearby, that was really cute, I asked if Daddy would like me to get one and he said yes. I just hope they still sell them. I’d kinda like a snuggly blankie too but I’m a bit embarrassed asking Daddy so I may just get one myself then ask if I can use it.

Daddy now reads my blogs so he can learn all about me and Master and he’s bought my book so he can read it and learn from it, if people can learn from either. But now I’ve just realised he will read about me wanting a snuggily.

Daddy has done a set of rules/chores, all I’ve agreed with, but when Daddy thinks of more, he will add them but as I belong to Master, his rules/chores must come first, then I will do Daddy’s,

Daddy asked about collars too, I said I wasn’t sure about that and could only go by the novel I wrote. In that, there are a husband and wife, who were Master and slave, but they became playfriends with another man, who also wanted to own her. So he put a bracelet around her ankle as his collar. So she was owned by both Master and Sir. Daddy asked if that was something he could do in the future, I said I don’t see why not but we would have to ask Master. Master wasn’t keen, saying you can’t be owned by other people, if it was a gift of a bracelet or anklet, that’s fine, plus making it have a special meaning, he was happy with that. He went online to check and see if there’s anything that tells you what happens but really it can happen if we wanted it too. But Master felt that I couldn’t be owned by Daddy too, but he was happy for me to have a gift from Daddy that has a special meaning, When me and Daddy chatted, he said he could buy a Pandora bracelet. I said I’ve already got 2, but really, they are so expensive I didn’t want him buying me one. Yes the idea is lovely, an anklet and then when it’s a special day, Daddy said he would buy a charm. But it’s all just so expensive. I’d never want him to think I was only in this for his gifts, even though he wanted to buy them, but I will discuss the anklet if / when it happens.

Yesterday when I was a bit bratty, he set a 750 word essay and poem, it was 500 at first until I gave him cheek again so it went up to 750. Daddy put it in our punishment chat, so Master and J could see it, and Master thought the essay was a bit harsh, saying that we needed to decide what age I wanted to be, then the punishment should be relevant to that. I asked Daddy what age he thought, and was very pleased that it was the same as what I wanted, 6-8 years old. Master said set her punishment to write a story for example, about a squirrel who was naughty. Something that connects with the age the “little” will be. I will be honest I never thought of this, Daddy had read something about it, so he changed the punishment to do some maths homework instead. I told Daddy I was useless with maths and had some maths books for 6-8 year olds, I had bought for our son years ago, but never used them. I thought I would keep them and maybe do them. So I was glad I kept them. I sent a photo to Daddy of all 3 books and what each test was like. So Daddy told me to do 3, 1 of each book, which I did, then took a photo and put it in the punishment chat. Daddy said I got them all right and he was very pleased and proud of me. I can’t tell you how big my smile was when I read that, just like when Master tells me. I have a real silly grin on my face. I’ve written the poem but just need to write it neatly. And I’ve nearly finished 1 bottle of water, one of Daddy’s rules, drink 1.5 litres of water a day. Master has tried this rule and I will admit I’m not very good at drinking but Daddy has been asking every day how am I getting on with my water. So I have to try to do it. Also Daddy has said absolutely no swearing ever, not just when I’m with him, he means all the time. This will be very very hard but I’ve promised if I do swear I must be honest with him and tell him even if it means I get into trouble. I do this with Master, if I’ve broken a rule I will own up, not matter what the punishment is.

Daddy told me yesterday, he’s bought me a colouring book and some colouring pencils and I was all giddy and daft, thanking him. Meanwhile Master and cumpiggy were talking about deep throating and laughing at the difference between our dynamics. I must admit it was funny.

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