DD/lg swearing rule.

Quick question, now I know everyone has different rules etc, everyone’s dynamic is slightly different.

As a little, would you be allowed to swear ? Both Master and I think not, but Daddy has said swearing is allowed as long as its not directed at him or Master. Now as we are all new to this dynamic, I decided the best thing would be to ask all of you, What I’ve read is no little should be allowed to swear. This would be very hard for me, does this mean ever ? or does this mean just when I’m with Daddy ?
Anyone got any advice on this ?

7 thoughts on “DD/lg swearing rule.

  1. I don’t swear and I’m not a little. I think it really is just personal preference here.
    Would it be hard for you not to swear, or hard to accept you could swear?


      1. I suppose it would depend on what age group you feel you identify with and how far into that you want to venture.

        If you feel it shouldn’t be allowed than I would suggest saying so plainly and working together to find a repercussion that you can both be happy with.

        One that allows you to feel accountable and him true to himself. Less of a punishment and more of a correction, that tends to be the way with ‘little’ dynamics from what I have seen.

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  2. ‘Research in 2014 revealed people who frequently swear are more likely to have a bigger vocabulary than their clean-tongued peers.

    A colourful tongue does not mean the talker is lazy or uneducated, the study published in the Language Sciences journal found.

    Instead, those who are more confident using taboo words are more articulate in other areas. ‘


    Just one example, there are many others out there. FYI

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