All packed, today we are meeting up with a new couple.

Sorry I’ve not blogged this week, or for the last couple of weeks properly, Not a lot been happening, packing for holiday, though Master wanted to know what packing we needed to do for 5 days at a naturist park. Until I mentioned I may need another suitcase, his reply was NO WAY! I don’t even know why we need 1 suitcase.

Well the towels take most space, I’ve packed 2 extra tops, 2 pairs of socks and 2 boxer shorts for you, 1 dress for me plus few pairs of socks if my feet are cold and trainers. One side of the case is filled with bathroom stuff, both medicine boxes for us both, So there’s no more room in there. We’ve got 2 big shopping bags for food, condiments and drinkie-poos, 1 big bag to hold all the electricals, chromebook. ipad, phones, kindle and chargers, I usually do some writing in the car, then my handbag. I’m still deciding if I should take my dressing gown, it’s very bulky, but do I need it ? If I’m up at some stupid early time, it’s a little cool, but I remember last year our apartment was very hot. So maybe I don’t need it, I could always wear one of Master’s t’shirts.


Meanwhile Master has been chatting to so many people on Fab, the swingers site and he found a D/s couple, who seemed very like us, like the other couple. Master is really getting on well with the 2 guys, and I’m looking forward to learning from another sub, she is a switch too and having both girls find the bi in me, ( if there is one.)
But Master has arranged to meet this new couple in a secret location, for “Coffee”

Hmmmmmm, we all know what that means.

Unfortunately the guy isn’t available to play due to an operation on his knee, but apparently the guys are hoping to watch a show with us girls. So typically, I’m now feeling mega nervous about meeting up. Just like I was when we were going to the club for the first time. I wish I could feel more confident and think that we are just going to meet a new couple; have a chat and a coffee, then see what happens. I am looking forward to it, I mean, it’s what I’ve fantasized about for months, a couple of years, connecting with another D/s couple, so watch this space, I will keep you posted.

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