Si stroked Teri’s hot ass, nails scraping along, feeling her flinch only amused him. He pushed her legs open wide, fingers gently grazed over her wet pussy, he tapped it, hearing her gasp gave him the acknowledgement to continue. As he continued to tap her clit, his thumb slipped into her wet pussy, going as deep as he could reach, ficking his thumb inside her sent her close to orgasming. Though she wasn’t terribly comfy over his knee, this still felt so hot, she had had a few lovers, none had ever got her this close from doing so little. She felt him reach for something but wasn’t sure what it was. Moving his hand from her pussy, Teri potested, then he teased her with his fingers pulsing her hole. Moving away again, he gently tapped her pussy with the wooden spoon, she jumped in shock, it hurt but in a good way, her clit tingled, wanting more as the spoon landed again, fingers then spoon, fingers then smack, “Ahhhhh,” Teri cried out, again and again he spanked her, “Oh God, Daddy,” she said over and over. Si paused with his fingers pulsing her, and slowly he slipped inside. Three fingers, then four, finally his thumb fitted inside too, without much effort. Teri was much wider than Sara, he struggled to fit four fingers inside, never mind all five. With his hand inside her pussy, he pushed her body further over, so Teri’s shoulders were on the floor, her head rested sideways as her arms helped to keep her balance. She felt Si’s cock, hard and thick under his towel, digging into her, turning her on even more. Suddenly Si began thrusting deeper, his fingers tickling her insides, feeling for her g-spot, Teri jumped, “Ohh Fuck……” she murmured, grinding to meet his fingers. Si slapped a cheek really hard, Teri cried out in protest. “No swearing little girl, it’s not acceptable, even in play you’re one of my little girls, remember that.” Si told her. “No swearing, ( she gasps ) really Daddy, I can’t……….Ohhhhh Fu…….Fluff…..Ohhhhhh Daddy, I can’t, I like saying swear words when I’m being fucked. Oh God, Daddy sorry.” Teri spluttered, before Si slapped both cheeks twice. Teri yelped, trying to move her hand back but the position she was in, it was useless. “If you swear again, your play will stop. Understand ? Teri ? Do you understand ?” Si sternly told her, he stopped moving his fingers around. “Yyeessss Daddy, I will try, please don’t stop.” Teri begged, eagerly grinding her pussy down. Si began quick thrusts with sharp, firm finger flicks, setting Teri in a spin, she could feel an orgasm building, deep inside her, deeper than she’s ever felt before. Suddenly Teri felt liquid trickling down from between her legs, a lot of liquid. “NO,” She shouted, “Daddy I think I’ve just wet myself.” Teri fought trying to get up, but Si held her down. “Stay down Teri and relax.” Si ordered. “I can’t Daddy, I’ve just pissed myself. I’ve never done that before. It’s just too embarrassing. Let me up.” Teri shouted at him. She was rewarded with some heavy slaps with the spoon, making her wriggle, cry, and fight some more. This continued for ages until finally Teri stopped fighting, sobbing onto Si’s leg, her bottom crimson and on fire, tears and snot spread over her face, but she was so ashamed and embarrassed. “Calm down now Teri. Just relax.” Si ordered once more. Slipping his hand between her legs, stroking her pussy, tapping her hole again. He felt her body relax once more, Si smiled. Yes she wants more, he thought. I’m gonna need to fuck her soon. Slipping into her soggy pussy, he pushed all his fingers and thumb together and began fisting her. Slowly, with zealous, his fist sank in, amazed at how wide her vagina must be compared to Zara’s, it had taken months of training and stretching to reach his knuckles, yet he was past them already. “Owwwwwww, Daddy that hurts,” she complained, wiggling her bum to try to release him, he smacked her leg, “Still Teri, if you tense up it will hurt.” Si told her but chose then to slip out. He didn’t want to do too much on his first play, but as his fingers were about to venture away, he couldn’t resist but explore to find her G-spot again. Teri groaned, a deep sultry voice, moaning sexily when his fingers found it. Tickling her G-spot, he sensed she was immediately close to cumming again. Teri ground her hips into his fingers, faster and harder, “Ooohhhhhhhh, ooo…..ooohhhhh…….Mmmmmm that’s so nice……Ooooohhhhhhh.” Teri mumbled, Si felt her insides tense up, her body began quivering, and a fine sheet of sweat was on her back, she was in the midst of another orgasm, again feeling fluid run down her legs, “Shit, Si, I’m pissing again.” Teri told him, trying not to focus on what he continued to do, but jeez, how could you not, her hips betrayed her, her cunt betrayed her, wanting more, wanting it never to stop. “Cum for me babygirl, cum for your Daddy.” Si grunted, then as if on cue, she cried out, screaming almost, as more liquid escaped, Teri couldn’t care less, she wanted as much as she could get. After what felt like minutes, Teri lay spent over Si’s knee, his hand out now and rested on her bottom, it was his turn to need to cum. But should he fuck her or demand a blowjob ? He really wanted to see her kneeling on the floor, in the puddle of her own cum, which she didn’t seem to know what it was, then make her suck me off.

“Daddy needs to cum, Daddy really wants a blowjob little girl but if that’s too…….”

Si didn’t need to finish, as Teri climbed, well nearly fell off his knee, knelt in her own cum between his legs. His rock hard cock was already standing to attention under the towel. She untied it, letting the towel fall, her eyes bulged at the sight of a huge PA hanging off his dick. “Jesus Christ,” Teri muttered under her breath, Si heard but instead of reprimanding her, he laughed. “Did you not know about my PA Teri?” He asked. “Well yeah, but didn’t think it was that big. Can Sara fit that in her mouth ?” She asked as she looked at it, touching it, letting the ring move around. “And she sucks you off with that in ?” Teri asked. “Yes Ri, Would you rather I take it out ?” Si asked, he would never normally offer such a suggestion, but Ri did seem slightly shocked by it. “No Daddy, I will try, but if I can’t, would you mind ?” She asked, “Just this once, but I won’t make a habit of it. Okay ?” He told her. She grinned and nodded her head, shuffled around to get herself comfy, then bent to kiss his cock. It bobbed about in excitement and Si closed his eyes, sighing deeply. When he opened his eyes he saw her open her mouth wide and try to fit his PA and cock in her mouth. It took a while before she could position everything so she could start to do it properly. Lowering her mouth down, the PA was tucked to the side, Teri licked and sucked his cock, feeling her hot, wet mouth nearly made him explode there and then, he had to really concentrate to stop himself. Groaning he stroked her hair, fisting it slightly. Teri had an amazing mouth, she enjoyed deep throating, something Sara can’t do, but Sara can do wonderful things with her teeth. He couldn’t compare them, going from this blowjob, both Sara and Teri were pretty awesome. Could he be so lucky that he could have both girls ? Thinking about them both together, rocked his mind, it was too late, “Ri, I’m gonna cum, in your mouth or over you ?” He grunted, as Teri didn’t move, he guessed it was okay to blow his load into her mouth. “Oh jeez,” He muttered, as his thrusts quickened, greeted back by Teri’s throat taking his head. He felt his cum travel down and it felt like a rocket had gone off, his seed flew out of his cock, and down Teri’s throat, swallowing as he was still shooting. “Holy fuck, Ri.” Si caught his breath enough to speak. Teri looked up at him, a cheeky minx grin on her face. “Like that Daddy ?” She asked, “Oh yes, I did Ri, that was something else.” He told her “But I can’t believe you don’t know anything about squirting ? A girl cumming ?” She looked at him blankly. “Right, I’ve go to get a shower again and check on Sara. You, little girl need to mop my kitchen floor, after that you can shower and get dressed, I want you to read up about squirting and write me an essay about what you’ve learnt, 1 page will do. That’s 2 sides, in case you weren’t sure.” Si told her, he kissed her head then left Teri alone to clean up.

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