Si woke up to hear the girls giggling together, it was a lovely sound to wake up too. He stretched and got up, slipped some boxers on, headed to the bathroom and then went to find his two naughty girls. Both were on the settee, chatting and laughing. “Morning Daddy,” Sara said, getting up to give him a kiss, Teri followed behind her, “Morning Daddy,” She said quietly. “Good morning girls, you’re both up early.” Si said. “I woke up early, couldn’t get back to sleep so read in bed until I heard Ri get up, so we came down so we didn’t wake you. Can we have the telly n now please ?” Sara asked. “Yes Sara you may.” The girls squealed in delight, turning it on and finding something to watch. “I will make breakfast.” He called but didn’t think either of them heard. Si turned on the radio, getting cereal boxes on the table, crockery, prepared the coffee, pouring orange juice for everyone plus a glass of milk for the girls, Toast was done so he called them in, neither of them moved, so he called again, louder, “Girls get your butts in here now.” He shouted, then it sounded like the volume had just been turned up. He walked into the living room, “I’ve called you in for breakfast 3 times, then you turn the volume up. Get your butts in the kitchen.” He said to them. “Daddy can’t it wait, or have breakfast in here, I never have it in the kitchen.” Teri asked, “No Teri, we always have breakfast in the kitchen, most meals we have in the kitchen. It’s a treat to eat in the living room.” Si told her firmly. “God that’s like so old fashioned, no one eats in the kitchen anymore, we can’t watch TV.” Teri mumbled sulkily. “Well those are my rules Teri so you will have to get used to them. Wash your hands then sit at the table.” Sara had already done hers and was sat down. “Which cereal Sara,?” He asked. “Can I have coco-pops please Daddy ?” Sara asked drinking some milk. She looked so damn cute with her pyjamas on and a milk moustache. Si poured out the cereal and added milk, telling her to be careful he waited to see what Teri wanted. “Can I have Fruit Loops please, but not too much milk ?” Teri asked. “Yes, is this enough ?” Si asked. “Yes thank you Daddy.” Teri told him, getting her spoon and started shovelling the loops on her spoon. “Can I have some coffee ?” she asked. “No Teri, you’re not allowed coffee, when you’re here you are a little. Little girls are too young for coffee.” Si told her. “You can drink coffee when you are at work or out or at your house, but not when you are a little with us.” The girls sat quietly eating their breakfast, Teri went to get up once she had eaten most of her cereal. “Sit down Teri, you’ve not finished.” Si ordered. “But I’ve eaten enough of my cereal.” She said. “You’ve not had any toast or your drinks, so sit down.” He told her. “But I don’t want anymore, can I just go.” Teri went to stand up, but Si told her again to sit down. Teri went to move again but quick as a flash Si reached over and slapped her bottom hard, “I said sit down NOW.” He told her firmly, grabbing her arm to get her to her chair. Teri swung her arm away, spilling her drinks and what remained in her bowl. “You naughty girl, look what you’ve done.” Si firmly replied, getting mad now. “My fault, you’re the one being a fucking bossy arse, I mean having breakfast in here, who does that.” Teri was in the midst of a melt-down, she slid of her chair again and went to leave. Sara was just sat looking shocked at what was happening, as Si caught Teri’s earlobe and tugged hard on it, she dropped to the ground kicking and screaming. Even Teri didn’t really understand what she was doing, she just knew she wanted to watch TV, she continued to cry, shout profanities where she dumped herself on the floor. Si mopped up the spilt drinks, sat down and continued with his breakfast, telling Sara to do the same. They couldn’t chat as Teri was making too much noise. But Si continued to ignore her. When Sara finished, she asked Si if she could go, Si said yes. She got up, sneaking a look at Teri, who watched everything she was doing, Sara took her dishes to the sink, washed her hands then left. Si finished his breakfast, looking at his phone, he got up, taking his dishes too. He emptied the dishwasher, then loaded the breakfast pots. Teri had stopped crying by now, watching Si, wondering why he didn’t speak to her.

“Teri are you going to get up and eat your breakfast ?” He asked patiently, though inside, he was furious. “NO,” Teri shouted. “Okay, well stay where you are until you want to then” Si told her, setting her off crying again. He went to check on Sara, telling her to get dressed when the programme had finished. “Daddy, should I go an speak to Ri “ She asked. Si smiled and went to give her a long kiss, looking deeply into her eyes, he said, “No thank you Sara, I will deal with Teri.” Si went to check on Teri who was still crying, he finished cleaning all the dishes, cleaned up, all except Teri’s. He filled her glasses again with milk and juice, refilled her bowl with cereal and milk, her toast was cold on the plate, but he left it, he got his morning paper and sat at the table reading. He never looked or spoke to Teri, just waited until she chose to get up.

Half an hour later Teri started to get fidgety, Si had left the kitchen, she thought he went to have a shower and get dressed. Sara opened the kitchen door and peeked through, seeing Teri still under the table. She looked up miserably at Sara, “You need to get up and eat your breakfast Ri, Daddy won’t let you leave until you have,” Sara whispered, “He’s in the shower, eat up then stay in your chair until he comes back in.” “I don’t want it Sar, I wanna watch TV.” Teri said. “Well eat up then,” she told Ri, “You will be there all day otherwise, crap, I gotta go, Daddy’s out of the shower.” Sara quickly shut the kitchen door and ran back to the living room. Si walked downstairs, wearing only a towel, as he went into the kitchen he saw Teri sitting back on her chair, eating her now soggy cereal and cold toast. he poured himself another hot coffee and sat down, Watching Teri finishing her breakfast, one and a half hours later. Si stood up, got a wooden spoon, and a long metal spatula, then put them on the table. “Have you finally finished Teri ?” He asked her, she looked up guilitly and whispered yes. “Pardon ?” he said, his voice sounding stern, “Yes Daddy,”  “Put your dishes away then come here.” he told her. Teri was now getting nervous, she didn’t understand why she threw that tantrum, but she tidied all her pots then stood still at the other end of the table, looking at Daddy .“I said come here,” Si ordered, getting annoyed with her disobedience. He moved his chair out, into the middle of the room, slowly Teri walked to him. “Do you have anything to say ?” He asked, Teri looked on the floor, she mumbled, “Sorry Daddy,” “You will be sorry young lady, I know all this is knew, you don’t know all the rules but I explained you were to eat all your breakfast at the table in the kitchen, then you just started arguing. I don’t care what you do at home, when you are here you follow my rules. So when I say come to the kitchen to eat, you just do it, understand ?” he asked her. “Yes Daddy, I’m sorry and I understand. I think I want this dynamic, I’m enjoying it but it’s hard learning all the rules and following them,” Teri messed with her fingers nervously. “I understand Teri, I know it’s hard at first, which is why I explained what we do, I like sitting at the table with my girls, eating our meal together, so that’s what we do. You will get used to the rules, you’ve not seen these before, even with all the years we’ve known each other, you’ve only seen the vanilla side, but now you are learning our kinky side, I will try to explain them but I don’t tolerate arguing back or throwing a tantrum or cursing at me. So what should I do about it Teri ?” he asked her. Teri looked up at Si, realising what she had just done was very very wrong, “I….I…..guess, you should punish me,” she told him very quietly. “MMMMmmmm I think you are right. Now if Zara threw that tantrum, she would be grounded this, nt allowed to do anything. But I don’t want to do that to you for this weekend, because I want us to have fun so you can see what we are like, I’m going to spank your naughty bottom until its crimson, then young lady I’m going to give your mouth a soaping.” He told her but stopped when she looked confused. “A soaping ?” she asked. “Swearing is completely forbidden, again you can when I’m not with you, when you are not here being my little girl. I punish this by washing your mouth out with soap. It is horrible, I’m surprised Zara never told you. But first, let’s get your spanking done. Lower your pyjamas please.” Si told her. “But my bottom is still so sore Daddy. Teri whimpered. “Well maybe next time you won’t be naughty when you only had a spanking the night before. Now come here.” Si was very firm with her. Slowly Teri dropped her pyjama bottoms, and shuffled towards Si. He reached to the table moving the spoon and spatula closer to him. Teri stood by him, looking sad and guilty. “Over my knee please.” He ordered, for the shortest second, Teri paused before bending over his knee. He pushed her over more then examined her bottom. “MMmm you’ve got some beautiful bruises. We will just have to add to them.” Si told her, squeezing her cheeks hard, getting the blood flow going and warming her up. “Teri I gave you the option for your spanking yesterday, did you want a spanking like I would give Zara for throwing that tantrum or do you want me to go easy, I’m going to give the option again.” Teri thought about it, her bottom was still very sore, “Daddy I want what Zara gets, but I’m scared it may be too painful .” Si looked at her, “You are a brave girl, Teri. I never thought you would want so much already but I’m your Daddy and I have to think of your welfare, I will go my pace and maybe build it up. But I will watch how you react. Do you trust me Teri ?” He asked gently. “Of course Daddy.” Teri turned awkwardly to look up to him the best she could whilst over his knee. “Good girl, because I never want to see you have a temper tantrum like that again. Do you hear me ?” Si never waited for an answer, he slapped her much harder than he had before, leaving a bright red print over her derriere, again and again, Teri gasped, the pain shocked her as she felt her bottom wobble violently with each slap. How can he hit so hard with his hand, Teri thought, but started to get confused, the more her ass wiggled, the more she felt turned on by it. This can’t be right, can it ? Si was impressed in Teri, there were no cries, no tears, no fighting, just ouches, yet he was smacking as hard as he would with Zara. He stopped, giving her a moment to calm her breathing, picking up the spoon, he was sure there would be more responses with this.

Tapping it on her crimson skin, he started with gentle taps, seeing her start to jump and hearing a slight cry the taps grew to more swats, concentrating on her sit spot, For now he chose to leave her legs, unless she misbehaved.  Si started getting firmer with his swats, covering the entire bottom, Teri had started whimpering, trying to get away, but she still seemed to cope. He was becoming very impressed. “Are you going to throw a tantrum again Teri ?” He asked, stopping  the spanking. “No Daddy, never. I’m sorry.” Teri cried out. She heard him put something down, and hoped it was over. She jumped when she felt something very cold touch her skin. “Mmm your bottom seems rather hot now. I hope you behave and I don’t have to spank you again.” This cold thing on her ass seems to get her pussy really wet, it felt wickedly good against her burning ass. Si started to stroke her ass with this thing, he was sure he heard her grown with pleasure, this pleased him a lot, so he continued to stroke her inner thighs, deliberately catching her pussy with the edge. Now he definitely heard a groan coming out of her mouth, using the edge he rocked it side by side over her pussy, he could hear her wetness and feel her clit swelling, she cries of ecstasy were clearly evident. Si stopped, “Teri are you getting a little excited?” She shook her head, so he whacked her hard with the spatula, Teri screamed with pain, “Tell Daddy the truth Teri.” He told her, tapping her bottom, Teri nodded, “Y..Y..Yes Daddy I’m sorry.” She mumbled. “Now normally naughty girls don’t get treats, they just get spanked without any pleasure. You seem somewhat as horny as hell. Now would you like to experience what good little girls may get instead. This is a one off though, I will never allow you pleasure when I’m disciplining you.” Si told her. “Yes, yes please Daddy, Please.” Her voice sounded husky and sexy as hell, so he dropped the spatula.  

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