These boobs may be on my body, but they belong to Master. He loves to play with them, tease my nipples, then inflict pain and torture on them. My boobs are the worst area for him to torture me, I’ve very sensitive nipples so the tiniest flick, nip, slap or twist makes me spiral in misery and anguish. I hate them being touched and would be one reason when I would shout out that word, the safe word, to stop. It amuses Master when he sees me writhing about in pain, when he sees in that milisecond of anger flicker in my eyes, when in that second I hate him for giving me this pain, but knowing pain is what I want, just not boob pain. And that’s why he enjoys it so much. They are his tits, he can do what he wants to them and I will accept his touch gracefully because he is my Master, I love him, I want his touch, I want the pain, I am his slave, I am his submissive .

8 thoughts on “EVERY FRIDAY IS………..BOOBDAY.

  1. Pain is beautiful… Knowing yourself and what you like is the best thing that could happen to someone. I know what I like and I like to play with my nipples, put clamps and pull the chain to please me… Thanks for the text and for sharing…

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  2. My nipples used to be extremely sensitive, and sometimes I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle the torture inflicted on them. I love how you describe your flicker of anger, even though it’s something you submit to. That’s a feeling I can relate to, as well.

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      1. Part of it’s because they don’t get played with that much. The way JB played with them, he kept them sensitive (I don’t know how he did that voodoo magic, either). Now, their sensitivity depends on what’s going on, and it’s rare. For a while, I could barely let clothing touch my nipples and now, it’s not an issue.

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