THE BRAT / BRATS WILL LEARN. Chapter 15.                 

Whoa WTF, Si thought as he lay next to his girls, this isn’t what was planned for tonight. But what a fucking great night, he turned to look at them, both had their eyes closed, breathing heavily. Si lay back, reliving it in his mind, smiling to himself but something was missed tonight, and that was Teri’s punishment, it will happen once the girls have recovered. The three of them snuggled together for quite a while before the girls started giggling to each other. “Well that was unexpected,” Teri said. “It certainly was, but wow, I never thought it could be that good, Daddy, what do you think ?” Sara asked him. “Well I think you know that I loved it, but we got distracted from the task we were doing, didn’t we.” He stated.

Giggling again, Teri said,  “Yeah but it was worth it Daddy.” “I hope so Ri, because you will get it now. Come on, up you get both of you, Teri will receive her punishment then you will both go to bed. “ Si stated. The girls groaned, snuggling deeper into him. “Now girls.” He ordered, waiting to see if they moved, when they didn’t he reached for the beaver paddle and swatted both their asses hard. The girls squealed  and rubbed their sore bottoms, “Now girls,” Si ordered. Reluctantly Sara got up and walked to the corner again, “Hands up, DO NOT LOWER THEM.” “Yes Daddy,” Sara said quietly. “Teri, you can lie over the footstool, legs spread, get Popo to cuddle and rest your head on him, then we will start again.” Teri groaned and moved very slowly until the paddle swatted her leg, gasping and rubbing her legs, Teri pouted whilst getting into position. Si grabbed some cushions, ordered Teri to lift her bottom up whilst he pushed 2 cushions under her, so her slightly pink bottom raised up high then lowered oly a little. There were hardly any marks on her skin so he decided then to start from the beginning.


“Now though that play was very nice, we were here to discuss this party and to punish you both, “ Si put his jeans back on, he felt more in control when he was dressed. He rubbed cream into Teri’s bottom and legs, wiped his hands then grabbed the beaver tail paddle. Without warning Si brought the paddle down fairly hard, her bottom wobbled about, turning crimson then paled again, until Si started to paddle her continuously, paying no attention to her cries. He didn’t stop until her entire bottom and legs were red. Putting it down he rubbed her cheeks, feeling her flinch a bit, smiling he liked this look on her. “So are you understanding why you should not lie and deceive me Teri ?” He asked her. “Y…y…yes Daddy,” She stuttered into Popo, his head soaked up her tears and snotty nose. He quickly rubbed cream in again before picking up the long wooden paddle, he placed it over her bum. “This wooden paddle will hurt much more, you will have to dig deep into yourself to cope.” Si told her whilst picking it up again. Teri felt terrified, the weight on her ass was bad enough, but she had seen Sara’s bottom when she had been paddled with it, so she closed her eyes and hugged Popo.

The first strike went across both cheeks, Teri shrieked, her hands went back to grab her cheeks, “Hands,” Si ordered, he tapped the paddle against her leg until she moved her hands away. The crack came down immediately making her jump in shock as she grabbed Popo, dug her face into the soft fur and screamed and cried. He aimed for her sit spot over and over, he was certain she would feel this for days but he was aware that this was her first spanking so he couldn’t go as hard or as long as he would with Sara, but he wanted her to know he was serious. He looked up to check Sara was still stood with her hands on her head, she was. Another blob of cream was rubbed in, this time she flinched constantly and just cried. He looked at the canes and wondered if he should use them, but decided, yes, he would but not hard. He picked up the Dragon cane, feeling it’s weight and length, his experience will help him not strike her too hard and cause damage. “Bottom up Teri, I’m only going to give you 6 with this cane as it is one of the worst, I will increase the severity as I go through them.” Si told her. He aimed for the middle of her round ass, 1, again Teri screeched, a thick red line appeared. He lowered and hit again, 2, Slightly harder this time he aimed for her sit spot, 3 and 4, dark red welts rose up. A little higher but stronger he aimed 5 and 6 across both cheeks. Teri had screamed through each one but he was impressed that she never moved, Si sat next to her, stroking her back, “Nearly over Ri, then you can go to bed. Let’s put more cream on.” Si told her, not expecting a reply, but he kissed her head as he stood up again. Very carefully he rubbed cream in her welted, crimson, burning ass. It began to look more purple than crimson. Si picked up the school cane, he would not give a number for this one as he tapped her bum. “Bottom up Ri.” He ordered. Shakily Teri lifted her bottom higher when he struck 5 strikes quickly one after the other. More long welts appeared across her tender cheeks, but she had no time to calm down before another 5 hit her sit spot. These felt much much harder, collapsing flat onto the bed, crying hysterically. “Please no more Daddy, I will be good, I promise.” She begged. 5 more across her legs, followed quickly by 5 on her sit spot and 5 over her cheeks. Then he put the cane down, he sat on the settee and pulled Teri to his knees, “All done Teri, you’ve a very brave little girl, Daddy is very pleased with how you took your spanking.” Teri nodded, crying into his chest, trying to calm down but she couldn’t, she had never experienced anything like that before, yet it gave her a calming feeling deep inside herself. Slowly the tears calmed down, he lifted her face and kissed her gently and moved her off her knee. Taking the cream, Teri lay flat once more as her Daddy rubbed in quite a bit of cream over her skin. “Right done Teri, you must rub cream onto your bottom and legs morning and night, you will find some in your room. Sara come here.” He told her. Sara could finally drop her hands, giving them a shake, then went to stand next to Teri. Both girls looked so cute, their cuddlies in one hand, then when they were together they held hands. “Do you have anything to say ?” He asked, his voice softer, like the Si they loved. “I’m sorry Daddy, I should not have lied and deceived you.” Sara told her, Teri then repeated the same sentence. “Tomorrow, just so you understand me, your punishments will continue, but I will explain what they are in the morning. Now, go brush your teeth, get washed and into bed, it’s very late now.” Si ordered. Teri went to step towards the door when she realised Sara hadn’t followed her. “Daddy can I have my Noonoo please ?” Sara asked. “No Sara, you are not allowed your Noonoo, if you’re good tomorrow I may, MAY, let you have it.” Si stated. Sara never threw a tantrum, which was a surprise, she loved her Noonoo, but she had had enough spanking today and she didn’t want more, so she just left and headed upstairs. “No messing girls, straight to bed or those bottoms will be paddled again.” He shouted up the stairs. He got his phone, put the hidden cameras on it’s screen and saw Teri climb awkwardly into bed, lying on her front, Popo tucked under her, she was still giving little sobs but they soon slowed down as she fell asleep, next Sara got into bed, climbing on her side, Mr Rufus around her arms, her thumb in her mouth as her fingers stroked its fur.

Si tidied the implements away, tidied the living room before pouring himself a drink and watched TV until he too went to bed.

3 thoughts on “EVERY DAMN DAY IN JUNE

  1. Will you continue the story? It kind of ends at a good point now but I would love to read more about what happens. And of not, since it’s 15 chapters it’s a perfect “EVERY OTHER DAMN DAY IN JUNE”! 😂


    1. Yes I’m continuing, it’s hard coz I’m already writing another book and I didn’t expect to get into this new story as much as I have. It takes me so long to write as you said in an earlier post I write as if the reader was there, it has to be perfect, but I will continue today. 😍😘😘

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