“Sara what do you think ?” Si asked her.

Sniffing, “Daddy I don’t think you should go as hard on her, she’s no experience of spanking, she needs to build her pain threshold. Maybe give her the experience of everything but not as hard as you would do me.” Sara told him.

“Yes I think that could work.” Si said. “Teri ?”
“I encouraged Sara to break the rules to come to the party, I was with her when she bought the bikini, I knew you wouldn’t like it but told her to buy it coz you weren’t going to be there. I’m just as much to blame as Sara so I think I should get the same punishment as her.” Sara couldn’t believe what Teri just said.

“Ri you can’t, you won’t be able to cope, you need to build up to it.” Sara stated.

“Sara, I don’t think it’s fair that you take the most punishment.” Teri told her.

“Right girls, now I know what you both think, it’s time that we just do it, it’s getting very late. Teri bring your cuddly and come stand here.” Si said firmly. “Sara I want you to watch everything.”
Teri got her bear and walked towards Si, she had butterflies in her tummy, she felt herself start to shake as she held Popo, the name she had given her polar bear.  

“Teri you are very brave to want the same punishment as Sara’s. I will punish you until I feel you’ve had enough. If you experience all the toys that’s great but it’s not important. What is important is that you understand why I am punishing you. Now I told you to bring Popo because you may want to snuggle into him whilst I spank you Okay ?” Teri nodded. “Good girl baby, you will have to dig deep into yourself to cope, if possible stay relaxed, I know that sounds crazy but when you tighten up, it will hurt more.” “Yes Daddy, I will try.” Teri said quietly.

The entire time that Si was talking to her, she felt her pussy pound, it ached so much, she had never felt such a desire, she wanted him to touch her, fuck her, feel Sara with her, touch her, play together. She couldn’t believe she was even thinking about this, Si was her best friends hubby and now she wants to fuck him AND Sara. All this rolled around in her head in the time since she watched Sara getting spanked, since Si first said he would spank her, what’s happening to me ? she thought, it’s like my life has changed completely in the last hour. But she knew this was what was missing in her life and she never knew, she was excited, her backside even tingled and God, her pussy.     

Si looked up at Sara and though she was still sniffling she gave a little smile to Si.

This was her way of approval, she was happy with it and she wanted Si to know that. He gave nod and smile back.

“Right Teri, lets get this started come and get over my knee, you’re now gonna learn why you should not break my rules and lie to me.” Si told her.

Teri bent over his knee, it felt uncomfy so she shuffled about a bit until it felt slightly better.  Si moved to the side a bit, “Rest yourself up on the settee Ri, it will be more comfy to start with.” Si said so Teri rested her top half on the settee, Popo was under her head as her arms hugged it tightly. Eventually they were comfy, “I want you to keep your arms forward, straighten those long legs out. Teri followed his instruction, he never told her to take her pyjamas off like he did with Sara, she felt a bit disappointed, “I’m going to start with my hand Ri, see how it feels.” His hand felt heavy over her bottom as she waited.

The first smack shocked her, she gasped and lifted her head up, but there was no time to think as another and another smack came down, Si never spoke whilst he spanked her all around her cheeks and down her legs. Then he stopped, Teri had been wriggling, ouching, the entire time. Suddenly she felt her pyjama bottoms going down to her feet, then the smacking started again. This was far more ouchy, it stung and burned as Si continued,”Feet down Teri,” He told her after slapping her bare inner thigh. “OOWWWWwwwwwwwww,” Teri yelled, that hurt, she thought. Tears sprang to her eyes as she tried to blink them away.

“Right think you’ve warmed up, then let’s get to the real spanking.”  Si said, grabbing her panties and began pulling them down. It was then when Si felt and saw her soggy panties. Teri felt her face go red, redder than boiling red.

“Teri Grace Lewis, your panties are absolutely soaked through. Have you been excited whilst you watched your best friend get spanked ? You dirty girl.” Si ran his hand between her legs, OMG no Si, please no Si, Teri thought to herself. But she felt so close to orgasming, please move your hand, no don’t, keep your hand there, feel my pounding clit, please Si.

Si ran his fingers up and down her pussy, hearing Teri groan and sigh, he realised how close she was to having an orgasm. He looked up to Sara, who was watching, her eyes huge but she had a horny grin on her face. She smiled at Si and nodded again. Getting her approval, Si continued to run his hand up and down, pinching her swollen clit, Teri gasped so loudly as she felt this roaring build up from her inside, desperate to get out.

“Teri you are a dirty dirty young lady, I can’t believe how wet you are.” Si began spanking her hard with his hand, 10 smacks then his hand sunk deep between her legs, playing around inside. Each time Teri’s intensity built up, she was hungry for more.  Even when Si used that Beaver Tail Paddle on her, she was raptured in the intense feeling, her cries built up into screams. Teri had never experienced anything like this, her ass hurt like hell, but she loved it and wanted more. Si dropped the paddle again and slipped his fingers into her wetness,  Jeez she can’t get enough, Si thought, Sara was still watching, though she was now kneading her tender ass and one hand played with her nipple, this was not how he expected today to turn out. He continued to tweak her clit, “More, I need more Daddy please.” Si checked with Sara, he couldn’t believe what he was witnessing as her hand had dropped from her tit to her own pussy, she was watching and getting off on it.

“Oh fuck, my cock is gonna explode,” he muttered as he smirked at Sara. He had no idea this would happen today. He hugged Teri tighter to him, as he slipped 4 fingers into her soaking pussy, playing around inside, finding her G-Spot, his fingers flicked around, from the noises from Teri, he had hit the right spot. She moaned, whimpered quietly then loud to almost hysterical as she pushed down to  greet his fingers, when he heard squelchy noises, his jeans were now wet. She had squirted all over him, once it finally ended, her body went limp and she flopped over his knee, panting and breathing deeply.

Sara meanwhile had crouched down in the corner, leaning on the walls, one hand still tweaking her nipples, pulling them hard, squeezing hard, flicking them, it surprised Si, coz when he treated her nipples like this, she cries out in pain. She admits she hates nipple torture yet here she was playing roughly with them. The fingers from her other hand were thrusting inside her pussy, he saw her fingers glisten from her wetness. Her head was back, her eyes finally closed as she saw Si watching her, then she powered into her own orgasm.   

What the fuck is happening here ? Si thought, he had the hardest cock he ever had and he wanted to do something about it. He couldn’t last much longer, but who to choose? Sara ? or would she let him fuck Teri, if Teri wanted too.

“Si, if Ri wants to, fuck her.” Sara said, her voice hoarse and crackling.

“You sure ?” He asked, Sara nodded then saw Teri look at her.

“Sar, come over, come and play too. I want my nipples pinched like you’ve just done to your own ?” Teri’s voice quivered, in excitement or scared she didn’t know for sure, but she didn’t want her just watching, she wanted her involved.


Si got up and moved the giant footstool to the settee, asking Teri to lie along the settee and footstool. She grabbed some cushions, and lay down, then Sara came and lay next to her. There was enough space to share the cushions, when Si turned to face them, he couldn’t believe his luck, Teri and Sara were together sharing a kiss, Sara had her hand delicately on Teri’s face, his cock grew even harder.

“Girls, take your tops off.” Si said, his voice was husky, almost cracking in excitement as he started to take his clothes off. As he released his cock from his jeans, the ache as it was released began to hurt, he’s never felt this rush before, he walked over and his girls turned to watch him, their heads resting together, like the sisters they now were forever. Climbing onto the foot stool he bent and kissed Sara, their tongues entwined and did the dance of love, breaking away, he asked again, “You sure ?” Sara smiled, “I’m sure.” Looking at Teri who smiled back, Si kissed Sara again, one hand went around to her backside, feeling it’s heat and her jump at the pain as he gave a little squeeze.  Then he bent to kiss Teri, tasting her for the first time, he could taste the wine on her tongue, running it along her smooth teeth, nibbling her bottom lip, watching her all the time. Sara gently stroked her hair and cupped Si’s balls, massaging them gently. Groaning Si worked his way down Teri’s body, kissing her ears, nibbling her lobes until she giggled, sweet little kisses down her neck, as he licked her body down to her tits, squeezing them, pinching her nipples until she gasped, nibbling them then biting a bit harder until he heard her mutter an ouch. As Si worked down a bit more he continued to peck kisses over her tummy, belly button then down to breath in and smell her pubic area, she was perfectly smooth, but he let his nose continue to breath in her sex. Licking the smoothness as Teri longed for his tongue to go lower. Sara moved around so she sat closer to Teri, they looked into each others eyes and smiled, bending down to kiss Teri again, she moved to nibble her neck. At least as she was a girl, she knew what would turn Ri on or hoped she did.

Sara stroked Ri’s tit, they were bigger than hers, more than a handful for her, her finger and thumb tweaked her nipple as she bit down on the other one. Teri gasped as in that moment, Si had lowered himself further down, she felt his hot breath over her pussy, feeling Sara’s breath over her nipple, she licked and sucked it hard. Si licked Teri’s pussy, flicking her clit, nibbling and biting it.


Teri had never experienced a threesome, always thinking it was just greedy, but now Jeez, she didn’t know what to focus on or whom to focus on. Her head rolled from side to side, eyes rolled upwards as she closed them then opened them again. She couldn’t control her building orgasm anymore,  Teri’s groan, became cries out in pleasure, louder and louder, as she thrust, and shook, harder nd harder until finally she came down again. Her breathing calmed down when suddenly she felt Si’s cock by her pussy, he dipped into the wetness of her hole, more and more, little thrusts, then one powerful thrust, his cock filled her, her head went back again, going to cry out but Sara kissed her, muting the sound, but this almost made the build up stronger. One hand fisted Sara’s hair, her other hand grabbed the cushions as Si thrust himself so hard, he was so big, she thought she couldn’t stretch much more. She felt his bulging head hit her inner insides, so far inside, and close to her G-spot. By now Sara was on her knees next to Teri, her legs splayed wide, as Teri’s hand released her hair and stroked Sara’s ass, her fingers felt over the welts that were there, stroking them, grazing her fingernails over them. Sara never moved, apart from pushing her ass out further to meet Teri’s fingers, but as Si grunted one more huge thrust,  Teri pinched Sara’s ass, causing Sara to yelp but still want more. Si watched the girls, as he did his cock throbbed more, he went from hard thrusts to soft, gentle thrusts, to almost violent thrusts, harder and harder, Sara was enjoying Teri playing with her ass, causing more pain but a nice pain, pinching her ass with every thrust from Si. He felt his cock almost ready to explode his seed into her, he heard Sara on the verge of an orgasm just from Teri touching her painful ass, and Teri’s head was back again, eye’s rolled back, cries from both women sounded so beautiful, Si erupted, joining in with the girls cries and grunts, he seemed to have a huge load so it took quite a few thrusts before he finally felt his balls empty.


He collapsed next to Teri once he emptied out, heavy breathing coming from all of them, he turned to face the girls, like thinking this was just a dream but wow, what a fucking dream. But it wasn’t, as there was his wife and her best friend, naked next to him. What more could he ask for.


Sorry I’m so behind doing this challenge, but I will continue the story through every day in June and beyond as I’m enjoying where this story is going.

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