“Sara come here, Teri I want you to watch everything. You get over my knee now. I suspected you would try to make up some plan to get to go to the party. I’ve been watching everything you did, every little lie you thought you got away with, I checked up on everything. Isn’t it about time you stopped defying me.” Si  shouted whilst he yanked her Pyjama bottoms down, slapped her so hard she yelped so loudly, the sound of the slap and yelp made Teri jump, but Si kept looking at her to check she was watching, so she didn’t dare look away. Ten terrifyingly hard smacks, Sara still wasn’t crying, Teri noticed, or fighting, it was like she was resigned to it, there was no point fighting, yes she cried out in pain but she didn’t cry. Yet Teri had fought, screamed, cried after 10 smacks nowhere near as hard as this. The next thing Teri witnessed was Si opening some storage box next to him. He got out these 2 scary looking paddles, baby oil, cream and wipes, putting them all on the settee next to him. He started to pull her panties down then stopped “You may as well stand up and take your pyjamas and panties off completely. Move.” he said slapping the back of her leg, whimpering Sara stood up, took her slippers off, putting them on the floor together and neatly, she pulled her bottoms off, which again she folded and left on the table, lastly she repeated with her panties, quickly she returned to her position over Si’s knee, she did this all without Si speaking, she knew exactly what to do. More importantly, Teri saw how crimson Sara’s bottom was from just 10 smacks with Si’s hand.

Teri was finding all this fascinating, and dare she say, more than a little turned on by it. Just seeing Sara undress, fold then go back over his knee, she was wetter than a bath sponge, she thought soon she’d have to wring her panties out before it was her turn. She was sat with her legs crossed and unknowingly her heel was rubbing her pussy and she ground down on herself hard, hoping because the table was in front of her, Si wouldn’t notice.

Si soon brought Teri back down to earth by asking her to move the coffee table to one side. As she did it, she felt her wetness stick to her pussy so she quickly pulled her clothes away, Si hadn’t missed this movement. Table away, Si instructed Teri to move back 2 steps from where she was and to sit crossed legged, ordering to watch again. Meanwhile Si shuffled himself forwards until he was on the edge of the settee. His long legs pulled up to the back of the seat, meaning his knees went up higher, he pushed Sara more over, so her bottom was high up over his knee. The perfect position for him to spank all of her, Teri thought. Sara was holding herself up, Teri could see it was tricky as she went from both hands on the floor to one arm wrapped around one of Si’s legs, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“Legs.” Si ordered, slapping them. Immediately Sara opened her legs wide, now she understood why Si needed more room. Sara’s feet barely touched the floor, Teri felt a bit embarrassed as she now had a perfect view to Sara’s pussy and ass, yet as she watched her clit started to pound and swell. Si had a slight smirk on his face as he watched Teri, she was certain that he knew what was going on inside her head and down below inside her panties. She even started to feel her nipples harden as she watched as Si poured a bit of baby oil on each ass cheek. Watching as Si rubbed the oil over her entire bottom, down her legs to her knees , inner thigh and over her pussy. The oil left a beautiful sheen over Sara’s body.

Si wiped his hand on the towel that was beside him then picked up this round, leather paddle.

“Teri this is a Beaver Tail Paddle, it’s very strong and a thick leather that gives a perfect slap to a naughty girls ass, isn’t that right Sara ?” Si asked.

“Yes Daddy.” Sara said, speaking clearly.

He rested the paddle on her ass for a second before lifting it up, and wallop, the smack as leather hit skin was intensifying, her skin turned crimson after just one hit but looked so sexy as her skin glowed. Si started his spanking then, Teri never imagined it could be like this as she watched that paddle strike her over and over. Si hit the back of her legs, that was when Sara showed a reaction. She cried out loud at each hit on her legs, louder still when her inner thighs met that mean looking paddle. Sara had grabbed hold of Si’s leg with both arms now, as she began crying. When the pain became too much Sara closed her legs more or her legs began flailing about like wild but Teri wondered if she even realised, She looked almost zoned out from everything around her, just focusing on coping with the pain. The bruises over her legs looked so painful, Teri winced just looking at them.

Teri had no idea how many strikes she got, but it was a lot, Sara’s bottom was more a shade of purple now. Si dropped the paddle, picking up the oil again, he repeated the same process as before. Teri wanted to ask questions but felt this wasn’t the time, maybe I will discuss it all with Sara when they could talk, she thought to herself.

“This here is Sara’s Little Devil Paddle, she named it that as it’s a purely wicked paddle and the holes add to it’s fierceness. They cause blister bubbles which are very painful, then sometimes if the blisters burst, they may begin to bleed. Blood does not frighten me, Sara expects to see blood from either play or punishment. Don’t you Sara ?” he told Teri as he rubbed more oil everywhere then wiped his hands again.  

“Yes Daddy, I expect to see blood, it means I’ve had a good spanking.” Sara said, her voice sounded waverie, she was catching her breath and trying to get comfy.”Please Daddy, I am really sorry.” she pleaded.

“You’ve got a long way to go before I accept your apology.” Si replied, it made Sara cry again.

All through this spanking, Teri watched everything as Si paddled her butt. Sara cried quietly until he hit a certain spot and then she screamed out, she saw these blister bubbles rise up, some bursting then after more hits, an area would start to bleed. Teri hadn’t realise she was grinding herself harder as she sat down and watched her best friend get spanked, she was so horny now, she began to understand Sara’s love of BDSM. Si used this paddle for longer than the other one and it was getting more of a reaction from Sara. Sometimes she screeched, begged, cried, screamed, but she still didn’t struggle to get away. Sara’s bottom was now becoming more black than purple, Teri had no idea how Sara sat down after this, yet she does.

“The last 10 Sara, you know what to do.” Si ordered.

A terrifying slap hit the spot where leg met bottom, Sara screamed out, her arms and legs just flapped about, with a quivering voice she said.

“1, I’ve been a very naughty girl and need to be punished, I’m sorry Daddy.”

Another fierce wallop on the same spot, then he waited whilst Sara tried to speak.

“I’m waiting,” Si told her as he started tapping her legs, but it must have felt more than a tap as Sara went hysterical, crying out her count and sentence. This continued, Si did 5 hits on this area, she wasn’t sure why, that was another question to ask, but Teri began to love what she was witnessing. She had never been smacked as a child, neither had Sara, yet she was getting more and more enamoured by it all. And Teri wanted to watch more. The last 5 went to her central bottom, her thighs then the last one went back to the same spot as before. By now Sara was fighting to stay in control of herself as Si put the paddle down. There was blood all over but Teri didn’t know if the entire area was cut up or the blood had just spread around. Si got the wipes out then and gently wiped her legs and bottom, examining the damage. Teri could see Sara wince and jump at this touch, but she was surprised to see only a few areas that were open wounds. This time he used the baby lotion over Sara’s bottom and legs.

“Legs “ Si ordered once more, wiping his hands.

Si left his hands on Sara’s back, “So Teri, do you understand what you could be getting yourself into if you join us properly? Are you prepared for this ?”

“I….I don’t know Daddy, I’ve never witnessed anything like this! “Teri stated.

“No I guess you haven’t but if you join us, I’m very strict, I don’t like it if you disobey me.” Si told her, his hand slid over Sara’s burning bottom, his nails grazing over, causing her to flinch and jump again. Then his hand ventured down between her legs, feeling her wetness.”You dirty girl, your cunt is saturated. How dare you get turned on.” Si lifted his hand up and slapped her pussy so hard, Sara cried out, Teri jumped up in shock as she watched Si pound her pussy with the palm of his hand, over and over, it sounded odd, like when you clap your hands when they are wet, sort of echoey, yet you can hear the wetness too. Teri watched as she saw Sara’s pussy swell, she could even see her clit double in size. Sara was distraught now, pleading, begging for him to stop.

Suddenly he did and pulled Sara up to standing, though she wobbled about quite a lot, Teri got a full on look at Sara’s bruised backside, she wasn’t horrified but she was shocked, she had no idea it got this severe.

“Knees on the settee, lean forward, butt right out.” Si ordered. He bent down and retrieved the 2 canes he had placed there before. When Teri saw them she almost peed her panties. Then thought it may detract from her slick wetness if she did pee herself but she thought the punishment for wetting herself would be very serious. So she was just left with a very turned on soggy pussy, she just wished she had her wand to play with later her pussy was almost hurting now it was pounding so much.

“This is a Dragon Cane Teri, I’d say in the right hands it could be one of the worst canes available.” He turned to face Sara, she was still crying, her head stuffed into the cushion  of the settee, which was probably a good job as the scream that came out of her was bone chilling, she bit into the cushion to try to stay quiet.

A thick purple line appeared across her bottom, another strike, another scream, but muffled into the cushion. Poor Sara’s hands fisted the cushion or opened wide in the shock of each strike. Teri didn’t like this, it looked vicious, it reminded her of school in the olden days, or slaves being whipped with sticks or whips. She looked away, this was too much, just too much, she wanted to stop Si, wrap Sara up in a blanket and take her to bed, but she was obviously used to this and Si seemed very experienced with it. Again he aimed for that spot between leg and arse, which was now cut, bleeding and black.

“Open your eyes and watch Teri, you see, Sara as you know, is a very naughty brat, and when the rules are repeatedly broken, the more severe the pain toys will be used. Eventually, she may learn to do as she’s told. But that’s doubtful. For now I will punish her until she at least tries.”

The next strike went down her legs actually catching the back of her knees, she dropped into a heap, her hands going to the back of her knees.

“Please Daddy, please no more, please I can’t take any more.” Sara begged, Teri had tears in her eyes watching her best friend beg him to stop. But he grabbed her by her hair and yanked her up and back into place. She was just about to say something to Si when Sara caught her eye, shaking her head slightly. Teri stopped, Sara didn’t want her to say anything.

“Okay so you think you’ve had enough, you can get 10 of the best with either the school cane or dragon cane, you choose ? Si told her.

“Sc….sc……schoo……….school c..c..cane Daddy.”Sara stuttered.

“Do you want to count and say the sentence or would you like me to give you the 10 fast without count  Si asked.

“W…w…without, f..f..ast.” Sara said.

Fast !!! Is she mad, Teri thought, it’s gotta be worse fast. Surely, she thought.

“Ready ?” Si asked.

“Yes Daddy.” Then she bit into the cushion, fisted the cushions,

“Butt out properly Sara.” Si ordered, he used the school cane to push her back down, which meant her bottom was out more, then placed the cane by her bottom.

“Ready Sara?” He asked her. She nodded her head. He didn’t tell her off for not answering him correctly, she had had enough today.

“This will be the last of your punishment for today, but don’t think it’s over. When I have finished I will take care of your bottom then you will go and stand in the corner. This time I want you turned around, I want you to watch Teri get her spanking, then the pair of you will go straight to bed. Tomorrow your punishment will continue, it’s a pity Teri’s trial weekend has had to become a punishment weekend but that’s no ones fault but your own.”

He first poured some baby oil over her bottom, Teri saw her jump when he touched her. It seemed crazy that 30 seconds ago, Si was so so stern telling us off, yet now he cared for her bottom so gently and lovingly.

Wiping his hands he picked up the school cane and tapped it against her bottom.

Suddenly there was a swish through the air, a crack as the cane came in contact with flesh, a muffled cry out as a trembling Sara stayed in position. Quick as a flash, he repeated it up to the last one.

“Last one Sara,” as the swish went faster, the crack much loader and the cry gave her goosebumps, Sara fell into a heap on the settee and shaking and sobbed uncontrollably. Si sat down, pulled Sara to him, sitting over his knee, so her bottom dangled between his legs, he rocked her, stroked her back, muttered soothing words to her, until she calmed down enough for Si to tend to her sore bottom.

“There there Babygirl, today’s is all over, I wish you would just follow my rules. I don’t want to punish you like this. Especially after you only just finished your 3 month grounding. What am I supposed to do, ground you for another 3 months, spank you every day. Life is so much nicer for both of us when you are good. I know you would prefer a fun spanking with multiple orgasms than this wouldn’t you ?” Si spoke so gently. “Teri could you pass Mr Rufus to Sara please.”
Teri jumped up, looking for Mr Rufus, found him then quickly passed him to Sara, who held out a shaky hand to get him. She quickly took him, hugging him tightly and started sucking her dummy !!!!!!! Sara was sucking the dummy. She thought it was there for show,she didn’t realise they were for them to use.

Watching Si comfort Sara like this, seeing the love they have for each other made Teri realise something, she did want to be part of this, but she had to endure a punishment, hopefully it won’t be as hard as what Sara just had. But Christ it turned her on again, she wanted to be the one to look after Sara after she was spanked. She wanted to rub cream in, put plasters over her cuts, wipe her tears away. I wonder if she will feel the same thing about her, Teri’s panties felt wet again, OMG when was the last time she had an orgasm, this was ridiculous, she was so horny, But she watched in silence as they had this special moment between them. Eventually Si pulled her away, telling her to lie down so he can give her bottom some after-care. Sara cuddled Mr Rufus, NooNoo in her mouth as she sucked it, her fingers stroked Mr Rufus’s ear. Si had to clean her bottom and legs with the wipes, stuck half a dozen plasters  over the worst cuts, then rubbed some baby cream in.

“All done Sara, stand up please.“ He waited until she was up and not wobbling about, took another baby wipe and wiped her tear stained face, and lastly wiped her nose. He took her in his arms and hugged her tightly.

“I love you Babygirl, I always will, no matter how much bother you get yourself into. Now go and stand in the corner, I will get you some water and you must stay stood up and watching whilst I spank Teri. Understand ?” Si asked gently.

“Yes Daddy,” Sara said around her dummy.

Si took the dummy out, “Pardon ?” He asked again.

“Yes Daddy,” She said clearer. “Good girl, now off you go.” Si told her.

Carefully Sara walked painfully to the corner and Si did a little tidy up. He cleaned up the wipes etc, threw everything in the bin, wiped over the pain toys, then went to get some water for everyone. He handed Teri a bottle.

“Drink this now please Teri, there’s another one here for you.” He placed one on the floor, then he handed Sara a bottle, putting another on the floor and handed her a banana. Sara will be pretty exhausted after that thrashing.

He went to sit on the settee and drank a bottle himself, he was shattered too but he had Teri to deal with.

“Now the question is girls, do I give Teri the same punishment or go a little easier on her ?

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