Once they had finished watching Matilda, Si told them both to go and get ready for bed, he had put new pyjamas on Teri’s bed. Both girls grumbled, but Si said, “Get washed, put your pyjamas on then come back downstairs. It’s Friday so you can both stay up a bit later. So go.” Both girls ran upstairs, giggling and chatting.

Si went to his office and retrieved the envelope with the photos and bikini then went to his desk drawer. Unlocking it he took out a wooden paddle, it had 9 holes in it and could be evil in the right hands, next he took out his leather beaver paddle. He loved this one, it snapped a shocking slap to the ass. He took out his baby oil and baby cream, then the baby wipes. Locking the drawer again he walked to the wall. There was a long, thin shelf above the fire, on there were various canes.  He got the Dragon cane plus the school cane, he knew the girls were upstairs, he could hear them giggling and chatting, he realised he would have his hands full with these 2, but he liked a challenge. He took his collection of pain toys and walked back to the living room. He placed them inside his footstool, the canes he slipped under the chair. The girls would not notice them but he was sure they would feel them soon enough. He contemplated what to do with Teri, if she became his littlegirl, and this happened, then he would punish them both the same, but as this was a trial he wondered if he should go easy on her. She was involved in the deception, she lied to him after he told her what would happen if she did. He pondered what to do until the girls came down.

Giggling they were holding hands as they walked in, both looking adorable in their baby pink pyjamas, Sara had her NooNoo attached to her pyjama top and Mr Rufus in her other hand. Teri, he noticed had chosen a big squishy polar bear. When he went shopping for a few things for Teri, he saw this bear, a penguin and a standard teddy bear, leaving her to choose which one to pick.

“Ahh I wondered which cuddlily you would choose, those the other 2 are yours too.” Si  told her.

“Really ? Thank you Daddy I love them all.” She went over and gave him a kiss and cuddle. God it feels like she’s been part of our dynamics for years never mind this being a trial weekend.

“Good glad you love them.” Si told her.

“Daddy can we watch Frozen now PPLleeaassseeeeee.”  Sara begged.

“No, Not yet.”Si started to say.

“Why not, we watched Ri’s choice.” Sara plonked on the chair sulking.

“Sara McGyver, that is rude. Ri is our visitor this weekend, she will be given top priority, and if Ri agrees this is what she wants then you will have to learn to share. And you will, do you hear me Sara ?” Si told her off. “What do you say ?”

“Sorry Daddy.” She sulked.

“I should think so, say sorry to Ri too.” Si ordered.

“Oh Si, there’s no……….” Ri stopped quickly.

Si put his finger up to silence her. “Apologise now !!”  Si ordered again.

“Sorry Ri.” Sata said, getting up and giving her a hug. “Sorry Daddy.” She said, giving him a hug.

“It’s okay Squirt, this will be new for all of us, but we have to give each of us a chance, You’ve been used to having my sole attention and now you have to share, okay. Ri may feel awkward too don’t forget.” Si told her gently, and she nodded her head. Pulled her into a big hug and kissed her, then opened his arm to Teri. The three of them hugged each other tightly, Si kissed Ri on her mouth, then he let go.

“Right, I’m going to get your supper, then we will chat a bit more.” Si left to go to the kitchen.

Sara and Ri sat on the sofa next to each other.

“What do you think then Ri ?Are you enjoying it ?” Sara asked.

“I think so, I didn’t think there would be so many rules though. Is he really strict with them ?” Teri asked, hugging her bear.

“Yeah but I always try to win him round, it’s gonna be so much fun being together. Imagine the mischief we can get up to.” Sara said giggling.

Teri started giggling when Si walked in.

“What are you 2 giggling about ?” Si asked.

“Nothing Daddy, just silly stuff.” Sara told him.

“Ok well come on, beep beep off the settee, let me get in there.” Si told them. He set a tray on the table, containing 2 large, plastic, tumblers of milk, a banana each and a digestive biscuit each. Si had a large glass of Jack Daniels and a plate of cheese and crackers.

“Sit on the floor in front of me girls, whilst we have supper.” Si said.

“Daddy can we please watch Frozen, please Daddy ?” Sara begged.

“No Sara, we’ve things to talk about.” Si said firmly.

Sara pouted again, whilst drinking her milk.

“Now Teri, how do you feel about the rules so far ?” Si asked.

“Okay I think, I didn’t think there would be so many, but I will learn.” Ri said.

“Good girl, so you understand about being honest, never lying to me, never breaking the rules . Don’t you ?” Si asked.

“Yes Daddy, I’d never lie to anyone. “ Teri said, smiling sweetly.

Oh she’s good, Si thought. “Well Sara can help with the rules can’t you sweetie.”
“Yes Daddy, cause I can.” Sara said.

“Ri you understand why Sara can’t go to the party then don’t you,” Si asked her.

There was a tiny flicker in her eyes towards Sara, Sara quickly looked at the floor.

“Daddy I understand, it was part of her punishment, I can have lots of parties when she’s allowed.” Teri told him. “ I was going to cancel it completely, but Sara told me not to coz the first party I had, you would ban her from going. We’ve talked about it, and I will just have to enjoy it without her for once.”

“Good, and Sara are you going to stop asking about it ?” Si asked Sara.

“Yes Daddy,I’m sorry, I won’t mention it again.” Sara told him.

The lies were just rolling off their tongues, one after another, all the time just smiling sweetly at him. Now was the time. He reached for his envelope and pulled out the photos.

“So Sara, Teri, could you please explain this then ?” He slowly placed all 4 photographs on the table, in front of them. Their faces dropped immediately. He could see Sara’s face go deathly pale.

“Which party was this Daddy, I don’t remember this one. Must have been a few years ago.” Teri told him.

“Really Teri, that’s interesting because these were posted on Instagram and Twitter on the day of your party. There’s all our friends there, Sara, you’re there.” Si said.

“Daddy, these are from other parties.” Teri said.

“I was in London when Ri wanted to have the party.” Sara told him.

“Ahh yes, of course on your convention. You see  I popped into the shop whilst you were in “London”, I saw Steph and told her a white lie, telling her you had left something in your office and as I was near, you had asked me to get it. Steph said it was wrong if you were working when you had 2 days off, and I should make sure you take some time for yourself and rest as I was decorating. So that’s a bit odd, isn’t ? Anything to say ? Either of you ? Work says you weren’t in London, all the photos posted on Twitter and Instagram from all our friends, posted these photos and many more from the party on Monday. And there’s this…….” He picked up the envelope and dropped the teeny tiny bikini on the table. “What the fuck is this Sara ? Could you have picked a smaller bikini, I was horrified when I saw this on you, most of your ass was out, it barely covered your tits, you bought this knowing you were going to the party without me because there would have been no way in hell I would let you wear this if I was going. I wouldn’t even let you buy it, so you bought something without permission, again. And you Teri, phoning me telling me the story about changing the date of the party and begging me to let Sara go, that was all part of the lie, wasn’t it. “ He sternly told the girls. “You’ve just agreed to the rules Teri, you promised to never tell lies, to be honest, and you’ve already failed that one haven’t you ?”
Teri began to cry, starting to say sorry  but Si cut her off, “Save the tears little girl, you will have a real reason to cry soon.”
Sara just looked at the floor, another sign that she was guilty. Sitting next to Sara, Ri slipped her hand into Sara’s, squeezing it tightly, she was so scared she peed herself just a little.

“So what do I do ? You will both be punished, but do I go softer on you Ri, because you’ve only just begun your trial, even though last week I warned you not to lie and not to help Sara in a plan to get her to the party without my knowledge. Did I not say that Ri ?” He asked.

“Yes Daddy you did. But that was before we started this weekend, so surely it doesn’t count ?” Ri said.

“Oh no, Ri it counts, because you got a warning and believe me, I would still spank you for this even if you hadn’t agreed to this trial. Because I gave you a warning and you know me well enough to know I never go back on my word. So because you’ve just argued the toss about it, and you seem to believe I won’t punish you, I’m going to prove to you I do what I say.” Si told her sternly.

“No that’s not fair, Sara tell him, that’s not fair. No I’m not having that.” Ri shouted.

“Sara do you believe you both broke my rules so you could go to the party ?” Si asked.

Sara looked at Ri and her Daddy, “ Yes I guess so.”
“Ri do you believe you both broke the rules so Sara could go to the party?” He asked her.

Teri looked at the floor, she really didn’t want to admit it, “Maybe.” she muttered.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

“Don’t be impertinent Teri.” SI told her off. “Answer the question, yes or no.”

Teri felt a tiny squeeze on her hand from Sara, “ I suppose.” she mumbled.

Si looked at her, “Come here Teri, now!” Si barked at her.

Slowly she got up and walk towards him. “Is I suppose a yes or no answer ?” he asked her.

“No.” And just as she said it, he pulled her closer and across his knee, surprising her. Si’s big hard palm fell down hard as it stung Teri’s bottom. She fought like a wild animal but Si was very strong and just held her tightly. 10 spanks was enough to make her cry so he stood her up. “What is the correct answer Ri?”

Teri looked gorgeous, in her cute pyjamas, now rubbing her bottom as tears fell down her face.

“Yes Daddy.” she replied, he pointed back to the spot next to Sara and she quickly went back in front of the table away from Si, rubbing the tears away.

“So now you’ve both finally admitted you lied to me, now I’m going to spank each of you. You’ve lost the rights for anymore fun tonight so you will go straight to bed, in the morning, I promise you this is not over, over this weekend you will both learn not to lie to me again. Understand ?” Si asked.

This time both girls nodded and said “Yes Daddy.”

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