Eventually Friday came, Sara hadn’t had chance to speak to Teri beforehand, but Si told her to message her and tell her to come from work if she wanted. Teri replied she would go home and get a quick shower and change of clothes first.

Sara had mixed feelings about the evening, what would Si say to her,

She didn’t get time to think about it again whilst she was at work, she was so busy. But it was probably for the best.


Si was home before Sara which was quite unusual, he said he had decided to finish early for once. He looked so goddamn hot this evening, tight black jeans, bare feet and a light denim shirt, open halfway, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His hair looked damp still and he smelt divine.

“Babygirl, I want you to go and get a shower, make sure you are smooth, I will braid your hair when you come down. I’ve bought you a new outfit to wear, it’s on the bed. Even bought you a matching NooNoo, which you can have all weekend. So hop to it.” Si told her.

Sara rushed upstairs, she loved it when Daddy bought her new clothes. She looked on the bed, there was a pale pink blouse with little puffed sleeves, a pink gingham pleated skirt, a sports bra and matching shorts, white ankle socks with a frill and slippers, There was a pink hair bobble and ribbon on the bed plus a new pink NooNoo with a pink strap with baby elephants on it, it had a loop that could fasten through the buttonhole of your blouse or a strap like on a suspender belt to fasten on your pyjamas.

Sara quickly showered and shaved, dried off then got into her clothes. When she looked in the mirror, she thought she looked really cute. Daddy as usual had chosen well. She fastened her NooNoo through the buttonhole of her blouse and got the hair bobble, ribbon and brush, then went downstairs.

Daddy was sat in the living room watching TV and reading the paper when Sara walked in. She looked gorgeous, so damn cute.

“Oh Squirt, you look so cute. Come and sit on the floor whilst I do your hair.” Si said smiling.

Sara skipped towards her Daddy, gave him the bobble, ribbon and brush then plonked herself on the floor between his legs. This was her favourite time of day,  when Daddy brushed her hair. He was an expert at doing plaits, French braids, putting her hair in bunches or just one ponytail. As he did her hair they chatted away and watched TV. Sara felt like she just melts whilst Daddy brushes her hair, it’s so relaxing and Daddy never hurts her or pulls her hair whilst braiding it.    Sara’s hair was growing quite long now, he would decide when it was long enough, but for now he concentrated on braiding her hair.

“Sara sit still.” Si told her as she wriggled on the floor.

“Sorry Daddy. I’m just excited for when Ri comes.” Sara told her, but sat still. Once done Si told her to stand up, turned her around and gave her a big hug.

“All done Babygirl. You look gorgeous.” Si gave her a kiss, a very long kiss, giving her bottom a squeeze then pulled away. “Now remember what we are going to discuss today with Ri, I want her to join us. But you have to be honest about how you feel too, I certainly don’t want to upset or loose you. Okay ?”
“Yes Daddy, I have been thinking about it a lot and been reading up about it too. But I want to wait for Ri to come.” Sara said.

“Okay baby. As long as you’re honest.” Si told her, just then the doorbell rang and Ri let herself in. “Hi guys.” She called out.

“Ri.” Squealed Sara, running up and giving her a hug. “Hey you look gorgeous Sara. Si did you buy these ?” Ri asked.

“I did,” Si told her, giving her a kiss and hug. “Right drinks, everyone. What are we having ?”

The girls both said wine, so Si went to get it. He still used Sara’s sippy cup, he knew she wouldn’t be happy but she had spilt the wine so she gets the sippy cup. He grabbed all the takeaway menus, carried them all into the living room, where the girls were chatting none stop. When Sata noticed the cup, her face fell.

“Daddy can’t I have a wine glass ? Please.” She pouted.

“No Sara, you spilt the wine a few days ago and I told you, you would have a sippy cup. You know this so stop sulking.” Si told her firmly.


The gang chatted and drank then ate the takeaway they had ordered. As usual there was loads left over so Sara and Teri put the lids back on all the containers, putting them in the fridge and stacked all the pots in the sink, throwing all the rubbish away.

“Girls leave the kitchen until tomorrow, come back we’ve things to discuss.” Si called over to them.

Teri instantly looked nervous, “Sara, I’m not sure what to say.” She whispered.

“Just listen to what he says and be honest, I’ve gotta do the same thing. None of us want it to go wrong and end up hating each other so we have to be honest. But it would be fun if it worked, can you imagine what we would get up too.” Sara told her. “Come on.” She took her hand and walked to the living room. Sitting down they both looked at Si.

“Okay, I don’t know how to say it, so I’m just gonna say it. Ri you know our life, you’ve seen it, you’ve been around us long enough to understand it, I know you and Sara talk about it. I’ve been getting a vibe from you that you are interested in learning more. Am I right ?” Si asked.

“Ermmm, yeah okay, you’re right, I am interested. I’ve even read up about it, about being a Little, a Babygirl like Sara. And…….” She looked at Sara, who nodded, giving her approval to tell him everything. “ Erm when you told me you would spank me for talking inappropriately, I errrrrrr, I kinda got turned on by it, that night I …….I had a very erotic dream about the 3 of us, and you were…..gonna spank me.” Teri said, a bit embarrassed.

“Interesting Ri, sounds like you’re quite keen. And you want to be a babygirl. That’s okay. There would be rules I’d expect you to follow, punishments if you don’t follow them. When we are together, I expect you to dress like a Babygirl, we will go shopping and buy you some clothes. Obviously you’ve got your own home, so it would be when we are together that you use them. Whether here or at your house. We will set up days when we regularly meet up, and weekends when we are altogether. How does that sound so far ?” Si asked.

“Good but what rules ?” Teri asked.

“Oh I will go through those once we’ve decided we all want this. Now one subject we’ve not discussed is I want to have with you, what I have with Sara. In other words, if you become my submissive, my Baygirl, I want to have all of you. I mean, all of you, You would belong to me, like Sara, eventually maybe even collared too. But thats in the future. For now I just want you to join us.” Si told her.

“Sara what do you think ?”

“Erm, to be honest, I’m not certain, I’m worried I may get jealous if you are having sex and I’m not. But I do like the idea of Ri being like my sister, Babygirl sisters. I’m not sure I could make love to Ri though.” Sara said.

“Me too.” Teri said.

“That’s understandable. We can take it as slowly as you both want.  Why don’t we give this weekend a trial ? “ Si asked.

“Good idea yes.” Both girls said together then started giggling.

“Okay, well firstly, you need to become a Babygirl. So upstairs in our spare room, I’ve bought you an outfit to wear for the time you’re here. How do you fancy doing that ?” Si asked.

“Yes, yes okay, yes.” Teri said.

“Well why don’t you go and get changed, Sara you go and help, talk about things too, and we can start from then. Oh by the way, when we are together, I expect to be called Daddy.” Si told her.

Teri nodded her head and went with Sara to see these clothes. Si sat down, he felt quite positive that this would actually happen. But now he can sort out the issue about the party, she may change her mind after he spanked her.




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