That night Sara was on her best behaviour, She was home before Si, so she got the dinner on, laid the table then rushed upstairs to get a quick shower, she wore her hair down with a thin pink ribbon around it, she had a little pink babydoll nightie on, that came with matching panties, She wore her pink fluffy slippers and was sat in the living room, watching TV when Si came home.  It was unusual for Sara to cook, she had a tendency to burn everything, even water, but he was impressed she was trying. Sara jumped up and ran to Si.

“Hi Daddy, I’ve got the dinner on, trying to make sure it doesn’t burn. I thought I’d get ready for bed now, as I’ve gotta go up early, we can at least have a bit of time together before then.” She hugged him tightly, giving him a long kiss.

“Well, Squirt, you look like you’ve done really well. I’m impressed.” Si told her.

“Well it’s only a ready meal, but hopefully it will be nice. Go and sit down and chill.” Sara told him as she walked back into the kitchen.

Si wanted a cold beer, so he followed Sara into the kitchen, considering she was only cooking a ready meal and cooking some veg, the kitchen was a mess. Grabbing a cold beer he sat down at the kitchen table, flicked through the post, most of it rubbish or bills, then looked up, amused as he saw his baby girl try to cook vegetables. He had never seen any girl look so frazzled cooking a ready meal, it amused him so much, he sat back and watched her. There were pans boiling over and there was a slight burning smell.

“Ermmm babygirl, I think you need to check the oven.” Si told her.

“Oh darn it.” Sara muttered as she opened the oven, the lasagna was slightly dark brown at the top, the garlic bread looked very toasty. As she lifted the lasagna out she nearly dropped it, as it slid on the baking tray, plonking it down quickly. She drained the cauliflower and broccoli without drama then told Si to go and sit at the table.

Trying to slice the lasagne nicely, the first slice was messy, but the second stayed in position, so that was the one for Si. She shared out the veg, though she didn’t really like veg, Daddy made her eat it because it was good for her. The garlic bread was put in a basket then she took the food to Si. Serving him first with the bread, then getting her plate. He had opened a bottle of wine, poured a glass for him, then produced  sparkly pink sippy cup, he filled it a third of the way, then put the lid on firmly. Sara noticed this immediately, opened her mouth ready to complain but just walked away to get her plate. She pouted as she walked away but tried to put a smile on her face when she returned.

They ate their meal chatting away, Sara had her wine using the sippy cup, a sulky look came on her face each time but Si was pleased, he had expected a tantrum from her. But it was nice to enjoy an evening without drama.

It was 6.15pm, she still had to tidy up and load the dishwasher.

“Thank you the meal Squirt, it was very nice.” Si told her as he got up.

“Thank you Daddy, at least I hadn’t completely burnt everything.” Sara said.

She took everything in the kitchen, looking at the mess. Right this has to be the quickest I’ve ever tidied up she thought to herself. At least I had unloaded the dishwasher.

Putting her audio book on, she set to work. Si went to his office to send an email then went to the living room to watch the news. By 6.50pm Sara was done. The kitchen finally looked tidy again, putting the kettle on, she made Si a cup of coffee, she wasn’t allowed caffeine drinks after 4pm, so she took her remainder wine and a bottle of water into the living room. Carrying Si’s coffee to his side table, she then knelt down and took his shoes off, putting them away, she then brought her wine and water to her table. Looking at the time she had 30 minutes snuggling time, but she wanted Mr Rufus, s she ran upstairs, grabbed him off the bed then came down. She snuggled up to Si, he put his arm around her, as her thumb went into her mouth, Mr Rufus in her other hand, but his ear was being stroked by her remaining fingers as she sucked her thumb. Si was never sure how she managed it but she had always done it.

“Would you like Emmerdale on before you go to bed ?” he asked.

“Yes please Daddy.” She loved this soap opera.

Watching the show, Si stroked her hair and back, squeezing her ass and stroking it after she jumped a tiny bit, it still felt very tender, but he enjoyed squeezing her ass after a spanking, feeling her flinch and jump but she knew better than to object.

The half hour went far too quickly, she didn’t want to go to bed. So she showed no effort to move.

“Come on Sara, don’t ruin the evening. Bedtime.” He smacked her bum, Sara groaned and slid off the settee as slowly as possible.

“Pl……..” Sara began.

Si smacked her bottom hard, “NO.” He simply stated.

So Sara just gave up, rubbing her bum, she gave Si a kiss goodnight.

“Oh Daddy, I haven’t given you a BJ.” Sara remembered.

“Don’t worry, on this occasion. But thank you for asking and for dinner.” Si told her, he knew she had made a big effort in cooking dinner as he normally does it, mainly as she burns everything. “You may read for 10 minutes.” He told her.

“Thank you Daddy.” As she picked up her kindle and went upstairs.

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