Sara was gutted the evening had ended with her getting a spanking, not only was she so sore, even lay in bed, to move around hurt her legs, the creases along her bottom, even her pussy go whacked so much her lips were swollen to double the size.  She couldn’t even touch her bum or pussy it was that sore, and she was so upset that they never ended their night with some passionate sex, maybe a fun spanking wudda been nice, but not this. She sulked in bed, why does Daddy have to be so harsh when it was only an accident, she would not use a sippy cup, Daddy can’t make her.

She was asleep when Si came to be, he had a painful hard-on, and his balls felt like they would burst. He wanted to fuck Sara, he needed to empty his balls. Climbing into bed, he curled his arm around her, his hand cupped her pussy, feeling her hot wetness, Sara murmured, spreading her legs, but he wasn’t interested in pleasuring her.

“Up on your knees, head down.” Si ordered. Half asleep, Sara moaned a little, trying to hold his hand between her legs, she wanted his fingers inside her but he pulled away. “NOW.” Si ordered. Sara moved into position, still hoping for some orgasms, desperate to feel Daddy in every hole.

He pushed her knees further up and spread wider, he squirted a little dollop of lube over her asshole, got himself up and delved his cock deep into her ass, making her gasp out loud. His cock felt enormous, it hurt as tears crept into Sara’s eyes, she was just being used, she knew that, Daddy very rarely fucked this harshly. His thrusts seemed to get harder, his balls hit her sore ass and his legs felt like they were covered with pins and the needles stabbed her tender legs up to her sit spot. At this point he didn’t care if he hurt her, he was fulfilling his needs only. Slipping out then thrusting deep, he felt every inch of his cock fill her, reaching further in than he had ever done before. Sara’s cries out were lost on him, she didn’t deserve any pleasure, as he came close to cumming, he felt his head swell and warm pre-cum dribble out of his cock. Ramming into her faster he climaxed with 1 hard thrust, his hot cum shot into her deep crevice as he continued to thrust until his balls were finally empty. Si slipped out and rolled on the bed, God he felt much lighter now.

“Get back to sleep Sara,” He aid roughy to her as he rolled over going to sleep himself.

Slowly Sara got comfy, not only was her bottom sore, now her insides were sore too, she felt tears fall until she went to sleep. Praying that tomorrow would be a nicer day.

They sat together for breakfast, Sara now in work mode.

“I hope you can have a better day today Sara. Don’t forget it’s early to bed tonight, 7.30pm, “ Si told her.

“Yes Daddy.” Sara got up, everything was sore, how she will be able to sit for work she didn’t know. On top of that Si had left out the punishment plug by her clothes on the bed, whilst she had her shower. She never questioned it or argued, that would only land her in more trouble. So painfully she lubed her bottom then slowly pushed the big plug into her very sore ass. Wincing as it’s widest part slid through her sphincter muscle, then sighing as it got into place. She didn’t know how long she had to wear it, so she presumed to keep it in until So told her to take it out. She put a tube of lube into her handbag, she would have to take it out, relube and put it back in by lunchtime.

Sara was all ready to go, so giving Si a kiss goodbye, she left for work. Si would leave in a few moments, first he had a little searching to do. He wanted to find the bikini Sara gad worn for the party. He searched her drawers and wardrobe, with no luck. He searched in the wardrobes in the other bedroom, but still nothing, As he walked out, e spotted the laundry basket.

HHMMmmmm I wonder. Thought Si. He got half way down the basket when he found it, seeing it for real now, there would have been no way he would allow her to wear it. He took it downstairs, putting it with the photos he had printed off, he left for work. At 4pm he messaged Sara saying she could remove the plug when she got home from work. Surely tonight we can have a nice evening, there won’t be long before she goes to bed, they both got home about 5 pm, so it will be cook dinner, maybe half an hour watching TV before she went up. He wanted to talk more about Teri joining them, but he thought he should wait until Friday.

Two more days at work, then it will be the big confrontation in front of both of them. He had to be honest, he was looking forward to spanking Teri, seeing her cheeks wobble about and Sara in the corner but watching, would she get jealous, he thought, will she throw a tantrum ? He wasn’t sure.


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