Sara stayed at Teri’s until 7 pm, the train from London would arrive at 7.20 pm, so by the time she drove home it would be the right time. Si was waiting for her, he was his usual happy self, greeting her with a big hug, kiss and cheeky squeeze of her bum. “Missed you squirt,” Si told her, calling her his little pet name for her, which she loved.

“Missed you too, Daddy, have you had 2 busy days with work?”Sara asked.

”Yes. Meetings with suppliers from Brazil, Spain India and America, think we’ve got them, more meetings tomorrow then Friday we are giving them a tour of the factories then taking them around the city and meal before they leave that night.” Si explained, lifting Sara’s suitcase out of the car. “What about you ? Was it as heavy going as you thought. Learn anything ?”
“Not really, we are already using the new til, but doing the orders on tablets are still causing issues. Everyone is going to get further training, the managers will get extra training with the tils too. I think they are making it harder than it is, but hopefully it will get sorted. If we want to branch further out, these things shouldn’t be an issue then.” Sara explained.

Si carried the suitcase upstairs, ready for Sara to unpack. Coming back down, Sara was making coffee for them both.

“So I hope my baby girl behaved herself whilst away. Did you drink ?” Si asked.

“I had 1 glass of wine with dinner and that was it Daddy, just like you told me.” Sara said sweetly.

“That’s my good girl. Oh I’ve invited Teri to come round on Friday night and stay over. I felt guilty that she moved the party in the hope I’d let you go, though she still tried to get me to say yes. But we can have a nice takeaway and have a good catch up. I thought you’d like that too.” Si told him.

“Yes she texted me and told me.” Sara said.

“Did you mention anything about the conversation we had. ?”

“Yes I thought I’d better, so she can think about it, she didn’t seem scared, a bit shocked. I think her main worry is if it breaks our friendship up. We’ve been best friends for so long, neither of us want that to be lost.” explained Sara.

“No well that’s understandable, but hopefully because we are more like a family it will work. Hopefully by Friday, she will have made her mind up. For now I want my baby girl to get ready for bed, it’s late but I will let you stay up an extra 30 minutes, as you’ve not been home long. I take it you’ve eaten?” He asked.

“Well I had a meal on the train, but to be honest, I am hungry.” Sara said.

“Okay, you get showered etc, I will make us some supper.” Si told her, giving her bum a light tap as she went past.

Sara ran upstairs giggling, she unpacked her case, hiding her bikini at the bottom of the wash basket, Si didn’t usually do the washing so she can wash them this week when Si was out. Running the shower, she quickly washed herself, not washing her hair though, stepping out she wrapped herself in a huge fluffy towel and padded to the bedroom. As usual, there was her little pyjamas, placed on her side of the bed and Mr Rufus, her teddy. There was no sign of her NooNoo’s, 2 nights without it was terribly hard, she liked sucking her thumb but she preferred her dummy. Daddy didn’t allow any baby girl things packed when she went away. So she usually had bad nights missing her usual things.

Putting on her pink pyjamas with stars, moons and sleepy teddies printed all over, she brushed her hair, grabbing Mr Rufus, she slipped her feet into her pink fluffy slippers and went downstairs. Si had done them a cheese platter with a glass of red wine each, 3 different cheeses, a selection of crackers, grapes and watermelon, apple, cheese and walnut salad and coleslaw,  just a perfect supper for them. Sara put some food on her plate and snuggled into her Daddy, the fire was on low, and they watched Masters of photography one of their favourite shows.

All the crockery for Sara was based for little girls, when they decided they wanted this dynamic, Si said he would love to be her Daddy, Sara was so relieved because she wanted to be little. Si took her shopping one day, he let her choose all the crockery she liked, side and dinner plates, bowls, snack bowls, beakers, plastic mugs, plastic glasses and wine glasses and cutlery. They all matched, so Si decided to ensure Sara had enough, he bought 3 of everything. They bought My Little Pony washcloths, Little Princess electric toothbrush, a variety of nightwear, then Sara was allowed to choose some cuddly toys. Sara was in her element, choosing Mr Rufus as her favourite, he was a big floppy dog, a giant soft teddy bear, wearing a pink dress and pink bows in her hair, this was Princess and an elephant, she called Nellie. Lastly Si chose one, a big soft seal, he called her Spanked Suzy. This was to be her teddy bear she could cuddle when he was punishing her. She loved it. They went online and bought some dummies for adult littles, naturally they were pink and sparkly, just how Sara liked it.

They loved this dynamic, as soon as they were out of work mode, they became Daddy / little, only occasionally did they show their dynamic to other people, except Teri. Their friends knew about it but had never seen them as Daddy / Little.


Si felt himself relax much more when Sara snuggled into him, this is how he liked it. Sara reached to get her glass of wine, but rather than reaching properly for it, she tried to move the tray with her foot, spilling the wine on the tray.

“SARA, naughty girl.” Si shouted at her, smacking her bottom. “Get that mopped up before you get wine on the carpet or sofa.”

“Owwwww Daddy, sorry, it was an accident.” Sara pouted, She hurried to the kitchen to get a cloth, cleaned up the spilt wine then went to snuggle Si again.

“Be careful please, if you spill any I will spank you.” Daddy told her, before they snuggled again, he kissed the top of her head.

They both enjoyed the cheese board and the program had finished, So Sara picked her wine up and drank the last bit of it. She never gets a full glass, it’s only ever filled about a quarter full. But she hadn’t noticed that wine was under the glass after she spilt it, and a big drop fell and landed on the coffee coloured sofa. Sara suddenly realised and moved Mr Rufus to cover the spillage but Si had seen it.

“What have you just done ? Sara answer me.” Si sounded cross. Slowly Sara moved Mr Rufus to reveal the drop of wine on the seat of the sofa.

“What did I tell you ? Am I going to have to buy you sippy cups ?” He shouted.

“No Daddy, no sippy cups, I’m not a baby. It was an accident.”  Sara cried out.

“Get in the corner whilst I clean it up. It better come off.” He exclaimed, going to get some stain removal cleaner and another cloth, Sara sniffled in the corner, cuddling Mr Rufus.

Si managed to get the stain off, mopped up the remaining water leaving the rest to dry, he went to put everything away. Coming back into the room he picked out a Jokari paddle he keeps in a cupboard then went to sit back on the sofa.

“Sara, come here!” He ordered.

Sara walked over to him, sucking her thumb, and holding Mr Rufus.

“What did I tell you about the wine ?” He asked.

“To be careful not to spill any. Daddy I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose.” Sara begged.

“No but I told you to be careful, you always do silly things then say I didn’t do it on purpose, it was an accident. You need to be aware of what you are doing and take notice. Now you will be going to bed with a spanked bottom.” He stated.

Sara began to cry, “Please Daddy, please…….” But it was too little, too late.

Si grabbed her arm and dragged her over his knee, before she had chance to speak, his big hard hand started spanking her backside. She cried and fought against him, her legs kicking, her hands punching the sofa, he spanked and spanked her hard and down her legs, when one leg reached way back to get in the way of his spanking arm. Si slapped her even harder on her thighs, then moved one of his legs over hers. Locking them tightly together. He grabbed the waist of her pyjama bottoms and yanked them down, as Sara tried to get hold of them to stop them going down. Si just grabbed her wrist, holding it behind her back so she couldn’t do anything. The bottoms were yanked below her knees, then he pulled out the paddle behind his back, and began turning Sara’s bottom crimson. Poor Sara cried, screeched, yelled, but Si continued and lectured at the same time.

“What are you going to do next time Sara ?” Si asked.

“Be careful Daddy, I’m sorry.” Sara screeched.

Ten more wicked swats pounded down on her ass, Sara was beyond sore now, this was a thrashing. The eventually it stopped.

Si stroked her tender ass, making her jump and yell out, then when he stroked her with his nails she fought to get away.

“No Daddy, No, please, Don’t do that.” Sara begged.

“Are you now telling me what to do ? Are you little girl ? I am your Daddy, I am in charge, not you.” Then with each statement, he walloped her cheeks and legs so hard Sara just collapsed over his knee, no more fighting, she accepted her punishment and prayed it would be over soon. And it was.

Pulling her up he turned her around and took Sara into his arms, letting her cry into his shoulder, he rubbed her back, kissed her forehead, saying soothing words to her, until eventually her sobs slowed down.

“I wish you weren’t so careless, this isn’t the first time is it ! You need to be aware of what you’re doing. I will buy some sippy cups tomorrow, next time we have wine, you will have it in that. Understand ?” Si said.

“Y….Y….Yes Daddy.” Sara barely able to get the words out.

“Now go to our bedroom, stand in the corner for 30 minutes then go straight to bed. You’ve now had an extra hour and a half past your bedtime because of this so tomorrow you will go to bed an hour and half early to make up for it. Now go, leave your pyjama bottoms down.” Si slapped her bottom until she stood up, tears falling down her face then went to her corner, setting the timer on the dressing table. Her bottom felt on fire, bruised, hot and terribly painful. As soon as the timer went off, she carefully climbed into bed, managing to get onto her side and soon fell into an exhausted sleep. But not before she touched around her bottom, feeling the heat, the welts, the bruises coming out. It may be very painful but she loved to feel her bum after a spanking, a tiny smile was on her face as she drifted off.

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