Whist the girls were recovering, Si was doing a bit of online searching whilst at work. He was a Commercial Director for Sunshine Desserts, selling top of the range puddings, he looked after all the sales teams. It was a busy, stressful job but he had worked up to get this position and he loved it. Having his own private office meant sometimes he could go online which was usually a rule they tried to enforce. But he knew everyone still did, as long as it didn’t affect their work, Si turned a blind eye to it.

He knew his friends well, he knew they would post a lot of photos on Instagram, snapchat and twitter, and the chances are, everyone else, apart from Sara and Teri would think Sara was allowed to go to the party. He had already explained he couldn’t go as his workload was very busy and he would be working late. I bet she didn’t tell them she wasn’t supposed to be there, I bet she didn’t ask them not to put photos of her online or send them to Si. So he went delving into the web. He was soon proved right, photo after photo of the party, when he saw the first photo of Sara he froze. There was a mix of his cock twitching coz she looked fucking amazing, but his blood boiled as he saw the size of her tiny bikini. No one should get to see that much of his wife and she knows that. He was beyond fucking mad, as he continued to look through the volley of photos they had all posted. Deciding to print off half a dozen photos of her, drinking, having fun, in that itsy bitsy bikini.

He now had to decide what to do, he really wanted to confront both Sara and Teri together. Then came up with an idea. Messaging Teri, he wrote,

Hi Teri, look I feel a bit guilty that Sara can’t come to your party, especially as you moved the date, hoping she could still go. But you know when I say something I mean it. Why not come round on Friday night, we can have a takeout and have some fun. Stay over if you want to, it gives you and Sara some catch up time and I could do with my two favourite girls keeping me company too.

Happy with that he pressed send. Putting the photos he had printed, in his briefcase, he would not want an of his staff to see them.

The girls were sat in their favourite restaurant, The Warehouse when the message came through. Teri read it then showed it to Sara.

“Ahhh he feels guilty, that’s nice of him.” Teri said.

“Yes, he’s a good fella and he mustn’t have a clue about the party. Say love to then.” Sara said, a slight sick feeling went through her body, did he know ? No if he knew, he would be screaming blue murder now, he would be furious so he would probably phone her to tell her off and warn her there would be a serious spanking waiting for her when she got home. So she put the sick feeling down to her feeling guilty.

Teri replied, Yes, love to come, and Stay over, we can have a great catch up.

Si smiled when he read the reply, and she will stay over, hmmmmm this was going to be fun for him. He thought to himself.

Sara and Teri enjoyed a nice meal and they were just relaxing with a coffee, fully recovered from the night before. Sara broached the subject that had been on her mind since Si told her what he wanted.

“So Si told me something the other day, I’m sure he will mention it on Friday. Erm, I don’t know how to put it.” She stumbled with her words. “Okay, you know our life, our dynamics, I know you’re interested in something similar yourself.” Teri nodded her head, listening intently. “When he said he would spank you if he found out you lied, you know he will do it don’t you ! ” Sara stated.

“I don’t know, would he really do it ? “ Teri asked.

“You know Si, he doesn’t say anything, if he doesn’t mean it. How would you feel if he did ?” Sara asked.

“Well you know I got those dreams after he told me, I don’t know. I mean it’s kinda exciting, but he’s your hubby, I wouldn’t be naked would I. Surely you wouldn’t agree to me being naked. He wouldn’t spank me like he does you ?” Teri exclaimed. “Would he Sara ?” She started to sound horrified.

“Well, firstly, Si believes a naughty girl should be spanked bare……the bare bottom.” She told Teri when she looked confused. “ I wouldn’t have a choice how he spanked you, I’m his babygirl, I just do as I’m told, well mostly.” She giggled.

“And would he be as firm to you as he is to me….Yes Teri he would.”
Teri just sat open mouthed, taking it all in.

“But there’s more Ri………he wants you to be another submissive to him, he wants us all to eventually play together, you, me and him.” Sara said quietly.

Still Teri sat looking gobsmacked.

“Ri say something.” Sara told her, holding her hand.

“I don’t know what to say, i mean, how do you feel about it ?” Teri asked.

“Well at first I was like you now, horrified, Si wants someone else to join us, not live with us, but another girl, who could be a little, like me or a submissive. She would follow similar rules like I have, some will be the same as mine. He will punish her as he sees fit, eventually he would collar her like he has me, but he wants to incorporate play with this girl. Either me and her, him and her or all of us together to play, explore our sexuality.” Sara explained.

“But I’m not gay, neither are you Sara, I’m not sure I could, you’re my best friend, I don’t want to lose you.” Teri stumbled, rubbing her face, scratching her head.

“What did you say to him? “ She asked Sara.

“Well at first I was shocked….but he wants this, I don’t get much choice, except I want to help pick the girl. That’s why I said, I’d rather it was with you. I don’t want to play with a stranger, plus can you imagine te mischief we could cause.” They both giggled then.

“Well, putting it that way, I would feel like you. But ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.he’s your husband. How would you feel if we were…..you know…..fucking.” Teri asked.

“We would always play together Ri, if he wants us to play together, he would watch. If it was punishment, I would help pass him the pain implements, or you would, and we would also play. He doesn’t expect us to just jump into bed and fuck, he knows it would be a slow process. He said, he may order me to go down on you, and if I refused he would punish me until I did. Same as you.” She told Teri. “Say something, please Ri.”

“Okay, well see what Si says when I come round on Friday, but I’d quite like to be a babygirl, we could be little sisters.” Teri said. “See on Friday.”


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