When Teri woke up she felt so shocked, that dream had turned her on so much, but she felt so guilty, she would have tell Sara. For the next few days it was all she could think about but finally she was meeting Sara for lunch.

The girls chatted for ages before Teri told Sara about the dream.

“Sara I’m sorry, I feel like I’ve betrayed you, It’s not right.” She told her.

Laughing, Sara said, “Teri, don’t be silly, I mean Si is a sexy hot guy, but it tells me, that you want my kinky life too, you got turned on by the idea of getting a spanking, Now you can understand why  I love it so much.” Sara told her.

Giggling, “Well maybe I do quite fancy it, but I don’t know how to go about finding someone. Anyway, let’s talk about the party. Did Si believe the change of date ?” “Yes he did, though he says I still can’t go. So how am I going to get there ? I need an excuse. A good excuse that he will believe.” Sara told her.

“What about errrrmmmmm.” Teri thought.

“I know, work, why didn’t I think of work before.” Sara exclaimed. Teri looked at her quizzically.

“We always have managers meetings don’t we and I have travelled for them before and stayed over. So the perfect story, work have rearranged one of the yearly managers meetings to Monday and Tuesday June 18 and 19th, in London, They’ve apologised for the short notice but have managed to arrange travel and a hotel for us all to stay in. As it’s usually 2 nights though, I will have to stay at yours for an extra night. I’ll help clean up on the Tuesday. If I message Si at work tomorrow, hopefully he will accept the story. I’ll have to give you the dress and shoes before then coz he helps to pack my suitcase. What do you think ?” Sara said, quite happy about the tale.

“I think that sounds perfect, then you can say, well that wudda been perfect if I’d been allowed to go to the party as now I couldn’t go anyway.” Teri continued.

“Perfect, we make a fab team.” Sara told her best friend, giving her a hug. “I’m not gonna miss one of your parties am I.” She stated.


So the next day Sara was in work when she messaged Si.

Hi Daddy, I’ve got some bad news, I’ve gotta go away to London for 2 nights in a couple of weeks for a managers conference. It’s an extra one, not the end of the tax year company conference. As it’s short notice they’ve managed to find a hotel for all of us to stay in together. It’s the 18th and 19th of June. I‘ve got no choice in going, it’s about staff training and sales. Xx

SI read the message, his eyes glared at the screen. Now this could be just a coincidence, or it could be his devious brat planning a way to go to the party, even though Teri said she had moved the date. But it wouldn’t surprise him if she was involved in this possible lie. He replied.

Oh no babes, that’s short notice but at least the hotel and travel is sorted. Sounds like it will be one of these long conferences too.

Yeah think so Daddy. Sara typed.


That was it, he seemed to accept the tale, until the afternoon when he messaged her.

You’re conference is on a good day, had you realised it wudda been when Teri was having her party?

No the parties on the 30th. Sara replied.

I meant the original date was the 18th, on the Monday, maybe it was fixed that you couldn’t go to it. But you’ve been a good girl, you’ve not moaned about not going, so maybe next time there’s a party, you can go. Si messaged.

Really !!!!! You will let me go next time. Thank you Daddy. Sara replied. I’d better go Si, we’ve customers in.

With that, the lie was set and it was clearly obvious Teri was involved in it too.


But he said no more about it. Si had done a lot of thinking, he wanted Teri to join their dynamics, but he wasn’t sure how Sara would feel, he was pretty sure Teri would agree, maybe not as a baby girl but as his submissive. He was going to discuss it after the “conference”.


Sunday the 17th of June came along, Si and Sara had a lazy morning in bed.

“Oh I forgot to ask you, did you warn Teri not to speak disrespectfully to you, otherwise you’d spank her ?” Sara asked.

Si chuckled, “I did and I meant it too. Why what did she say ?” Si asked, eager to hear what she had said to Sara.

Laughing, Sara said, “Well to start with, she’s had more than 1 dirty dream about you spanking her. I asked if she would let you an she said, well I wouldn’t have an option would I. Then when I asked if she wanted a Dom, she said yeah maybe, if he was like you.
Si looked at her, “Really ? coz there’s something I’ve been thinking about but I was waiting until you come back.”

“Oh tell me Daddy please.” Sara begged, grabbing her favourite teddy bear, she rested her head on his lap so she was facing him, sucking her thumb. Her big blue eyes looking up at her Daddy.

“Well I wanted us to consider adding someone else into our dynamics, another girl, Maybe Teri ? If not Teri then finding another girl. She could be another little, or another submissive. But you’d have a playmate, I would have another sub, she would follow the same rules roughly as you, not live together, I live having the house just for us, but if Teri agreed, for example, well she’s only down the road so it would be easy for her to come here or us to go there.

“When you say play ?” Sara said.

“I mean play, if she becomes a sub for me, then I would pleasure her or punish her as I do you. Then you 2 could play together and we could all play together.” Si told her. “But like I said, I don’t want a poly life, I don’t want to risk losing you babygirl, you will always be my number 1. Do you think Teri would consider it ? How would you feel ?”

“I don’t know about playing with her, or whoever, I’m not bi or gay. I don’t know if I could ?” Sara said, looking confused and shocked. “I just don’t know.”

“Well, whilst you’re in London, have a think about it, when you’re home we can talk some more, then speak with Teri. But I’m not gonna force you babe, you have to want to do it too. Now come on, let’s get your case packed, then maybe go to the pub for lunch.” Si said, kissing her head.

Sara smiled at him, she had no idea this was Si’s plan, as his Sub or another little would be fine but to include playing, and could she play with her best friend. She had lots to think about, after the party, me and Teri will have chat about after the party, Sara thought. As she got up and started packing for her “convention”.


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